How to Get Abducted by Aliens in Fortnite

When you play Fortnite, you may get abducted by Aliens. By the way, how to get abducted by aliens in Fortnite? For those who want to know the way to get abducted by aliens in Fortnite, you have to read this entire article. Here we will reveal that information.


The players of Fortnite have started to get abducted during matches at specific locations. Aliens have been teased with the recent foreshadowing quests which have been added to Fortnite over the last few weeks. At this time, they seem to have arrived on the island. While Aliens and UFOs are likely to become more common after Fortnite: Season 7 begins, the first contact has taken place in some specific areas on the map before the new season’s launch date. In the text below, you will be able to know how to get abducted by Aliens in Fortnite.

Abductions by Alien in Fortnite

You have to know that Alien abductions happen at random. However, you still have to be in the right place in order for UFO to appear. Now, it seems like UFOs mostly appear at Risky Reels and the Spire, however the players have been reporting abductions all over the map. At this time, UFO sightings outside of Risky Reels and the Spire are very rare. But, the aliens’ range can also expand to new locations as Season 7 gets closer. Remember that Risky Reels is where the first abductions occurred. It is still the most common site of UFO sightings.

The bad news is that Alien abductions occur at random, and UFOs only have a slight opportunity of appearing. Therefore, all you can do is wait at the right locations and hope you will get lucky. Some players of Fortnite have reported that the aliens only appear after waiting for some matches at Risky Reels. Even then, the UFOs do not take everyone. Probably, you are going to get lucky and see the extraterrestrial visitors. However you might not be lucky enough to be selected for an abduction.

For those who are one of the chosen, then you are going to be targeted by a bright blue tractor beam which will lift you into the air toward the UFO. But, you will not really get to see the UFO or the aliens up close. All you can see is a bright flash of light before you are dropped back onto the island with no remembrance of what happened. Getting abducted by Aliens in Fortnite does fully heal you and also give you full shields though. Thus, getting abducted does have several benefits.

Abductions by Alien in Fortnite

How about the foreshadowing quests, leaks, and teasers hinted at an alien theme for Fortnite: Season 7? Need to know that the recent UFO sightings have basically confirmed that Aliens are going to be the central attraction of the new season. It is likely that the alien abduction mechanic is going to be expanded after Fortnite: Season 7 actually begins, and there will be new POIs and mechanics to play around with on the island when the new season kicks off. Even, maybe you are going to see the aliens up close at some point during the next few weeks. For now, you are able to keep an eye out for any new foreshadowing quests and also be prepared for UFO sightings and alien abductions to become more common.

Fortnite Aliens Locations

It is not obvious whether the appearance of Fortnite aliens is limited to particular locations, but all of the reported abductions so far have taken place around the middle of the island. The Risky Reels and The Spire have been rife with sightings of Fortnite UFOs, thus if you want to get abducted, then the Risky Reels and the Spire are the best places to go.

Fortnite Aliens Locations

Getting Abducted by Aliens in Fortnite

As mentioned above, the first step to get abducted by aliens in Fortnite is go to Risky Reels. For those who do not know where that place is, you are going to find it west of Colossal Crops and south of Pleasant Park. Actually, it is easy to spot, because it is a neat circle of trees with lots of small dots in the middle.

After you get there, the only thing you are able to do is wait for the aliens to appear. The sad fact about this mini live event is that it is very rare that it will happen. Please try to discover shelter in some of the surrounding shacks while you are still keeping your eyes trained on the sky. Then, you are going to the aliens that have arrived when you see a blinding flash of yellow light and also start hearing strange robotic noises. Eventually, the beam will pull you up, and you are going to see a short animation similar to the whirl which appears when going through a Secret Passage. When you come out the other end, you are going to be dropped somewhere in the center of the circle with full health and full shields.

To reiterate it, the actual opportunity of getting abducted by aliens in Fortnite while standing at the Risky Reels is really rare and seemingly random. Thus, it will take some matches for you to really see it happen. Based on our experience, we viewed it trigger once early on in a match before the first players had landed, however were not able to get sucked up ourselves. Now, just head to the Risky Reels and then wait for a potential surprise. If you cannot get abducted, try it again later.

What happens after an abduction?

At first glance, it seems like the abduction is dangerous. In contrast, the players of Fortnite who have been abducted so far have reported that the aliens can grant 100 Shield after captivating someone. Aside from that, if a Fortnite player is abducted while being knocked down, the aliens will revive them. In the public matches, it could take 1-30 tries to get abducted by aliens. If you are eager to witness it, hosting a solo or squad custom match and following the aforementioned steps is the best strategy.

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