How to Make White Terracotta in Minecraft

White Terracotta seems to deliver something elegant and purity to your Minecraft building. If you want to create a simple but elegant building, white Terracotta is a right option for you. To create a building with white Terracotta, make sure that you already have a Terracotta.

You may already know that making a Terracotta in Minecraft is very easy to do. Then, how to make a colored Terracotta? Is it easy too? No worries! Both creating a Terracotta and colored Terracotta is not complicated. So, let’s see how to create white Terracotta in Minecraft in our post!

How to Make White Terracotta in Minecraft

Creating White Terracotta in Minecraft, Here’s the Guide!

Keep in mind, white Terracotta can be created, as long as you already have at least 8 Terracotta. You can get Terracotta by digging up the clays. Then, you can cook them in the furnace.

Before you cook clays, you should know how to get the clays first. Generally, the clay can be found in sand and dirt areas or in a place where the water exists. Most clays can be found in swamps, rivers and shallow water.

In case of digging up the clays, it’s better for you to use a shovel. Make sure to put each set of four clay back together into clay blocks. Using a silk touch enchantment item will make it easy for you to dig up the clays.

To cook clays, it’s better to place in stacks of eight. If the cooking process is completed, a Terracotta will be available in the output box of the furnace. Now, you can move it into your inventory.

Here’s how to create white Terracotta in Minecraft!

The materials you will need:

    • 8  Terracotta
      8  Terracotta..
    • 1 white dye
      1 white dye

The steps:

    • First, open the 3×3 crafting table in the Crafting Menu. As you can see, the crafting area is made of a 3×3 crafting grid.
    • open the 3x3 crafting table in the Crafting Menu
    • Make sure to place 8 Terracotta and 1 white dye in the crafting grid in the correct pattern. In the first row, you can place three Terracotta, one in each box. In the second row, you can place 1 terracota in the first box, 1 white dye in the second box and 1 terracotta in the third box. In the third row, you can place 3 Terracotta, one in each box.
    •  place 8 Terracotta and 1 white
    • If all materials are placed in the correct pattern, you will see a white Terracotta available in the box to the right.
    • After you have created a white Terracotta, move it to your inventory. white Terracotta move it to your inventory

Congratulations! You successfully create a white Terracotta that you can use to create  a building and make your Minecraft space living more attractive and inviting to live on.

How to Get White Terracotta Without Crafting?

Because of some reasons, you may not get the Terracotta easily, as it’s a bit hard to find clay, one of the materials to create Terracota. If it happens, you totally cannot create the Terracotta through crafting. Instead, you need to look for another alternative to get it.

Another alternative that you can do is to find the Terracotta in some specific places around the Minecraft world. Most Minecraft players inform that white Terracotta can be found in plain villages, along with some uncolored variants inside a Mason’s house.

If the alternative cannot also give you white Terracotta, you can try to trade with a Mansion villager that can be leveled up with trading. Some say that they will give you a white Terracotta if they already reach Expert Level.

So, if you find an Expert Level stonemason villager, you can attempt to trade with them. Certainly, if you are lucky, they may give you a white Terracotta, though they probably give you Terracotta in a random color.

As we know that trading may be expensive, but it does not matter if you really want to get white Terracotta. That’s because trading is the easiest and fastest way to get Terracotta with your favorite color.

Additionally, uncolored and colored Terracotta can be found in badlands biomes that generate massive amounts of Terracotta. You will get orange and blue Terracotta in Desert pyramids. White, light blue and lime glazed Terracotta as well as uncolored Terracotta may be found in Desert villages.

If you explore Savanna village, it may give you orange, red, yellow, glazed and also uncolored Terracotta. Meanwhile, you probably will find light blue Terracotta and purple glazed Terracotta in underwater ruins.

How to Create White Terracotta with Command?

Aside from creating Terracotta through crafting, alternatively you can also use a ‘Give Command’ to create white Terracotta in Minecraft. Well, the Terracotta Command can be run in some editions including Pocket Edition, Java Edition, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Windows 10 Edition and Education Edition.

You should first open your chat window and enter the command to run the white Terracotta Command in Minecraft. Here are the commands to create white Terracotta:

    • Java Edition (PC/ Mac): minecraft:stained_hardened_clay and minecraft:white_terracotta
    • PE: minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
    • Xbox One: minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
    • PS: minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
    • Nintendo: minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
    • Windows 10: minecraft:stained_hardened_clay
    • Education Edition: minecraft:stained_hardened_clay

What Benefits Can You Get from Terracotta?

Of course, there are a number of benefits that you can get when you use Terracotta as your building material. Terracotta used in your building will show a decorative build that makes it different when you use common blocks in Minecraft.

With the use of Terracotta on your building, you can drive away mobs at night. In other words, Terracotta gives you better protection on your build, so you will stay safe from any attackers. You can also use Terracotta to protect you from explosion in a battle. Even though the Terracotta block is destroyed, you will stay safe as well.

If you want something fun, you can use Terracotta as a note block to make a song with deep bassy sounds. To make it real, you can put Terracotta under a music note block. By placing a music note block above Terracotta, when you create a music, the block will deliver a bass drum sound effect to your song. Additionally, it also helps spice up any Minecraft musical number.