Goods Inventory Application

The goods inventory application is useful for monitoring and controlling the purchase of goods, managing stock. Also, this app is useful for controlling the number of products that you will sell to track orders until they reach customers.

Actually, you can use Google Sheets, Excel, or other manual tools to find out the inventory database and determine orders. But this method is still ineffective. You cannot know how many items to order, when is the best time to order items, or which warehouses hold certain stocks. Of course, this makes you spend more time, energy, and money because you must check it manually. So, the goods inventory applications that we will share here is the best solution for you.

Goods Inventory Application

List of the Best Goods Inventory Applications with Complete Features

Here is a list of the best goods inventory apps with complete features:

1. Stockpile


Stockpile is an inventory app to make your work easier. As we know that every item has different models, brands, and categories. Stockpile has a feature where you can enter products based on barcode scans. It can be accessed by your employees to add various products to the inventory. Also, your employees can see what items are still available, mark items which have been sold or are still packed. Stockpile has a simple interface. Therefore, you can immediately understand what you need to do.

2. Veeqo


Veeqo is a cloud-based app that has been integrated with several popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Magento, and UPS. If you run a business in several different or branching locations, you can use this app. Tracking multi-warehouse inventory in real-time is one of the best features of Veeqo.

The feature will assist you when you want to check the entry and exit of goods from various stores or branches that you have. Of course, this will save you a lot of time and effort instead of having to look them up one by one. Veeqo helps keep your inventory in sync, avoiding the risk of discrepancies. You will be able to check the various orders that have been received by any of your stores or branches. Also, you can check sales and update stock. There are still many other conveniences that you will get when using Veeqo.

3. Equip


Equip is an app which is a solution for those of you who want to manage various items easily and quickly. You can download this app for inventory items on the Play Store. With this app, you can check and manage various items ranging from food, beverages, retail, wholesale goods, construction, and various other items. Its great features make it one of the recommended ones for inventory purposes.

You can use this app to check the amount of stock, check the packaging process, scan barcodes, and so on. Also, you can use this app to check or track items which are still on the way. Of course, it will be very easy because you can find out the status of the item whether it has reached the recipient or not. If you are interested with this app, please download it and you will make this app your best choice.

4. Netsuite


Netsuite is an inventory app which is suitable for various business scales. Start-ups to enterprise businesses can use this app. You can use this app freely. Also, Netsuite supports approximately 19 languages. So, it is suitable for all business people.

Netsuite can be used by all employees and managers. With this app, you can also automate restock by simply turning on notifications when the stock of the item starts to decrease. Therefore, when the status of the item has started to decrease, you will receive a notification so that you can nobly replenish the stock. Also, you can set the lead time and the minimum stock level.

5. Delivrd


The next inventory app is Delivrd. This application is paid, so you must spend money to get the license. However, if you are curious and just want to find out how effective Delivrd is, then you can use the trial version. You will get 30 days of trial time before you must upgrade to the premium version.

The free version of Delivrd is very limited. To use all its features, you must upgrade to the paid version. For your information, Delivrd only allows ten products, one location, and one user. If you really want to get full access and you can use it for more than one user, you must purchase the premium version. This app will give you information regarding profit and loss statements.

6. Zoho Inventory

Zoho Inventory

Zoho Inventory offers an offer where you can choose from four subscription plans with different prices. You only need to adjust how many orders and warehouses you manage. One of the advantages of Zoho Inventory is that there is a multi-warehouse feature. So, you can easily transfer goods between warehouses. Also, this app makes it easy for you to synchronize all your sales platforms.

Another feature of Zoho Inventory is offering ease of management of orders, goods, packaging, scanning of item codes, and tracking of inventory locations. Most of the functions contained in Zoho Inventory are available for mobile devices. So, simply you can manage your business via your smartphone anytime and anywhere.

7. SAP Business One

SAP Business One

With SAP Business One, you can connect to the various businesses you run anytime and anywhere. SAP Business One is available for the mobile version, so simply you can download it on a smartphone. There are many users who use this app for various needs such as viewing and making reports, handling sales, managing contracts, and others. The users of this app are not only employees. Managers, sales representatives, executives, and service technicians can also use this app. Also, you can get notifications regarding gross profit and credit limits that you have targeted.

Well, that is a list of the best goods inventory apps with complete features that you can use. There are still some other apps that you can use for inventory purposes. You can choose which of these apps you think best suits your needs.