How to Make a Wooden Sword in Minecraft

Sword is one of the things that can be used to save yourself from the hostile mob attacks in the game called Minecraft. For some players, wooden sword might be their first sword. If you are interested is making a sword that is made of wooden, you should check this post until the very end.

In order to make a wooden sword in Minecraft, there are a total of two methods to choose from, depending on the device that you are using.

How to Make a Wooden Sword in Minecraft

Method 1: For Windows or Mac

    1. The first thing that you need to do is to collect the wood. Feel free to gather any kinds of wood, including the oak wood, the spruce wood, or anything. You will have to hold down the left mouse button while your cursor is over a tree trunk to be able to break the tree into the wooden logs. In the end, the logs will be automatically found on the inventory as long as you stand close to the tree. This step should be done a few times. collect the wood
    2. Then, open your inventory. E is the default key to open the inventory. There should be a 2×2 grid that is located beside the character picture. Such thing is known as your crafting area. open your inventory
    3. After getting the crafting area, it is time for you to drag the wood that you collected to the crafting area. Planks will be shown in the results box to the right side of the crafting area. The planks should be dragged to the inventory. Just like that you have turned the wood into planks. drag the wood that you collected to the crafting area
    4. The next thing that you have to do is to make two wooden plants into sticks. To do this, you have to place one of the planks that you made before on the lower row of the crafting area. Then, place the second one directly above it. In the end, a bundle of sticks is made. Do not forget to drag it into the inventory from the results box. to make two wooden plants into sticks
    5. The fifth step is to make a crafting table. To be able to make one, firstly, fill the whole 2×2 grid with planks. then, drag this to the quick slot bar at the base of the screen. After that, close the inventory and place the table on the ground. Placing a block can be done by choosing it in the quick slot bar and then right clicking the ground. While doing so, you should be aware the difference between planks and wood. In fact, planks are the only ones that will work for this recipe. to make a crafting table
    6. Then, open the crafting table by right clicking the table in order to open an expanded crafting interface. From this one, you are able to make recipes that need a 3×3 grid. open the crafting table 1
    7. In the next step, craft the wooden sword. Keep in mind that the sword recipe only fills a single column of the 3×3 grid. It should be noted that each ingredient has to be in the same column. However, there is no rule for the column to choose. craft the wooden sword
    8. When everything is done, you can use the sword. To do that, drag the sword to a quick slot and choose it to equip it. then, left clicking to use it. It is known to be more effective at killing enemies or animals even though you still have to be more careful. Remember that a wooden sword is still considered pretty weak.

Method 2: For Consoles or Pocket Edition

    1. Firstly, turn trees into wood. If you want to do it, you have an option to use your bare hands to break apart trees. For those in Minecraft Pocket Edition, you can just hold your finger down over the tree and then keep it there until it is turned into wood. If you are on consoles, please use the right trigger button instead.
    2. The second thing is to learn how to craft. It is really easy to craft in the Minecraft consoles or Minecraft Pocket Edition. There is a list of available recipes in the crafting menus. Feel free to click the one that you want. Your wish to make something can be granted as long as the right ingredients are there. In order to get started, you have to tap the icon with three dots located at the bottom and choose Craft in Pocket Edition. If you are on Xbox, you can press X. For those on PlayStation, Square is the one that has to be pressed. On Xperia Play, please choose Select.
    3. After learning how to craft, the next thing is to make a crafting table. The crafting table refers to the one that gives you the access to a lot of items that are able to be crafted. Swords are included in the list of the items that are able to be crafted. To make a crafting table, craft planks with wood in the inventory. This kind of table can be made with a total of four planks. Do not forget to choose the crafting table in the quick bar and then tap the ground to put it down.
    4. The next one to make is the wooden sword. Firstly, make planks from wood in the inventory. Once you get two planks, make sticks. In the end, you can make a wooden sword with one stick and two planks in the inventory from the tools crafting section.
    5. Once you have successfully made the wooden sword, you can use it. If you want to swing the sword, you can tap the screen or press the left trigger. It can be done as long as a sword is chosen in the quick slot. Compared to using bare hands, using a wooden sword can hurt enemies and animals more. You might want to jump as you swing the sword. If a target is hit while you are falling, you will do a critical hit for 50% more damage.

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