JPay Inmate Services

JPay offers a bunch of gorgeous services for inmates in prison. Through JPay services, you and your lovely one in a prison are still well-connected. JPay recently has become one of the reliable inmate services which connects with the outside.

JPay is a private company providing some useful inmate services, especially money transfer and electronic media services. All prisons currently facilitate the inmates for the use of JPay services. Here’s a list of JPay services that inmates will get:

JPay Inmate Services

Money Transfer

JPay offers Send Money service which lets family and friends of an inmate transfer money directly into their loved one trust account.This service also allows inmates to make their community corrections and restitution payments. Additionally, you can also fund an inmate’s media account, so they are able to spend those funds on kiosk related services such as stamps, buying music media and more.

Of course, there’s a limited amount of money to transfer for inmates. JPay will only receive money transfers valued at $999,99 or less. If you want to know money order limits which are applied in the state in which an inmate resides, you can visit the official  JPay site. If you send money over $999.99, the remaining will be returned to you.

It’s important to note that JPay will not be responsible for money transfer lost in the mail or in transit or money order the provided address that did not reach the intended recipients. Well, the sender does not worry. If JPay receives a money order that cannot process the transaction as the illegibility of the money order form, in this case, JPay will send money order and deposit slip back to the Customer’s address which is provided on the deposit slip.

If you want to send money to inmates, make sure you know his/her Federal Inmate ID (BOP Register Number). You can use the BOP inmate locator to find the BOP Register Number of the inmates. To send money to inmates with JPay, there are five ways that you can choose, including online at, Money Gram, by phone, Money Orders and JPay Mobile App.

Send Email

JPay also allows the inmate’s family and friends to write electronic letters to their loved ones behind the bar. As inmates do not have internet access, JPay’s email service will work differently than your email service at home.

In this case, inmates will receive their email based on the schedule set by their facility and emails are subject to screen and delivery rules which apply to the traditional mail. Inmates will receive their email within 24 to 48 hours. Thankfully, an inmate’s family and friends can send unlimited amounts of emails to your loved one in prison.

With JPay email service, one JPay stamp will let you up to 6000 characters or about 6 pages of handwriting. Well, the cost of stamps will vary depending on the facilities. If you want to know the cost of JPay stamps, you can find the information by accessing the official site of JPay and then clicking on the ‘Prison Search’ menu.

Purchase Music and Media

When inmates receive money transfer from their family or also friends, their money is known as JPay Credits. With JPay Credits, inmates can use their money to buy electronic stamps, a JPay player and purchase media such as games, songs, movies and also ecourses.

Here’s a list of media that the inmate can buy through JPay:

    • Music

Inmates can purchase the songs which costs around $ 2.50 per single song, and a full album may sell for $ 46. They can also buy and download songs from an abbreviated catalog. The  full catalog is now available on JPay’s Offender kiosk.

    • Games

Within JPay, there are a couple of games which are already available to play and download. However, inmates should purchase the game first if they want to play any games.

    • Movie/ Content Rentals

Aside from music and game, JPay also provide movie rentals where inmates can rent movies and watch their favorite movies by purchasing them starting from $2 to $25

    • Educational Content

Within JPay, there are some additional services that give the space for inmates to improve their skills to be more productive. The educational contents include daily news feed such as a newspaper, KA lite educational videos, available eBooks at a minimal cost and individualized educational tasks through the school.

Video Visitation

This is a JPay’s virtual service which bridges inmates and family to talk face-to-face using a personal computer. Video Visitation service can be performed through JPay Video Connect Service. However, the inmate’s family should schedule first before joining a video visitation

When scheduling a video session with an inmate, make sure to choose the date and day according to the agreement between the family and inmates. After deciding the date and time, the inmate’s family or friends  can then schedule it through JPay. Then, an inmate will get notification with the date and time of the JPay Video Connect.

Fortunately, someone who schedules a video visitation with an inmate is able to change the date, day and time. To change it, they can click on the Edit button in the JPay Video Connect box. Then, there will be a guide to the process of scheduling a JPay Video Connect session.

Inmates Request Services

Through JPay, an inmate can request any services such as medical service requests, grievances, and communication with classification teams.

Help Support

JPay also provides JPay Help Support to help inmates find the solution for what they encounter with JPay. Most inmates commonly face a bunch of issues related to money transfer, email services, JPay accounts including the information about registering, billing, managing their JPay account and many more.

If inmates need help, of course they can contact JPay support and tell what they face in a few words through those way as follow:

    • Email JPay’s Customer Service Department
    • Call or mail JPay’s Customer Support
    • Email JPay’s Sales Department

There are two numbers that you can dial; (800) 574 5729 and (954) 441 5158 or you can send an email to

Okay, those are all services that inmates will get within JPay.

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