How to Get 3D Island Planner in ACNH

Determining how you make your island layout in Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be a stressful thing. But, you do not worry now. There is a useful ACNH island planner tool which will help you reach your ideal designs.

As we know, one of the best features in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is being able to design your Island exactly how you want it to be. All thanks to the terraforming tool. It will allow the players of ACNH to manipulate the cliffs and rivers for the first time. However, it may be a scary task, especially if you are new to the series and you are not familiar with the customization.

Luckily, there is an Animal Crossing island layout planner tool which will make the whole process 10 times easier. It means that you will not be designing, and then demolishing your work and again to try and make the perfect layout. Here, the ACNH Island Planner app will answer all your prayers.

Getting 3D Animal Crossing Island Planner in ACNH

How to Get 3D Island Planner in ACNH

Need to know that developers Rob Fichman and Carmela Diaz are the brains behind the great idea. They have made a 3D application which allows you to make your town layout without actually being in the game itself. This tool starts with a blank canvas of grass which you are able to build by using an array of options such as building cliffs, carving out rivers, and setting paths.

You will be able to place the buildings where you would like them to be, such as the museum and Nook’s Cranny. Also, you are able to manipulate the rivers and the cliffs to create the waterfalls and some levels. If you are discovering it is difficult to place objects, you will be able to enable a square grid to help. There are some camera angles and zoom levels to give you a better view of how it is all coming together.

After you have already created your ACNH island layout, then you are able to save it to your own computer for the next reference when it needs to replicate it in your real island. This tool will be a great tool to the players who do not need much inspiration designing their island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Usually, carving out the rivers and the cliffs is hard to master, particularly with all of the diagonals. Thus, you are able to use the tool for practice. Currently, the elements like bushes, rocks, trees, and fencing are available.

3D Island Planner App Update

The highlight addition to the 3D Island Planner application update is the introduction of Fences. Now you are able to use the new Fences to plop down the fences anywhere you want as a section of your ACNH island process. The fences are going to connect to each other automatically, like they would in the game. For your information, only the Simple Wooden Fence design which is available for right now. We hope other fence designs from Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be added in the future update. Probably, as interesting as the fences, a new mini-map in the bottom right also has been added to the 3D Island Planner application with an easy method to review your ACNH island design as a whole. We viewed this feature highly requested, and we are very glad to see it implemented now.

Another addition in this 3D Island Planner app update is a handy keyboard shortcuts. Also, there is the controls menu on the right side of the screen. As far now, many of the helpful shortcuts were not obvious to everyone. We heard many users want a grid layout option to be added before that actually existed already in the previous version by using the G key shortcut. Thus, hopefully this new controls menu will help discoverability for features. Talking about keyboard shortcuts, now you have the ability to hide the user interface by using the H key and M key to hide the mini-map. Of course, it will be great to take screenshots to share online on your social media.

The Update 0.3 Changelog Notes for Island Planner App

Below are the full Update 0.3 changelog notes for Island Planner app from developers Rob Fichman and Carmela Diaz:


Here are some changes:

    • Fences!!
    • Minimap!!
    • Added some controls in-game
    • Added the ability to show and hide ui
    • Tweaked cliff colour mode colors a bit

Bug Fixes

Here are some bug fixes:

    • Now your house should be the correct size
    • Placing cliffs around water should not make everything break horribly anymore
    • You should not be able to place things on inclines anymore (though you are still able to place inclines on inclines)
    • Removing a building, saving, and then loading again should no longer bring the building back from the dead with a vengeance (still need to solve this on Mac)
    • The Paths should display properly on all graphics cards
    • Several shader performance fixes

How to Plan your Animal Crossing Island?

After you read the text above, now you may want to know more about planning your Animal Crossing island. Now, we are going to explain it. Apparently, there are lots of interesting designs which you are able to get when planning your Animal Crossing:New Horizons island. Whether you want something simple and straightforward, or extravagant and intricate, the first step is discovering the right inspiration. One of the best places to discover island inspiration is on the Animal Crossing: New Horizon designs subreddit.

For those who want more terraforming inspiration, you are able to check our guide where we show you some of the best ideas for transforming your ACNH island. To see the best towns which are already finished, go to our best layouts list to view some crazy works of art. So that is everything you need to know about the best method to plan your island layout Animal Crossing: New Horizon.

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