How to Delete Teespring Account

Teespring is a social commerce platform that lets people create their custom products and then sell them in this platform with an easy-step. There are a variety of products you can sell on Teespring. Of course, in order to sell your custom products in Teespring, you may need to create a Spring account first.

Otherwise, you may already have a Teespring account but it is no longer used. To prevent any unwanted thing such as a hack or data stealing, you may decide to delete your Teespring account. However, you do not know yet how to remove your Teespring account. No worries! Just dive into our post below and you will find the guide. Let’s check it out!

How to Delete Teespring Account

Deleting Your Teespring Account, Here’s How!

Deleting your Teespring account is pretty simple to do, though it may take a while. It is known that Teespring is for sending frequent emails that is another way to find out which of your emails is attached to Teespring. If you want to delete your Teespring account, you need to do the following steps:

    • First, open your email that your account is attached to.
    • To find which email is used for the Teespring account, you just go into your profile.
    • You just need to write an email to Teespring’s private service email to
    • After that, you can use a title such as ‘Request to Delete My Account’ or ‘Delete Account Request’ for the subject of your email.
    • Once submitting your request, Teespring can see what your request is, the sooner they can remove your account.
    • In your email, you should tell and make sure to make it clear that you want your account deleted from their database as soon as possible.

That’s how to delete your Teespring account. We suggest you request any information they may have of yours be wiped clean from their database. Additionally, you can also voice them once you make your request clear if you have any complaints that you would like to make with Teespring.

Creating a Teespring Account, Here’s How!

If you want to create and sell your custom products through Teespring, of course you may need to create a Teespring account first. Thankfully, creating a Teespring account is as simple as deleting your Teespring account.

    • In order to create a Teespring account, you just visit the official Teespring website here.
    • Once you are at the homepage of Teespring, you will find the ‘Start Creating’ button and then click on it.
    • By clicking it, you will be taken to the registration page. Here, you need to provide your personal information such as your name/ your brand, email and password.
    • Then, click on the ‘Sign Up’ button to start creating a Teespring account. Aside from registering with email, you can also sign up with Facebook, Google or YouTube.
    • In the following page, you may need to provide your store name.
    • After providing your store name, you can start to create a custom product as you are looking for.
    • In the following steps, you may need to design your product, set the price of your product and others.

Of course, you need to follow on-screen instructions until you will be able to sell your custom product on Teespring.

After creating a Teespring account, you’re allowed to sell a variety of products for its sellers to use in which sellers upload their designs and select which product to sell with that design on them.

Teespring provides more than 60 different products with over 320 variants to sell in your store, but as much as this process sounds good so far. It is known that Teespring is not providing a public marketplace for its sellers as each seller gains a private store by default. To make sales, the sellers should share their store link with others directly.

Here are a variety of products you can sell on Teespring:

    • Apparel
    • Accessories
    • Teespring exclusive
    • Sports
    • Hoodies
    • Tanks
    • Holiday
    • Pocket Tees
    • Etc.

How Potential Is Teespring to Make Money?

To make money with Teespring, your creativity in making a design is very important and taken into account. As an entrepreneur, to make a hundred to seven hundred dollars per day is basically to upload your own Designs.

Well, if an individual goes ahead and purchases from Teespring, that’s what you get paid for. So, if you understand that you can cut through the noise in the BS and just focus on Designs. However, the problem with most people is they do not know what designs to sell.

After finding which design to sell, of course, you can make the following steps easier, since designs really work on Teespring. The first thing you need to start selling with Teespring is to pick t-shirts as a niche.

The kinds of t-shirts you can choose are people who are kind of crazy, people that like cats, people that like beagles, people that have  money so Golf, people that like snowboarding, and many others. After you understand the niche, you can then find winning items and then design them.

Once you’ve designed all the products, you can just upload it on Teespring and focus on how it could go and sell. You can not sell your own designs.

How Much Profit Can Sellers Earn on Teespring?

Talking about profit, it can vary, since the sellers are not allowed to set the price of each product. On Teespring, the standard payment system is based on fixed commissions of the main price. However, it is highly recommended by their expert sellers to make your commission profit between ‘Four’ to ‘Six’ dollars on average.

You may have to withdraw your earnings when it comes to the options. Of course, there are two ways to withdraw earnings:

    1. Payoneer
    2. PayPal

After a withdrawal is requested and is started, it will need about 24 to 48 hours for the payout to reach your chosen receivable account. Of course, it’s all the needed details you need to know when it comes to the payments.

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