How Long Does It Take to Get Graceful OSRS

After collecting marks of grace, a type of currency in the OSRS game, you’re actually able to make a purchase of Graceful outfit. However, this outfit is such a gorgeous and beneficial outfit in this game as it can add energy restoration and additional bonus when the players are training their skills and quests.

Considering the importance of the Graceful outfit in the game, sure, a lot of OSRS fans are wondering how to get this outfit, where to buy this outfit, what the function of this outfit and last but not least, how long it takes to obtain the Graceful outfit.

If you’re one of those who are wondering about those ways, thankfully, this post will give you a whole information that you really need in order to get the Graceful outfit. Let’s see our post below!

How Long Does It Take to Get Graceful OSRS

Duration of Getting Graceful Outfit in OSRS

There is actually no time reference for how long you can get a Graceful outfit in a whole set. As long as you already have enough marks of grace to purchase a Graceful set, of course, the Graceful is no longer yours. Instead, what is emphasized here is how long you can get marks of grace to buy Graceful outfit?

That means that the duration of getting a Graceful set depends on how long you can collect about 260 marks of grace in order to get a Graceful outfit. In this case, fans are not only wondering how many hours they can get a Graceful set, but also how long it takes to get marks of grace.

It takes about 4 minutes & 30 seconds to get one mark of grace to spawn. Because the Graceful set costs 260 marks of grace, so it can be calculated  270 seconds x 260 marks is 70200 seconds. Well, it takes more than 15 hours to get 260 marks of grace. We can expect per hour, you can get on average 18 – 22 marks of grace.

Here’s How to Obtain Marks of Grace Easily!

Need to know, marks of grace will randomly appear when you pass obstacles on Rooftop courses. In this case, the higher level courses will give a big chance of spawning marks. The marks which are spawned are player-specific. It means that you are only able to see and get marks spawned for you, not for others.

Well, you totally have to pass any obstacle Rooftop courses in order to get marks of grace. In the way of collecting marks of grace on the course, you’ll have 10 minutes to pick up a mark before it disappears.

As marks of grace will spawn at random times at certain locations along a course, it’s so possible for you to get multiple marks which appear on the same tile. Moreover, marks of grace will appear on the ground even when logged out.

Aside from through the Rooftop course, you can also get marks of grace every lap or every other lap by collecting a mark of grace and moving 1 section forward in the Agility Course. In this course, you have to wait about  3 – 4 minutes and continue onto the next lap.

Regardless, Ardougne is the only exception as marks of grace will spawn on the same tile. Then, each new mark will refresh about 10 minutes’ despawn timer. If your Agility level is  20 levels higher than the course requirement, the opportunity of getting a mark of grace will be reduced to 20% of  the normal level. Once you reach that level, the marks of grace will continually appear.

Here’s How to Purchase Graceful Outfit!

The only one way to purchase Graceful outfit is by spending around 260 marks of grace that you’ve collected through the Rootfoot course and Agility course. With 260 marks of grace, you’re able to get a whole Graceful set. Sure, each piece will cost differently.

If marks of grace that you have are enough to purchase a Graceful set, you can then continue to buy it from Grace. She is a Graceful clothing store owner who lives in the Rogues’ Den under The Toad and Chicken Inn in Burthorpe. However, this is the only store which sells the Graceful outfit.

Grace also runs her store to exchange marks of graces which are earned by participating in rooftop agility courses for parts of the Graceful clothing set. However, it reduces weight and amylase packs which contain 100 amylase crystals combined with super energy potions in creating stamina potions.

She can also count the number of laps which have been performed by the players on any of the agility or rooftop courses in the game. For the Prifddinas Agility Course, it’s missing in her count although the course counts laps in chat. Well, you can also speak to her to silence or re-enable the lap counter for agility courses.

Why Do Many OSRS Players Want to Have Graceful Outfit?

The reason why many players really desire to get the Graceful outfit is as it can give them energy restoration and additional bonus when training their skills and quests. Sure, players’ desire cannot be separated from the effect what Graceful outfit has in the game.

Well, the Graceful outfit’s effects are as follow:

    • The Graceful outfit adds up to 20% run energy bonus with an additional 10% bonus for wearing the whole outfit, matching the previous 30% bonus.
    • Some pieces of Graceful outfit including the cape, hood, boots and glove will add an individual 3% bonus, and then the legs and the top can give 4% each.
    • The total of the individual piece is around 20%, however, the set effect will add another  10%, increasing the total 30%.

Apart from this, the Graceful set also has low priority on death. It means that you can easily lose your whole Graceful set especially if you cannot return to recover it in time. It’s important to note that the weight reduction on the Graceful outfit does not move to f2p worlds.

Okay, that’s everything you should know about Graceful outfit especially for knowing the duration of getting this outfit, how to buy it and the effect of Graceful outfit.