How to Play Minecraft: Builders and Biomes

Playing Minecraft Builders and Biomes board games will be easy, after understanding the way of the game. The main purpose of this gameplay is to explore the Overworld, mine any resources, build the structures and earn points for structures with the largest connected biomes of forest, desert, mountain or  also snowy tundra spaces on their player boards.

So, how to play the Minecraft Builders and Biomes board game? No worries! This post will show you a clear guide to play the Minecraft Builders and Biomes that will ease you playing this game board as easy as possible. Let’s take a look at the gameplay below!

How to Play Minecraft Builders and Biomes

Playing Minecraft Builders and Biomes, Here’s How!

In the way of playing Minecraft Builders and Biomes, you need to choose and perform two different actions during your turn. Keep in mind, you cannot do the same action twice. After you have taken your actions, the game  continues to the left.

There will be three scoring rounds during the game. Of course, a player who has the most experience points when the rounds are totally the winner.  Need to know, a player who most recently found a diamond is the starting player.

What are the components that you will play? Sure, there are a bunch of components that you should use to play Minecraft Builders and Biomes. Here are they:


    • 4 player boards
    • 4 character skins
    • 4 experience counters
    • 4 game piece Bases
    • 12 overview cards
    • 64 building and Monster cards
    • 64 resource cubes
    • 36 weapon tokens
    • 1 resource cube base
    • 1 support structure,
    • Rulebook

Step-by-step to play Minecraft Builders and Biomes:

Step 1: Set up all the components

At the beginning of the game, you need to set up all the components. You can start by shuffling the 64 building and the mob tiles. Then, you can divide them into 16 face-down stacks of four tiles each. Give them enough space to lay them out in a 4 by 4 grid between the rows for your game pieces to move between them.

Continue to shuffle the 16 colorless weapons tokens. Place one, face down at the ends of each column. Then, row to form a six by six grid. After that, you can place the block base beside the grid in each reach of all players. Arrange the support structure and put it on the block base.

Make sure to fill it with 64 blocks in random order. Then, shake gently until the block forms a big cube. Now, you can remove the support structure by lifting it up on its flaps.

Step 2: Share the roles of each player

After all the components are set up, each player has to choose a color (blue, red, yellow or green). Then, take the player board and game materials of the same color. In this case, the game materials consist of one game piece base, five colored weapon tokens and one experience counter.

Here’s how to do:

    • On space 0 of the experience point track , put your experience counter which runs along the edge of your player board.
    • Shuffle your five weapon tokens and place them in a face-down pile.
    • Select a player skin and push it into your game piece base. Well, that’s your character and make sure to place it on the central crossing of the card grid.

Additionally, you can put one set of the overview cards including Turn Actions, Scoring A, Scoring B, Scoring C between players 1 and 2 and also other sets between players 3 and 4.

Step 3: Start playing the game

Once you set up all the game components and share each player’s role, it’s a great time to start the game. There are at least five main actions that you should perform in the game, here are they:

    1. Start collecting the blocks

You can start by taking two blocks from the big cube. The blocks here can only be gathered if their top side and at least 2 more sides are exposed. You will be free to select any block from any layer and also from any side of the bid cube, as long as those conditions are met. Then, add the blocks to your personal supply beside your player board.

    1. Explore the Overworld

To explore the Overworld, you need to move your character zero, one, or two spaces. Don’t place your character on  a card or token. Then, open the tops cards of the four corner stacks around your position. Leave them revealed if some of them have been turned face up.

    1. Build the structure

The blocks that are needed to build a structure will be shown in the bottom right corner of the card. Your character should be beside the corresponding building card on the grid in order to build a structure.

You should own the important materials to build the structure. You also need to return the blocks from your personal supply to the game box. To replace any block, you can use a green emerald block. Make sure to take the building card from the grid and put it on any space on your player board.

    1. Fight a mob

If your character stands beside a revealed mob card, you can attempt to defeat it. To fight a mob, you need to shuffle your face-down pile of the weapon tokens and reveal 3 tokens. Then, count the number of revealed hearts and compare the sum to the number of hearts on the mob card.

    1. Collect a weapon

In order to gather a weapon token, your character should be beside it. You can shuffle it into your pile of weapon tokens. Well, there are a number of weapons with special abilities that you can collect, they are:

    • Bow: You will have a chance to reveal 4, 5, or even 6 tokens during a fight, if you have more than one bow,
    • Golden Hoe: You will get two experience points whenever you reveal a golden hoe.
    • Stone Pickaxe: You will get 1 block from the big cube whenever you reveal a stone pickaxe.
    • TNT: You can select to denote a TNT token if  you reveal it, once revealing your weapons.

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