Best ACNH Dream Addresses

In July last year, every player of the game called Animal Crossing New Horizons was surprised by the arrival of the Dream Addresses into the game. This feature was actually not new in the series as it was added in the Animal Crossing New Leaf. While it was not new, everyone was still excited.

Apparently, this feature is run by one of an NPC named Luna. With this, the players are allowed to visit a randomized or specially selected island whenever they want, whether at day or night.

If you are one of the players who want to get into a specific island that you want than a random one, you will need to get a Dream Address code. This kind of code is usually uploaded by the players to the social media so that they can show their hard work to the others. Sharing the code to the social media is actually a good thing as people can find new islands and some others can be inspired from them when they are planning to make their own.

For everyone who is looking for the Dream Addresses, here are some of the best ones:

    1. HappyPlace
      Dream Address: DA-2685-3519-4123
      HappyFplace is such a gorgeous one. This one was made by a Reddit user called tahtah4now. It is full of happiness and a good vibe. Rainbow flowers and bright colors are everywhere. This island is the perfect one if you are looking something to heal.
    2. Ailech
      Dream Address: DA-4615-5909-5142
      The one who created Ailech is a Reddit user called RYP31514. It looks like a maze with an in depth story. On the island, your job is to beat the beast through a few different activities. There are three key items that you can use to defeat it. In this place, you will have a chance to earn Nook Miles Ticket that can be used to buy items.
    3. Paeon
      Dream Address: DA-5020-1189-4517
      Paeon is the kind of island that is based on Mythology and the Greco-Roman world. Gold and are can be found everywhere. Just like the first two, this one was also created by a Reddit user, JayTrench.
    4. Elysia
      Dream Address: DA-4623-4267-1252
      Elysia refers to the island that was created by a Reddit user called ButUCanCallMeZ. On this island, it is better for you to go with a friend so that you can give a support from them, in case you are the kind of one who tend to freak out when seeing the bloodstains. Due to the number of bloodstains, it is known as a spooky island.
    5. Waddles: The Scavenger Hunt
      Waddles The Scavenger Hunt
      Dream Address: DA-2984-1392-9949
      The fun island called Waddles was created by a Reddit user called Puff-n-Stuff, a Twitter user called @BulbaMomma, and an Instagram user called @maru_oneesan. On the island, you will be able to find a total of 39 different items, 7 secret locations, and a hidden shortcut.
    6. Andromeda
      Dream Address: DA-8037-5177-6075
      Andromeda is the one that was made by a Reddit user named ButIDigress79. This one is believed to be the number one seaside destination. Since it is full of fun activities, you can bring along your entire family. It feels real as there are some lampposts, utility poles, and paths.
    7. Fillory
      Dream Address: DA-4121-0239-8029
      For those who love adventure, an island made by SaphireSage21 called Fillory is the perfect choice. Aside from that, you can also feel like at home because it has a cozy decoration and has a relax vibe.
    8. Wanderland
      Dream Address: DA-7029-1536-3902
      Wanderland is such an interesting one. This one was made by KuriWanderland on Reddit. The island has 43 different places for you to explore.
    9. St Ashes
      St Ashes
      Dream Address: DA-4699-7249-4778
      If you are a die hard fan of pink, St Ashes is the answer. The one that was created by Candy Ashes on Reddit has beautiful cherry blossoms falling around. On this island, you will feel like walking among the clouds.
    10. Faunaria
      Dream Address: DA-8623-1042-1328
      Faurania was created by SarahZephyrHoyt. Flowers and trees are everywhere on the island. You will be able to find several pretty spots on the island.
      If the list above is not enough, here some other ones for you:
    11. Island Name / Description: Sulfur Island (Based on 20th century Japan)
      Dream Address: DA–1649– 2999-2923
    12. Island Name / Description: Konpei Island (Eastern-themed island blooming with Camellias)
      Dream Address: DA–4128–6963–6357
    13. Island Name / Description: Client Island (Inspired by an autumn fairy tale)
      Dream Address: DA–5925–5978–1036
    14. Island Name / Description: Milky Island (A garden paradise with a European aesthetic)
      Dream Address: DA–9296–0884-4822
    15. Island Name / Description: Perry Island (A variety of attractions, including a zoo)
      Dream Address: DA–0624–4031–8245
    16. Island Name / Description: Hexa Island (A hexagon-shaped, hexagon-themed island)
      Dream Address: DA–8580–3615–2515
    17. Island Name / Description: VIVIER Island (A tropical resort vacation destination)
      Dream Address: DA–2750–7975–3902
    18. Island Name / Description: Ama Island (An island based around a Circus)
      Dream Address: DA–1497–1926–1474
    19. Island Name / Description: Hakuhou Island (An island inspired by coastal Japanese cities like Kamakura)
      Dream Address: DA–2557–1607–2056
    20. Island Name / Description: Nunnalia Island (A lively, realistic city with markers and paved roads)
      Dream Address: DA–1862–2456–1929
    21. Island Name / Description: Obi Wan Island (An island for alcohol aficionados)
      Dream Address: DA-0592-4995-4265
    22. Island Name / Description: Heverek Island (An island with Japanese-themed spots)
      Dream Address: DA-5243-5529-7308
    23. Island Name / Description: Upopoi Island (A magical-girl themed island with very feminine designs)
      Dream Address: DA-6060-2924-5696
    24. Island Name / Description: Amber Island (An island resort with a pink motif)
      Dream Address: DA-4778-4705-2459
    25. Island Name / Description: Junkai Island (Nature-themed island that makes full use of seasons)
      Dream Address: DA-8015-1510-8647
    26. Island Name / Description: Space Island (This island is full of space-themed elements)
      Dream Address: DA-1525-0125-2989
    27. Island Name / Description: Alibaba48 Island (Beautiful island with giant lit-up flower fields)
      Dream Address: DA-0968-0746-3682
    28. Island Name / Description: Ogasawara Island (Children’s parks, residential areas, and Japanese gardens)
      Dream Address: DA-7229-0272-7622
    29. Island Name / Description: Haya Island (A detailed Japanese-themed island)
      Dream Address: DA-2352-3776-7656
    30. Island Name / Description: Dararin Island (An island with European-feel to it)
      Dream Address: DA-3294-9641-9678
    31. Island Name / Description: Liatris Island (A fairy tale themed island featuring teddy bears)
      Dream Address: DA-5339-1921-4469
    32. Island Name / Description: Butter Chicken Island (An island that features the dark side of society)
      Dream Address: DA-5551-4749-9732
    33. Island Name / Description: Iyasaki Island (A RPG themed island)
      Dream Address: DA-8122-1615-5279
    34. Island Name / Description: Tachitsute Island (Anime island filled with Gnomes)
      Dream Address: DA-5848-2882-3289

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