Thieving Guide OSRS

For pickpocketing, here is the tip. First, you have to go to the options menu and then access the game controller at the top right. Choose “Hidden” under “NPC ‘Attack’ options”. Then, ‘Pickpocket’ option will be turned into a left click. One may be able to pickpocket more than once in a single animation. So, you must spam clicking so that it will maximize experience.

When you are training with Blackjacks, sometimes you will be caught by the victim every time you try to knock them out. If it happens, the victim will be in an alert state. You can fix it by going through the Lure dialogue until the victim is lured successfully.

Useful Equipments

There are some useful equipments including:

    • Gloves of silence
    • Rogue equipment. The set includes rogue mask, rogue top, rogue gloves, rogue trousers, and rogue boots.
    • Dodgy necklace

Methods of Thieving

Level 1 – 37: Questing

You can complete quests which give Thieving experience. If you can complete Biohazard, Hazeel Cult, Fight Arena, Tower of Life and Tribal Totem, it will give you a total of 7,200 experience, elevating a level 1 Thieving to level 24. You can do these quests at a low level and they have little requirements. But, you must note that some of them involve some sort of combat. If you can complete The Queen of Thieves, The Giant Dwarf, Death to the Dorgeshuun, The Golem, Creature of Fenkenstrain, and The Feud, it will give you an additional 22,500 experience and it will make you get to level 37 Thieving.

Level 1 – 5: Men/ Women

From level 1 to 5, pickpocket men or women around RuneScape is the only viable option. If you have your respawn point in Lumbridge, you do not need food for this because you are able to pickpocket men/women around the Lumbridge Castle and let them kill you. To get level 5 Thieving from pickpocketing men and women will take 49 successful pickpockets. Draynor Village has a house in the Agility Course. There is a man who you can pickpocket while trapping him with the door closed.

Levels 5 – 25: Bakers’ stalls

From level 5 to 25, you can steal from cake stalls in East Ardougne market or in the courtyard outside Kourend Castle. There is a safespot from the guards in East Ardougne, so you can stand under the baker to the cake stall further east and the guards will not find you. There is also a safespot in the cake stall in the Kourend Castle courtyard. There, you cannot be found when stealing from behind it. You can get up to 19,200 experience per hour if dropping everything.

Safespot for the cake stall in East Ardougne.

Level 25 – 45: Fruit stalls

The fastest experience from level 25 to 45 is stealing from fruit stalls in Hosidius. It needs 15% favour in Hosidius and gives 28.5 experience per fruit. To do this in the easternmost house near the beach is the best place. There are 2 stalls close to each other and there are no guard dogs which are patrolling nearby. You must steal from both stalls fast and then drop the fruit when you are running between them, eat the strange fruits that you get or you are able to use stamina potions to recharge run energy. You can also use another way namely stealing only from one stall which is easier and does not need running. You can get up to 42,750 experiences per hour. You can get it if you steal from both stalls or 34,200 experience per hour if you steal only from one.

It is not recommended for you to bank the fruit because it can lower experience rates. If you want to bank the fruits, you should use the stall in the market instead and use the bank just west of it. Then, bring 15 to 20 baskets and fill them to fit more fruits per trip. But, there are three guard dogs which defend the stall and they may interrupt you.

Levels 45 – 49, 65 – 91/ 99: Blackjacking

The fastest experience from level 45 to 49 and from level 65 to 91 is Blackjacking bandits in Pollnivneach. There are three different types of bandits that you can blackjack, but the method is the same for them. You have to knock out the bandit and pickpocket them twice when they are unconscious. They will hit you for 4 Hitpoints and become aggressive if you are caught when you are trying to knock them.

The Feud quest must have been completed by you and you must have a blackjack of any kind for blackjacking. It is recommended for you to get full rogue equipment at level 50 for double loot per pickpocket. You will make around 2,500,000 gp without rogue equipment. However, if you get full rogue equipment, around 5,000,000 gp will be made by you, leveling from level 50 to 91.

You also need food to heal yourself. It is because the bandits often do damage. So, you can bring Saradomin brews or high healing inventory blocking food in banknotes. You can unnote them at the Banknote Exchange Merchant when needed. If you steal artefacts, it offers faster experience from level 49 to 65 and the Pyramid Plunder minigame past level 91.

From level 45 to 55, blackjack level 41 Bearded Pollnivnian bandits. You may gain around 60,000 to 90,000 experience per hour depending on your Thieving level and performance. It is better for you to switch to stealing artefact at level 49 for higher experience rates.

From level 55 to 65, blackjack level 56 Pollnivnian bandits. You can get around 80,000 to 110,000 experience per hour depending on your Thieving level and performance. Steal artefacts for higher experience rates.

From level 65 to 91, blackjack Menaphite Thugs which is located in the southern part of Pollnivneach. At level 65 Thieving, you can gain around 180,000 experience per hour with accurate clicks. At level 75, you are able to get around 230,000 to 240,000 experience per hour. At level 90, you can get around 250,000 to 260,000 experience per hour. At level 99, you can get up to 260,000 to 270,000 experience per hour.

That’s the guide of Thieving in OSRS, for a complete guide, you are able to access the Old School RuneScape wiki.

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