JPay Customer Service Phone Number Live Person Information

JPay is undoubtedly one of the most popular and one of the most favorite things when it comes to connecting the people from the outside world with the ones behind the bar. It is easy to use and it is available in almost all department of corrections.

There are a lot of services and products offered by JPay. With it, the friends or the family members of the inmates are able to send money, send and receive emails, send photographs, schedule a Video Visitation, and many more. The things that sound impossible can turn into something that is possible thanks to JPay.

JPay Customer Service Phone Number Live Person Information1For the products, JPay have JPay tablets that are helpful for the inmates to keep in touch with people outside the world as well as accessing education and getting courses. The inmates will be able to receive, read, and reply your emails from JPay tablets, in addition to JPay Kiosk. The JPay tablets vary. The first, the newest, and the most advanced one is called JP6S Tablet. This one features a 7” Touchscreen; better resolution; 32 GB storage; 3x battery life, 500 cycle; and thinner hardware for easy handling. The second one is the JP5S Tablet, the one that comes with 7” Touchscreen and 32GB storage. In addition to these, there is also JP5S Mini. It is the first JPay tablet made by JPay. It has a 4.3” Touchscreen and 16 GB storage.

If you want to know more about JPay, including the services and the products, visiting the official website of JPay at might be a good idea. Apart from visiting the official website of JPay, one of the most popular ways to get the information about the products and the services offered by JPay is by contacting its customer service. There are several ways to get into the customer service of it. One of them is using JPay contact number. This way is preferred by many because you will be able to ask and to get the response directly. There are two number that you can dial. The first one is (800) 574 5729 and the second one is (954) 441 5158. The first one is commonly used due to the fact it is toll free. Since it is free, you do not have to worry about getting charged and you are free to ask as many as questions as you want. On top of that, both the first and the second one is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Feel free to dial the number anytime you want. However, some issues might occur when attempting to call them. To avoid the issues and to get connected easily, the best time to call is on 9:30 AM.

Do not be shy to ask the customer service of JPay about everything you want to ask. Just throw them every question until your curiosity answered. In addition to asking the questions about the products and the services of JPay, this JPay phone number is also able to be used as a contact to make a complaint when you are not satisfied with its products or services, get the help when there is an error or difficulty, give the suggestion for the improvement, or anything else related to JPay. If you need assistance, it is also the most effective way to get help. However, you have to take note that every transaction conducted with the help of live agent are subject to the higher fee.

The phone number is obviously not the only thing that can connect you to the customer service of JPay. Aside from that, there are some other ways, including sending an email and sending a traditional mail. If you want to send an email, here is step by step to follow:

    1. The very first thing you have to do to send an email is to visit the official website of JPay at
    2. When you are on its frontpage, scroll down to the very bottom of the page where you will be able to find a few menus including
    3. Please find the one that says Contact Us.
    4. Once you have found it, click the sub menu to be directed to Contact Info.
    5. In Email Us, you will be able to find a form where you can send an email to the customer service department of JPay. Please fill in everything, including the first name, the last name, the email, the phone number, the subject, and the content of the email.
    6. filling providing the information, it is time for you to press the Submit button and your email will be sent immediately.

Filling the form in the official website is not the only way to send an email to the representative of JPay. Another way is by sending one to Compared to the previous method of sending an email, this one is the most favorite because it is easier to do.

For everyone who prefers to send a traditional mail, there is a mailing address that you can use. As displayed on its official website, the mailing address of JPay is JPay, Inc. 12864 Biscayne Blvd. Suite 234 Miami, Fl 33181. Feel free to send as many mails as you want. This method is actually not recommended and in fact it is the least favorite as it takes extra time to be received by the representative of JPay and it also takes more time for you to get the response.

Up until now, contacting the customer service of JPay using the phone number is the best and the most effective way to get the fast response as you will be able to talk directly to them. Do not hesitate to call them at (800) 574 5729 or (954) 441 5158. If you want are looking for the toll free, please use the first phone number. Before calling them, you are suggested to prepare a notebook to write down everything.