How to Beat Basim AC Valhalla

Basim is a member of the Hidden Ones organization that you have to beat in AC Valhalla. However, if you want to beat him, you need to know what to do so that he can be easily beaten. Here, we will explain to you about it where there are 3 phases and one transition phase to beat him.

The Ways to Beat Basim

At the time when you have to fight Basim, you will do that in some separate phases where you need to do different things against or around Basim. If you think that this boss has Health, you are wrong. Basim does not have Health. It means that the fight will not end if you just beat him by using your weapons and raw power.

If you want to beat him, you must know what to hit and also how to hit him in the specific moment so that you can progress and reach the end of the fight and can beat him. In the explanation below, you are able to see some phases of how to beat Basim.

The First Phase

In this first phase, you will see Basim run around you on the upper levels of the platform. He will jump onto you and here you are able to avoid these jumps and deal damage to him, even though it does not seem to work.

The First Phase

In this phase, you also have to be careful with his ranged attacks and also his smoke bombs because he often does this thing. It seems that the cinematic is only able to be triggered after you bash him just a little and then Basim will jump from above and pin you to the ground.

After you are pinned down several times by Basim, there will be a cinematic. Here, you will progress to the second phase after it plays out.

Second Phase

After the cinematic appears, then the second phase is started. You will see that the platform where you are on starts moving up. At this time, it seems that the things that you do to him are not impactful. Meanwhile, Basim does not do any special moves. However, he may still throw some ranged attacks at you. However, the things that you need to note is that Basim does not have a Health bar, but you have. So, you are able to keep yourself safe.

You are able to stun Basim when the platform reaches the top. If you are able to stun him, then you are able to approach him and then do a Stun Attack on him. By doing it, it will progress you to the next phase. There are tests from a player that almost any attack will be able to Stun Basim if the platform stops moving.

Stun Basim

Then, there will be another short cinematic which is played where Eivor slashes forward and removes the Hidden Blade from the left hand of Basim. Then, Sigurd will be dragged by Basim into the conflict when he announces that in the cinematic scene. Basim throws a smoke screen bomb and then disappears. And then, a transition phase will follow.

The Transition Phase

The Transition Phase

In the transition phase, the thing that you have to do is to chase Basim. The path is linear, so you have no chance to be lost. However, it is important for you to know that there is a lot of parkour which is involved. When you are chasing him, if you need to replenish your Health, you are able to pick any food sources that you pass.

The Third Phase

In the third phase, when you reach the platform with the large machine, there will be a short cinematic which is played. In this stage, Sigurd tells Basim that he is an Oathbreaker and he must die here.

Sigurd tells Basim that he is an Oathbreaker and he must die here

When Basim tries to cut the head of Sigurd, Eivor will interfere by saying ‘I am your prize, Basim. Come!’. Then you will fight Basim one last time. Here, you have to finish the fight and you can do that by shooting Basim with an arrow into his glowing left hand. Then, he will go to the ground immediately and ready for the final cinematic.

shoot Basim with an arrow into his now glowing left hand

It is important for you to note that you need to hit him in the left hand inside the glowing in white circle on this platform. If you do that outside the circle, it will not trigger thye cinematic.

If Basim is on his knee, you have to approach him and then do a Stun Attack. After that, the cinematic will play again and show how you hang Basim onto that machine and carry him onto the fake world. 

The Reasons To Beat Basim in AC Valhalla

In the start of the story, Basim believes that Sigurd is the man that he needs for his goal. However, when it is almost the end, after all the things that he has seen and learned, he realized that the one who he was looking for is Eivor.

In Norway, in Hordafylke, the events which lead up to the Basim boss fight start back. You will be taken to the ancient Temple by Sigurd. In that place, you will see the Old Tree. It turns out to be an ancient mechanism that can teleport you to a fake Valhalla simulation which is created by that machine.

In this stage, Eivor realizes that and then he tries to be able to go back to the real world. However, when he tries to find a way to go back, he meets Odin at the gate and he refuses to release Eivor.

Eivor and Odin fight and after a short time, Eivor realizes that he needs to drop his axe so that he is able to escape from the grasp of Odin. So, he can make a run for the gate where his family waits and helps him.

Eivor tries to pull out of that machine. He does it to realize that his brother is now being held by Basim, someone who threatens both of them. The ultimate goal of Basim is to be able to save his family. However, the ways that he uses to do that are very extreme.

You will be able to learn more about them later in the story when it unfolds before you after this boss fight. In this stage, you will fight with Basin and it will be splitted into some separate stages.

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