How Long Does It Take for Turnips to Spoil in Animal Crossing (ACNH)?

When you are playing the Stalk Market to sell the turnips, you should know how long your turnips will last. Just like other plants in Animal Crossing, turnips also have a limited time to stay good and fresh. After exceeding the time limit, your turnips will automatically go bad and rot.

It’s highly recommended for you to know the time limit of your turnips to stay fresh and good. No worries! If you have not known yet how long your turnips will last, this post will show you clear information about the time limit of your turnips below!

How Long Does It Take for Turnips to Spoil in Animal Crossing (ACNH)

How Fast Do Your Turnips Go Bad in Animal Crossing?

In Animal Crossing, your turnips will go bad in a week or 7 days after purchasing from Daisy Mae. After a week, you will not find your turnips fresh and good anymore, all the turnips you have will go bad and rot. When you see your turnips’ appearance and color change, it indicates that your turnips spoil, so you cannot sell them at all.

If you change the time through the system settings, your turnips will commonly go bad after 2 week. Otherwise, if you leave your turnips on your friend’s island and then change the time, your turnips will not go bad.

After you purchase the turnips from Daisy Mae, you surely need to keep them from rotting. To avoid it, you can sell your turnips to Timmy and Tommy at Nook’s Cranny before the following Sunday, as they will not buy your turnips on Sunday when Stalk Market is closed.

Additionally, not letting your turnips more than a week (7 days) after purchasing them from Daisy Mae is the only one way to keep them from rotting. In other words, if you do not sell your turnips from the week after Daisy Mae came, your turnips will go bad, so you cannot sell them at all.

How to Prevent Your Turnip from Rotting?

When you play Stalk Market in the case of selling your turnips to Timmy and Tommy with the best price, you definitely should keep your turnips stay good and fresh until you sell them at a good time.

In fact, there are two different turnip sell prices each day throughout the week Monday to Saturday at Nook’s Cranny. The sale price of your turnips will be different between opening and 12 P.M. and between 12 P.M and closing. Sure, you will need to store your turnips safely before you can sell them at the specific time to get the best price.

To prevent your turnips going bad, you may need to do some extra ways to store them safely. There are a bunch of ways you can do to keep your turnips from rotting either indoor method or outdoor method.

For the indoor method, you may need to toss your turnips on the floor. Keep in mind, you cannot store your turnips in your home storage, just like fruits. To do this, you may need to select one of your house rooms to place your turnips for at least a week.

This method has been trusted by a lot of Animal Crossing players where your turnips will get good at room temperature. To make it more interesting, you can choose one room or more to place them safely. You can then design your room with gorgeous turnip-themed. As we know, when your turnips are lying on the floor, it’s not aesthetic, as they will get ugly with color changes over time.

For the outdoor method, there are some ways that you can do, including burying your turnips in the ground or creating storage pens on your island. When you take an outdoor method, you may need to give a certain space around your island as a place to store turnips.

First, you can bury your turnips in the ground to keep them from rooting. However, you shouldn’t leave them more than a week if you do not want your turnips getting bad. To bury your turnips, you need to choose a certain spot where you will remember it a lot. When you forget where you bury your turnips, you will find your turnips rotting.

In the case of finding your turnips rot, you do not hope to sell them at Nook’s Cranny anymore. Make sure to always remember at which spot you bury your turnips. If your turnips go bad, you will get nothing, after spending a lot of bells to purchase them from Daisy Mae.

Another alternative, you can also create storage pens on your island. If you take this way, you will be able to keep your turnips from rotting. To create the storage pens, you may need the fences that you can get either by purchasing it from The Nook Stop in Resident Services or creating them instead.

After having the fences, you should locate a clear spot around your island. If you don’t find a clear spot outside, you can clear any grass and trees with an axe or shovel to get a clear spot. You can then arrange your turnips – for the best idea you can use a grid layout. After arranging your turnips, you can enclose them with fencing.

A Great Alternative to Sell Your Turnips for Best Price

To sell your turnips with the best price, all you have to do is to know the best timing to sell first. As we’ve mentioned, there are two different turnip sell prices that you can take.

If you already have a large amount of turnips and you want to sell them with the best price, without rotting, you can bring your turnips to your friend’s island. Then, leave your turnips there and you can go back to your island.

On your island, you can change the time through Nintendo Switch System Settings and look for the best timing to sell. Once you have found the best timing to sell, you can go back to your friend’s island to bring your turnips back to your island. Then, you can sell your turnips on your island for the best price. That’s such an amazing way, isn’t it?

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