How to Use Intelius Free People Search & Background Check

Today, searching for information about a person you interact with is very important. It certainly aims to prevent unwanted things from happening at a later time, like when you’re in a relationship with a fraudster or someone with a bad background. Before it actually happens, it’s highly recommended that you find out everything about the person.

Thanks to Intelius, you can now get accurate access to someone’s background information through the People Search and Background Check tools. With these, you may find as much information as possible about the person, including their personal information like their phone number, education and employment records, marriage records, criminal records, etc.

If you happen to know about someone’s background, you can try to use Intelius’s tools, so you’ll find out the real information about them. Okay, let’s see how to use the Intelius People Search and Background Check tool below!

Intelius People Search

If you want to search for someone’s personal information like address, phone number, work office, relatives, etc., you can use the “People Search” tool. With billions of public records available, you may finally get information about someone you’re meant for.

If the data is available on the public records shown by Intelius, the information you’ll get includes, but is not limited to: someone’s full name, age, date of birth, former and present addresses, phone number, relatives, aliases, etc.

With the use of Intelius’ tool, you can get fast and reliable results in a simple and easy way. The tool definitely helps you find someone from the more than 20 billion available records. Either you try to search for your old friends, a new neighbor, or long-lost family, you can do it with the Intelius People Search tool.

Intelius Background Check

For some reasons, you may want to know more about someone. Now, you can do it with the Intelius Background Check tool. It really gives you complete data about someone, including someone’s criminal records, marriage and divorce history, bankruptcies, lawsuits they’ve been involved in, liens against them, etc.

In addition to someone’s history information, the tool will also provide other basic information such as the person’s full name, date of birth, address, and many more. With the use of a background check tool, you can be sure that the person who spends time with you and your family is a good person, and they will be safe and trustworthy. So, you can really learn if the person is telling the truth or maybe hiding something.

Using Intelius People Search and Background Check: Here’s How!

Intelius basically provides complete data about someone based on some eligible and trusted sources, including federal data sources, state data sources, and county data sources. Of course, someone’s reports provided by Intelius are totally accurate.

Even though People Search and Background Check tools have different pages to use, both really provide the same information; of course, the way to use them is also the same. To use them, you can only visit the official website of Intelius at

Intelius Free People Search & Background Check

Once you’re at the homepage of Intelius, you’ll see some tools in the horizontally lined-up menu. Well, you can use them based on what you want to search, including People Search, Reverse Phone Lookup, Criminal & Traffic Records Search, Background Check, Public Record Search, and Reverse Address Lookup.

Here’s how to use the Intelius People Search and Background Check tool!

From the Intelius homepage:

  1. You can click the “People Search” menu to find out someone’s personal information.
  2. You can click the “Background Check” tool if you want to check someone’s history.
  • Once the tool is open, you can enter someone’s first and last name.
  • To narrow down your search, you can also provide their city or state information. If not, it’s also enough to only input their first and last name. Then, click “Search.”
  • The tool will start to find the information about someone you entered in the search bar.
  • During downloading the data from public records, you may need to answer some questions regarding someone, such as whether or not the person has lived in a certain city; whether or not the person has relatives; whether or not the person is over 30 years old; etc.
  • If it’s complete, the new page will show a list of people associated with your search.
  • Here, you must be careful in finding someone since the information of each may be similar.
  • After you’ve found the person and the information is correct, you can click “Open Report.”
  • Wait for a few minutes until the tool downloads the complete data about someone you search for, including their key information, social media summary, and relatives information.
  • To save your result, you’ll be required to enter your first name, last name, and email address. After that, you can click “Continue to Report.”
  • By clicking it, the tool will continue to provide the summary. And you need to wait for the process again.
  • Once downloading the data is complete, you’re in the final step, meaning:
  1. If you’ve already registered and picked a package, you can directly unlock the report.
  2. If you have not yet registered, you will have to activate your account, pick your package, and complete the payment first. Then, you can unlock someone’s date report.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully used the People Search and Background Check tool to search for information about someone’s personal information and their life background.

What Things Can You Find with Intelius Search?

When you do a search for someone with either the Intelius People Search tool or the Background Check tool, you will find some important information regarding the person, including:

  • Personal Information: Full name, phone numbers, emails, job information, education, aliases or nicknames, and death records if available.
  • Social Media Information: Images, dating profiles, associated websites, videos, online activity, domains, online interest, and blog posts.
  • Relatives and Relationship Information: Immediate and extended family, online relationships, neighbors, ex-spouses, and in-laws.
  • Criminal Information: Arrest records, felonies, misdemeanors, warrants, traffic tickets, sentencing information, case numbers, court dates, offense description, and arrest location.
  • Finances: Financial hardship, bankruptcies, tax liens, property and asset value, assets at risk, foreclosures, refinances, mortgage information, evictions, vehicle ownership, judgments, and liquidation.

What Can You Do with Intelius?

Keep in mind that using Intelius is not limited to only finding someone’s information and history; you can find more. Some use Intelius in order to reunite with their college roommate or schoolmate. Others use it to search for a new match on dating apps. While employers may use it to check coworkers to ensure they hire candidates with a good attitude,

With billions of public records in Intelius’s database, you can find it easier to gain detailed information about people around you. Of course, you can get several benefits when using Intelius, such as:

  • You may be able to reconnect with your old schoolmates, workmates, or even old neighbors.
  • You can find your long-lost family easier, along with their present addresses, contact person, and others.
  • You can really check someone’s criminal record.
  • You can find out more about someone’s background.
  • You can easily find someone’s phone number or discover the name behind the mysterious number that always calls you on the phone.
  • You can review property data and public information about a house you wish to purchase.
  • You can easily look up potential relationships or new partners.