ACNH Brewster Rewards

Do you want to unlock Brewster Rewards in Animal Crossing New Horizons? But, what rewards will we get? You may be curious about it. So, let’s find out here about Brewster Rewards.

Unlocking The Roost in Animal Crossing New Horizons

If you want to unlock the Brewster Rewards in Animal Crossing New Horizons, you need to unlock Brewster and his The Roost cafe first. After you have unlocked Brewster and the Roost cafe, the pigeon will give you rewards depending on the number of cups of coffee that you have bought from him.

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According to Game 8, here are the steps to unlock The Roost Cafe.

    • The first thing that you have to do is to talk to Blathers at the Museum. You will be told by him about Brewster who is an experienced cafe manager and a fan of gyroids. After that, you will be asked by him to search for Brewster and let you know that Kapp’n may be able to help you. To help you on your search, Blathers will also give you Brewster’s photo. If you find that Blathers does not talk about Brewster when you go to the Museum, you need to meet these conditions.
      • You need to have K.K. visit your island.
      • You need to unlock the Museum’s second floor.
      • You must donate one of each type of critter such as Bugs, Fish, Deep Sea Creatures and one of each Fossils and Art.
      • You have to be the Resident Representative.
    • In this step, you need to take a mysterious island boat tour. You need to go to your island’s pier and then talk to Kapp’n who is in charge of the boat tours. You are only able to take a tour once a day and the price is 1,000 Nook Miles.
    • Now, you need to find and talk to Brewster. You need to search for Brewster after you arrive on the island. You must talk to him to convince him to set up his cafe at the Museum and get a Gyroid Fragment. It is important for you to note that Brewster will only appear if you heard about him from Blathers first and got his photo.
    • You must give Blathers the Good News. You need to go back to your island and give Blathers the good news. You will see that he is excited and happy to hear that Brewster is ready to set up The Roost in the museum.
    • And now, you have to visit the Roost. On the day when Brewster arrives, there will be Isabelle who will make an announcement about his arrival and a new addition to the museum.

Brewster Rewards and How to Get Them

There are seven Brewster rewards that you are able to get. Here they are and how to get them.

    • Roost Sable Cookie
      The Roost Sable Cookie is an exclusive Sweet food item. You can get this DIY cooking recipe by purchasing 5 cups of coffee. This cookie can be cooked with 1 flour and 2 sugar. After you have cooked the recipe, then you can show the Roost Sable Cookie in your home or you are able to eat it so that your stamina is filled by 5 points.
    • Coffee Beans
      You can get this reward after you buy 10 cups of coffee. For your information, the Coffee Beans are an exclusive furniture item. It has five variations including Original Blend, Kilimanjaro, Mocha, Blue Mountain and Decaf. This Coffee Beans is a decoration so that you are not able to cook it. You can put it as a decoration in your kitchen. You are able to customize the blend and you can do that if you have Reese and Cyrus at Harv’s Island Plaza. The coffee type can be changed by Cyrus for 1,000 Bells. You are able to choose from Blue (Blue Mountain), Black (Decaf), Red (Mocha), Green (Kilimanjaro), and Original Blend which is a light grey. You are able to re-order the Coffee Beans from the Nook Shopping app and the price is 1,000 Bells.
    • Cup with Saucer
      You are able to get Cup with Saucer after you buy 15 cups of coffee. The Cup with Saucer is an exclusive furniture item which has an icon of Brewster on the side. Since it is a furniture item, so you are able to put it anywhere you want and you can re-order it via the Nook Shopping app for 1,200 Bells.
    • Coffee Plant
      Coffee Plant can be obtained by buying 20 cups of coffee. Coffee Plant is also an exclusive furniture item. Coffee Plant is a tall plant which has big leaves. This plant is planted in a square pot. You are able to re-order the Coffee Plant via the Nook Shopping app for 1,600 Bells.
    • Siphon
      You can get Siphon after you buy 30 cups of coffee. This item is an exclusive furniture item. In the real world, it is used to brew coffee beans. In the game, this is a furniture item and if you click on it after it is placed, there will be a small flame which appears under the glass bulb and boils water for the coffee. You are able to re-order this item for 2,400 Bells in the Nook Shopping app.
    • Pro Coffee Grinder
      You are able to get a Pro Coffee Grinder after you buy 40 cups of coffee. This item is an exclusive furniture item which is like an advanced machine. You are able to re-purchase the Pro Coffee Grinder from the Nook Shopping app for 3,200 Bells.
    • Brewstoid
      You are able to get Brewstoid after you buy 50 cups of coffee. This item is an exclusive furniture item which is like the man himself in Gyroid form. This is the most special prize only for his best customers. This item works like any other Gyroid. After you put it down, it makes noises. You are not able to customize the color. Also, you are not able to buy another like the previous rewards. So, you have to make sure that you can keep it.

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