Lincolnshire Treasure Hoard AC Valhalla

There are 20 Treasure Hoard map locations of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (ACV). Getting a minimum of 5 Treasure Hoard rewards will unlock the Old School Treasure Hunt trophy or achievement. One of the locations is called Lincolnscire.

Lincolnscire has more buried treasure in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. This guide of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Lincolnscire Treasure Hoard map will lead you to go through the process of tracking down the map, figuring out the cryptic clue, and locating the buried treasure at the last destination.

Lincolnscire Treasure Hoard map location

Lincolnscire Treasure Hoard map location

The Treasure hoard in Lincolnscire is able to be found in a small house. Apparently, there are two buildings in this location. The first one is burnt down while the other one is locked. A key is needed if you want to get inside to get the treasure map.

Apparently, there is a small body of water nearby. All that you have to do is to follow the path down to the docks, from the main house. In the end, you will be able to see a small boat in the water. You can find the key on the boat.

Lincolnscire Treasure Hoard map clue

Lincolnscire Treasure Hoard map clue

A riddle is the clue for this Treasure Horde.  There is a stretch of coast separated by the angry sea to the East of Lincolnscire, in Skegi’s Beard. From the guard tower where valuable properties are there, you can watch over this land, keeping everything from the invasion of the barbarians who never stop. This hoard has the final relics of the Kingdom of Lindsey and you should defend it forever, as stated by Aellen of Mercia.

Lincolnscire Treasure Hoard map solution

Lincolnscire Treasure Hoard map solution

In this location, you will be able to find the treasure, to the far East of Lincolnscire, near Skegi’s Beard. Remember that you cannot miss a tower overlooking the water. You will be able to find the buried treasure at the very top of the tower, beside a wooden beam.

Some other Treasure Hoards locations

  • Rygjafylke Treasure Hoard location

You can find the clue in the fortress of Kjotve. The place is far to the east of Rygjafykle. You might not be able to access it before completing the early main mission A Cruel Destiny. This one is located on the table in a hut west of the main settlement, towards the shore.

  • Grantebridgescire Treasure Hoard location

You can find the clue for the Treasure Hoard of Grantebridgescire in Besuncen Tor. This one is located in the northwestern part of Grantebridgescire. You will be able to see a statue holding the scroll with the clue on it at the top of the waterlogged tower sticking out of the pond.

  • Ledecestrescire Treasure Hoard location

You can find the clue for the Treasure Hoard of Ledecestrescire in Venonis, west of Eivor’s home base of Ravensthorpe. The raven vision of Synin can be used to find the entrances to underground locations.

Keep in mind that the one that you want is the southerly one, the one near the riverbank where a fisherman is. Please go inside, turn right, and destroy a few crates by using your axe so that you can reveal a crawl space.

  • East Anglia Treasure Hoard location

You can find the clue to the south of East Anglia, near the synchronization point at Edmund’s Hope just east of Beodoricsworth. For those who have no idea, the synchronization point is a tall church tower.

The inside of the building is burnt and there are bodies. Aside from that, you might also find a certain unfriendly nun that you can ignore as she is not necessary for finding the Treasure Hoard clue.

Instead, the thing that needs to be done is to look up to find a ladder that you need to shoot down with an arrow. The key is located beside it. Please take it to a smaller chapel to the east of the synchronization point tower and get the clue on the table inside.

  • Oxenefordscire Treasure Hoard location

You will have to start from the village of Eaton Barn if you want to reach this riddle. It is little ways south of the actual map marker of the clue. You will be able to see a wall that can explode in the cliff on the northern border.

Firstly, enter the cliff entrance through this and get into a large central chamber. There are some movable shelves to the back left corner. Please slide them aside to enter the one where the scroll is waiting on a platform.

  • Sciropescire Treasure Hoard location

You can find the clue underneath the synchronization point in the center of Sciropescire known as Hill Gate Remnants.

When you are at the west of the tower, there is a door. Upon finding it, enter and look up to see a hanging net of wood. A hole in the floor can be opened by shooting this down.

Then, drop down and slide through the small gap in the bottom of the wall on the right. It is a very dark room, but you will be able to find the clue easily as it is placed on the table against the far wall.

  • Cent Treasure Hoard location

You can find the clue of the Treasure Hoard at Dover Pharos, on the southern coast of the map, to the west of Dover Cliffs and Dover Fortress. It can be started by simply climbing to the top of the tower to find the clue.

If you use the interior path, please avoid the snakes. In addition, there are also a couple of brothers here. All of them will talk about the treasure hidden at the large snake if you help the stuck one.

  • Suthsexe Crawlie Treasure Hoard location

You can find the clue in the town of Crawleah, towards the south of Suthsexe. The clue is located in a warehouse in the south of the town. The place is strict and the back door is barred. In this case, your option is to sneak or fight through the front. Once you are inside, it can be found easily on the table.