How to Install Proximity Chat in Among Us

There is a well-known mod for the game named Among Us that allows the players to communicate with the other nearby players in the game via the thing called a proximity voice chat. Do you want to know what it is and how to install it in the game? It is easy if you read the whole article.

The proximity chat mod for Among Us is currently available to those who are online. Everything is possible thanks to the work of its creator, Ottomated. Once you have installed the mod, you will be able to launch Among Us through the CrewLink app and feel free to start playing the proximity voice.

In order to use the app named CrewLink, first of all, you will have to first click on this link so that you will be able to find where to download the app. There are some versions of the mod released by the Ottoomated with 1.1.6 that was just released 6 days ago being the newest one. You are recommended to get the new one as some issues from the previous versions have been fixed.

You might also want to consider watching the tutorial video made by the creator of the proximity chat mod for Among Us. Here is the link that will take you to the tutorial. It is such a helpful video. by watching it, you will be able to do everything easily. It looks like some people also find it helpful as it has been watched 224,366 times and has been liked 3.7k times since the first time it’s upload on November 18, 2020. In case you have some questions related to the mod, you can try to leave a comment on the comment section under the video and hope for someone to replay you.

If you prefer the written guide instead of a tutorial video, here is a step by step guide that should be helpful to play Among Us with the proximity voice chat mod:

  • The first thing that you must do is to download the newest .exe file [CrewLink-Setup-#.#.#.exe].
  • Then, install the CrewLink mod. Please take note that it may get picked up by some antivirus software.

install the CrewLink mod

  • The next thing that should be done is to launch the Among Us game through the CrewLink mod interface.

aunch the Among Us game through the CrewLink mod interface.

  • After that, host or join a game.

The last thing that you need to take note is to make sure that the CrewLink mod has been installed by everyone because to make the mod work properly on the server, all players who join have to install it as well. If there is anyone who join needs help, please assist them.

Usually, modding any kind of game is a complicated process that may lead to a few issues. There might be a few things to check if the mod does not work or does not start up. If you are in this kind of situation, firstly, you will have to make sure that everyone is using the newest version of the mod. It can be done by checking for new releases, and making sure that everyone is playing on the newest non-beta patch for the Among Us game as well. Another thing to make sure is everyone has a microphone and keyboard plugged in and detected by the mod.

Actually, the mod itself also allows the players to adjust some of their options, such as changing their connected voice server. A set of numbers that comes with the mod is the server of the modmakers and it does have a limited capacity.

For any Among Us playgrounds that are having a hard time connecting to or using the voice server, you may want to consider setting up your own voice server by following this link and scrolling down the guide.

This may include installing the other programs so that the private voice server can be established and operated. However, it should at least allow for the stable use of the Among US proximity chat mod.

A lot of people have agreed that the proximity chat in Among Us is the best addition to the game since day 1. The voice chat mod adds something to the game that makes the dimension of the game look different.

There are a ton of mods in Among Us that have been run long. Some of them include Among Us Solo Mode, Among Us Zombie Mode, the 100 Players Mode, and so on, and you might have some of them already. However, they are mostly only minor tweaks and have a limited entertainment value, which is very different if you compare it to the proximity chat mod.

Despite being a simple game, Among Us is so cool because of the suspense and friends. Apart from these two, the proximity chat mod makes it to the list. This one allows all players to chat in the game while roaming a ship, based on how close they are to a fellow player. Basically, your Crewmates can change their way around a map to exchange important information without being limited to meetings only. The thing also means Imposters are able to be more psychological in their approach and persuade the Crewmates so they can fall down into the dark corners. It is true that the mod makes the game way more fun.

In conclusion, the proximity chat mod is undoubtedly good to help the Crewmates in their hunt to catch the Impostors that live inside the group. The feature is really helpful to help the crew in filtering out who the other Crewmates are and leaving out the Impostors.

Apart from having some advantages, there are also some disadvantages of the proximity chat mod for Among Us. The Impostors can take the advantage of the feature of this mod to strategize among themself and set up for some double kills. In this case, it could be serious issues for the Crewmates.