How to Catch a Mole Cricket ACNH

Mole cricket is one of the bugs in Animal Crossing New Horizons. By the way, how do you catch a mole cricket? If you want to know the way to catch a mole cricket in Animal Crossing New Horizons, you should read this entire page.


If this is your first week in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, then you might have heard a cricket chirp when you run around the islands in the game. Frequently, you are going to hear the buzz, however the bug is nowhere to be seen. What you have been hearing is the mole cricket that is a loud and hidden bug. If their noise annoys you, and you want relief, well, on this page, we are going to inform you how to catch a mole cricket in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Catch a Mole Cricket ACNH

How to Catch Mole Cricket in ACNH?

The mole cricket is an annoying bug in Animal Crossing that hides within any grassy area you are able to dig up. As long as you have patience and you follow your ears, you will be able to catch these bugs and silence them. The mole cricket is going to chirp when it’s active from November to May. They are able to appear at any time of day. Thus, you are going to find them at any point, which is not between June and October.

Here are step to catch a mole cricket:

    • Firstly, you will need to stop walking when you hear their telltale chirping. stop walking
    • After that, you have to pay attention to the direction in which their sound is coming from. Please try holding your Switch up to your face, by using headphones, or listening closely on your TV.
    • After you have found out which direction the noise is coming from, you are able to take some steps in that direction. As long as you are headed in the right direction, the sound is going to get louder.
    • When the sound of mole cricket is at its loudest, just take out your Shovel and start digging. You may not guess right the first time, but you have to keep listening and digging holes until the mole cricket pops out of the ground. It will still be chirping and start to run away. just take out your Shovel and start digging
    • Please follow it with your Net, and then grab it carefully. As Blathers said previously, the mole crickets not only can fly, but also they are able to escape to the water another day. How to Catch a Mole Cricket ACNH

There are no amazing awards for catching them. However, digging each one up can deliver a much-needed sense of calm when you explore your island.

How Often Do Mole Crickets Spawn?

The Mole Crickets in Animal Crossing will spawn frequently. We get information that there is always one mole cricket on your island at all times. You just need to run around until you hear it chirping. Apparently, headphones will be able to help you, even though rest assured these bugs make a lot of noise.

When To Catch A Mole Cricket?

Unlike other crickets, Mole crickets are a winter and spring bug, however during the right time of year, they are available all day. Mole crickets are one of the bugs that leave the Northern Hemisphere in May. So, be on the lookout for one if you have not caught it yet. If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, May is the first month you are able to catch mole cricket.

Here is a list of available months for both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres:

Northern Hemisphere:

    • November
    • December
    • January
    • February
    • March
    • April
    • May

Southern Hemisphere

    • May
    • June
    • July
    • August
    • September
    • October
    • November

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Mole Cricket Price

By the way, how about the price of Mole Cricket in Animal Crossing? For your information, a single mole cricket can be sold for only 500 Bells at Nook’s Cranny. In addition, you need to remember that you have to donate one of those insects to Blathers at the museum if you want to complete your museum’s insect collection.

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List of the Bugs Between Games

In Animal Forest

According to research, there are 32 bugs that you can find in Animal Forest.

In Animal Crossing

In the Japanese Animal Forest+ and its English counterpart Animal Crossing, there are 40 bugs obtainable, adding 8 bugs to the game.

    • Pondskater
    • Ant
    • Pill Bug
    • Mosquito
    • Mole Cricket
    • Spider
    • Snail
    • Bagworm

In Animal Forest e+

In the Japanese-only game, Animal Forest e+ an 8 bugs are added, making a total of 48 species obtainable. The new species include:

    • Birdwing Butterfly
    • Hercules Beetle
    • Flea
    • Diving Beetle
    • Crab
    • Hermit Crab
    • Coconut Crab
    • Dung Beetle

In Wild World

In Wild World, there are 56 bugs, with many added and many dropped. Dropped bugs from Animal Forest e+ include:

    • Purple Butterfly
    • Common Dragonfly
    • Pine Cricket
    • Ladybug (GCN)
    • Drone Beetle
    • Mountain Beetle
    • Bagworm
    • Diving Beetle
    • Crab
    • Hermit Crab
    • Coconut Crab

New bugs include:

    • Peacock Butterfly
    • Monarch Butterfly
    • Emperor Butterfly
    • Agrias Butterfly
    • Moth
    • Oak Silk Moth
    • Honeybee
    • Orchid Mantis
    • Lantern Fly
    • Walking Stick
    • Fruit Beetle
    • Scarab Beetle
    • Rainbow Stag
    • Atlas Beetle
    • Elephant Beetle
    • Goliath Beetle
    • Fly
    • Scorpion
    • Tarantula.