How to Open BUP File Format in Windows Media Player

You may have encountered a BUP file on your Windows 10 and then you have no idea on how to open it. The file is what you are able to find in a DVD movie. Well, in this page, we are going to guide you how to open a BUP file extension in Windows Media Player.


Apparently, your computer utilizes file associations to specify which software is used to open and view a specific file. Although lots of software packages share certain file types, several file types have to be opened in binary format. For your information, Binary format is a fanciful way of saying that it has to be opened in the program in which it was made. In a nutshell, you are missing the correct software, or your file associations are wrong.

Open BUP File Format in Windows Media Player

Here is how to open your BUP file easily and quickly:


You are able to download DVD Info File Backup, Brother Embroidery System File or CD Indexer to open your BUP file. This will be able to ensure that you see the file exactly as intended, unless the BUP file is corrupt. Also, you may search to find out if other software packages use the same file format, and then download that.


You have to navigate to your file associations settings on your computer (Windows or Mac), and then make a correct file association for BUP files. Depending on your operating system, you are going to need to right-click on the BUP file. After that, you have to choose “Open With” and then you are able to choose DVD Info File Backup, Brother Embroidery System File, CD Indexer or a similar software program from the installed programs on your computer.


For your information, File Magic is a universal software viewer which allows you to open and view the contents of several BUP files. It will be able to help you to see BUP files, even if it is in a binary format. If you have already attempted all of the other methods to open the BUP file and nothing else works, so you are able to try File Magic. You do not worry as File Magic is very easy to use and you are going to kick yourself for not trying it sooner. Now, you are able to download File Magic from the Microsoft Store and then open your BUP files.


Another method to open a BUP file is by attempting a universal file viewer. You may have already tried some methods to open BUP files but nothing else works. Now, we are going to share some file viewers. Here are some file viewers that you can use to open your BUP files.

  1. Brother Embroidery System File (PC Software Company)
  2. CD Indexer (PC Software Company)
  3. DVD Info File Backup  (Microsoft Developer)
  4. PC-Bibliothek Update File (PC Software Company)
  5. Softcode Tracker Contact Manager Backup  (Microsoft Developer)


Apparently, there are some apps which are known to open a BUP file. In the text below, you are able to find out some applications that will help you to open and convert a BUP file. Here are they:

  • Final Media Player
  • Free File Viewer
  • Winrar
  • iTunes
  • PowerDVD
  • WinDVD Application
  • Movie Maker
  • KMPlayer
  • Windows Movie Maker
  • DivX Player
  • Corel Ulead DVD Moviefactory
  • DVD-lab V1.3.1
  • DVDisaster for Linux
  • DVD Moviefactory Pro 7
  • CyberLink PowerDVD 12


If you get a problem with a BUP file, you do not worry about that as we have some solutions for you.

  • Firstly, you are able to associate the BUP file extension with the proper application. If you are on Windows, simply right-click on any BUP file and then you are able to click at Open with and then ‘Choose another app.’ Next, you need to select another program. Also, you need to check the box ‘Always use this app to open .bup files.’
  • You are also able to update your software which should actually open DVD info file backups. Remember that only the current version which will support the latest BUP file format. So, please search on the manufacturer site after an available DVD Info File Backup update.
  • Please be sure that your BUP file is not damaged or virus-infected. Then, you are able to get the file again and simply scan it with Google’s virustotal.


Some of you may not know what a BUP file extension is. In addition, we are going to explain it. Now, you only need to continue reading the following text.

A BUP file is a backup file which is made and saved on your PC by a variety of computer applications. The file is always made from DVD files as an image backup file to make a backup image of the contents which is on the DVD onto your computer. When you play a DVD on your PC and the IFO file is unreadable due to a surface scratch, so this BUP file can be used to regain the data. Aside from that, a BUP file is used by programs that archive and save the user information. For your information, a BUP file contains the backup file which has been made by the application before that application crashes to avoid a loss data. Remember that a BUP file type is mainly associated with DVD Info File Backup. A BUP file is only backup files of the IFO files. If the DVD player cannot read information from the VIDEO_TS.IFO, it will try to obtain the required information from this backup file. Of course, this file is needed to be present on a DVD compliant disc.

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