Bloody Path to Peace AC Valhalla Glitch

Bloody Path to Peace refers to one of the quests in the game named Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. This one is definitely not perfect as a few players have reported some issues. One of them happens when trying to start the quest but cannot find Ivarr at the NE road leading into the town of Wesberie, as reported by Gustlock in Reddit. Basically, there is no location marker or anything.

A user named anorym got the same issue when started the earliest part of that questline. Before actually making it to Wesberie, the quest disappeared from his tracker and it only came back after completing the Vinland quest. He came back to the quest but still no Ivarr found anywhere.

Then, what should you do if you are in the same situation? Fortunately, the original poster said that he found Ivarr in the forest north and a bit to the east of town. He used his raven to find him after walking into the actual town. anorym has also fixed the issue by restarting his Xbox and now he is able to find Ivarr using his raven.

For those who are facing the same situation, you can try to use the method above. If the case is different, you are encouraged to make a post on the communities or forums such as Reddit and wish for someone to reply. If needed, you can also try to reach out the developers of the game and hope for them to help you and to fix the issue.

Guide to complete the AC Valhalla Bloody Path to Peace quest

Guide to complete the AC Valhalla Bloody Path to Peace quest

Are you stuck when trying to get Ceolbert out of the cave in the Bloody Path to Peace quest? Everyone will be able to hit with this challenge towards the end of the quest, which is part of the Sciropescire story arc. After fighting the boss, you will need to discover Ceolbert. The thing is, he is nowhere to be found.

In the camp owned by Ceolbert, you will be able to speak to the guards who will hand you clues to his location. After getting the clues, do not waste your time and just go to the area immediately and find the cave to find that Ceolbert has been hurt and now your task is to carry him to Wesberie. It might look easy when in fact, it is not. The most difficult thing is to jump or climb when you are carrying him on your back. Then, how to get him out of the cave to complete the quest?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to climb up any high walls when you are having Ceolbert on your back so the only thing that you can do is to rely on the natural slopes inside the cave to get back outside. With him on your back, you will need to jump over the obstacles in the doorway where you came in, and then turn left and follow the wall so that you can find another one that will lead you to a ramp.

How to get Ceolbert out of the cave in the AC Valhalla Bloody Path to Peace quest

A narrow should be seen, sloping ledge on the right side of the passageway here. It is time for you to use this to jump across to the doorway ahead. In order to make a jump, you will need a bit of momentum so you might try for more than once to get across.

Once you manage to cross through, another doorway will be visible. However, it is a must for you to ignore it as you cannot squeeze through while having Ceolbert on your back. Instead, you need to look to your right. There is another narrow ledge against the wall that will take you to the next room.

From here, drop down and duck under the crawl space at the far and then use the small stone ramp to the right of it to walk up, instead of trying to jump onto the huge rock ahead. After that, you should see the entrance to the cave ahead. Once you are outside, you are able to go up and take Ceolbert to Wesberie easily.

A few things that need to be fixed in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla in general is still lacking, hence needs some improvements. Some of the things that should be fixed include:

  • Cutscenes
  • Companion activity
  • Quest registration
  • Spawns inside the planet
  • Clipping
  • Destructible environment
  • Hitboxes
  • Climbing mechanics
  • The speed of Eivor
  • Surround sound

This paragraph will talk about the issue with the cutscene. The purpose of a cutscene is to add some dynamic sequences outside of just the usual playing this and that. This one in the game does not serve this function, usually using character models within the existing world and trying to make them converse.

Sometimes, the other characters will run into a cutscene character and then the one is left taking to no one at all. Most cutscenes in the wilderness tend to provoke the wild animal attacks and the characters will have a cozy conversation while their crew and themselves are eaten by a wolf pack in a meantime.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is the name of the rising game with bugs and glitches and it is amazing to think gamers are able to get through it. Everyone agrees that the game is fun and the world is stunning, but it means nothing when the game does not work properly. A lot of people have noted these issues. The developers of the game are doing everything they can.

Apparently, a main bug that stopped players from being able to progress has been fixed, but it is not enough and there is a lot of work to be done. There is a possibility that it would be similar to the Assassin’s Creed Unity and Anthem by BioWare. However, unlike those titles, it seems like a lot of people enjoy everything about the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, including the concept, the artwork, the music, and the story elements.