How to Donate Fossils in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons allows you to donate fossils to the museum. However, a museum is not a part of your island, meaning you have to unlock and build it first. In addition to fossils, you can also donate other specimens such as bugs, fish, art and also sea creatures.

However, donating fossils to a museum may take you a while, as finding a fossil is a little bit hard to do. There are at least 70 fossils you can find and donate to the Museum. Then, how do you donate a fossil to Museum after you find it? Let’s find out the way to donate a fossil to the Museum in our post below!

Here’s How to Donate Fossils to Museums in ACNH!

As we’ve mentioned, donating fossils to a museum may take you a while, as you have to pass some steps before you can donate the fossils to the museum. If your island does not have a museum, you totally cannot donate the fossils, though you already found it.

Here are some steps that you can do to donate the fossils to the museum:

Step 1: Unlocking the museum

On your first day on your island, Tom Nook will give you a task to find five different bugs or fish, then donate them to him. After you have made five donations, Blathers will arrive on your island and set up his tent the day you have donated those items to Tom Nook.

After talking to him in his tent, you will learn that Blathers will need 15 more donations before he opens the museum. Sure, the donations here include sea creatures, bugs, fish and also fossils. Certainly, the museum will open with three exhibits including one fish, one bug and one fossil.

Step 2: Look for the fossils

All you have to do to donate fossils to a museum is to find the fossils first. The fossils can be found by using a shovel on a variety of cracks which appear across your island every day. There are at least four fossils every day  that are hidden somewhere on your island.

Look for the fossils

To find fossils, you may need to look for star-shaped ‘x’ spots on the ground across your island. However, those spots mark that there’s a buried item in the ground that you can dig up using your shovel.

When you successfully find one, you can then use your shovel to dig the ground to reveal the buried item. If you find a new Fossil that is buried in the ground, you may need to check the fossils to find out which fossil item that you actually found.

Step 3: Donate fossils to museum

After the museum opens and you successfully find the fossils, you can then donate the fossils to Blathers. Make sure to talk to Blathers at the museum, as he will help you to access your fossil to reveal its identity.

Donate fossils to museum

To donate the fossils that you have found, you just simply visit the Blather in the museum. When you are talking to him, you should choose the option ‘Make a donation’. You definitely can donate multiple items at once to him. How if he sleeps? No worries, you just wake him up.

Blathers will also give you the information if the fossils are new or missing from the exhibit. Sure, you will be able to choose to donate them to him. Moreover, to complete the museum, it will require year-round play, as some bugs and fish only appear during specific months.

Okay, that’s how to donate the fossils to Blather in the museum. If you want to successfully donate the fossils and other specimens to him, make sure to follow the step-by-step that we’ve mentioned above.

How to Check the Fossils You’ve Found?

The only one way to check which fossils you have found and likely donated to a museum is by taking advantage of the Nook Shopping feature. To do so, you just simply go to the Nook Stop terminal at Resident Services. You can also head to the Nook Shopping app on your NookPhone if you have unlocked it.

After that, you can choose the icon that shows wallpapers and flooring. In this section, you will find a Fossils tab at the end of the sections located at the top of the screen. Choose the fossils tab to see a list of every Fossil that you have ever cataloged. This catalog will help you to find which fossils you are missing so far.

How to Add the Art Exhibit to the Museum?

After the museum opens and there are a lot of specimens displayed in the museum, you may need to add the art exhibit to your museum. To do so, you may have to submit at least 60 different donations to the museum.

Certainly, those donations will come from any category including fish, bugs, or fossils. After you do that, Blather will talk about wanting to open an art exhibit. One day once he talks about displaying artwork, Isabelle will warn that a shady art dealer has been seen lately, so you should be careful.

On this day, Jolly Redd will wander around your island and you will find his boat on the small northern beach. However, you cannot enter it. After you find Redd, he will sell a random painting for 4,980 Bells to you.

When you have a plan to buy Redd’s arts, you may need to spot the arts first, as he will also sell the fake one. However, you can only donate the genuine painting to the museum, as the fake one will not be received by Blathers.

After you have the genuine painting, you can then donate it to Blathers and he will talk about an art exhibit. The following day, the museum will be renovated. For more information, you cannot donate any items during this time. After the renovation has been completed, the museum will open.

On the art exhibit, Redd will appear on your island, talking about how he likes your island. Then, he will start coming to your island randomly. Every time he visits your island, he will bring four pieces of art for sale, some of them may be fake.

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