What Can the New Bing Chat Do for You

With the use of the latest version of the language model called GPT-4, “Bing Chat,” also known as “New Bing Chat,” significantly outperforms its previous competitor, ChatGPT. With the need for internet access when performing a search, Bing Chat will provide up-to-date responses and resources, so it will provide answers related to the most recent events.

Currently, Bing Chat is considered superior to any AI chatbot, both in terms of its technology and its performance. Well, you may wonder what benefit you can get from simplifying your work when using Bing Chat. Okay, here’s everything you can know about Bing Chat features and performances!

You can access Bing Chat from here:


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What Can Bing Chat Do for You?

Basically, both Bing Chat and ChatGPT jointly produce content conversationally, like essays, composing letters, writing code, summarizing content, and answering complex questions. Since it uses an updated version of ChatGPT, Bing Chat can provide answers to any question you ask about history, random facts, current events, and more in a concise and conversational form.

The significant difference between Bing Chat and ChatGPT is in their ability to add and provide images. In fact, Bing Chat utilizes the Bing Image Creator tool, so when users require Bing Chat to generate an image, it can do that, but ChatGPT doesn’t.

Also, you can ask it to describe what you’d like the image to have; of course, it will provide an inmate right away. If you want to find out the facts about something through an image, you can simply upload the image to the chat, and it will discover the information about it, like identifying underwater animals.

The following is what Bing Chat can do for you:

  • Doing a search

Just like Bing search, Bing Chat can also perform searches to generate information based on what you ask in the chat bar.

  • Providing related answers

Bing Chat can provide answers to questions you ask on a wide range of topics. The answers you’ll get include your related question, but they are not limited to: articles, news, images, and more. It may also provide answers related to the page you’re seeing.

  • Generating creative content

In addition to its ability to perform a search or provide a related answer, Bing Chat can do more in generating creative contents, including creating jokes or parodies, making a slogan, writing a fable, song, or poem, and many more. Of course, Bing Chat uses its own words to create them.

  • Reviewing Web Content

Bing Chat can actually summarize longer web content, such as reports, PDFs, articles, and more. So, you can consume the content from any website simpler.

  • Comparing products

With the availability of table creation, you can also ask Bing Chat to compare certain products via table in order to make it easier to understand. If you don’t want to create a table, Bing Chat can directly compare the products in the sidebar. We must first say that it’s a very useful feature to help you find the best deal. For example, “What is the cheapest detergent that does not make hands irritating for my mom?”

Well, those are some things you can do when working with Bing Chat.

It’s important to note that both AI-powered Bing Chat and ChatGPT are prone to providing incorrect information since most of the responses they offer as answers are obtained from online sources. So, using Bing Chat in chat mode may produce nonsensical answers that are unrelated to your original question.

In addition, the availability and functionality of Bing Chat can vary depending on your device, location, and browser version. But it doesn’t matter since Bing Chat continuously learns and improves its performance from user feedback and interactions.

What Features Can You Use in Bing Chat?

Even though ChatGPT and Bing Chat similarly allow you to enter prompts in the chat bar in the same way, the response they provide, the conversation style, the format of the answer, and the AI interface are both very different.

Here are some features you can use in Bing Chat to help you work easier with it:

Conversation style

Before entering a prompt into the Bing Chat bar, you can select one of the three options for conversation styles. Each will give you a different format, and it’s self-descriptive.

  • More Creative allows you to get answers that are imaginative but original. This style can also generate images, as you asked.
  • More Balanced allows you to find informative and friendly answers with a human-like answer, which is similar to ChatGPT format.
  • More Precise allows you to gain easy and concise responses.

Conversation Bar

This text area allows you to enter the questions and prompts you want to ask about. It is the main section to use Bing Chat, which can be found at the bottom of the screen.

Image Icon

Under the text area, you can find an image icon that allows you to add an image. It could be a simpler search if you have an image related to your search. When you upload an image, Bing Chat will process it, like Google Lens. Then, the answers and responses related to the image will be shown.

Microphone Icon

Instead of typing your prompts in the text area, you can directly talk to Bing to give it prompts by clicking the microphone icon. Make sure to clearly speak what you ask about in Bing Chat.

New Topic

A new topic allows you to enter a new question or prompt. And, your previous conversation will automatically be deleted, but you can still open it on recent activity that you can find on the right side of the screen.


Since Bing gathers most of its resources from the web, of course it also shows any sources and links below the response bubble. If you’re not satisfied with Bing Chat answers, you can visit the original sources to find more.

Suggested Questions

Every time you get a response from Bing Chat, it will also show suggestions for different follow-up questions you may be looking for. When you ask Bing Chat about why flamingos are pink, the suggested questions may appear like “Are flamingos always pink?” or “How long do flamingos live?”

Prompt Counter

Bing Chat will show how many responses it has provided. So, it can make it easier for you to keep track of the remaining replies you can get. Bing Chat limits the response to about 30 replies per conversation.

Feedback Button

The Feedback button allows you to provide feedback to Bing either on suggestions or compliance regarding what you like or dislike when using Bing Chat. You can find it on the bottom-right corner of the chat screen.

Search or Chat Tool

On a page, you can toggle between the AI chatbot and traditional search results. So, you can click on one or the other to switch.