Here’s Everything You Need to Get iPhone Discount Using Apple’s Trade-in Program

Selling last year’s iPhone is a great way to save money on your new iPhone. Here’s everything you need to know to trade for Apple or elsewhere, as well as some important steps to take ahead of time to get your iPhone ready.

Apple is pushing the iPhone swap program more than ever. If you go to the Apple Store online to buy a new iPhone, as soon as you click the Buy button, you will see the message “Do you have an iPhone to trade?”

Also, the sales page doesn’t start with the actual price of the phone, but with the amount you can pay if you’re trading.

Then, if you’re actually looking at an older iPhone, you’ll see a one-button option that says it’s the device you want to exchange. If you’re using a different device that you own, Apple knows what you have and asks about your specific old iPhone. If you’re just browsing the website, Apple will prompt you to find and enter your phone’s serial number.

Apple could not make the exchange process easier, more convenient, or attractive.

You can make more money selling your phone to someone other than Apple, but this is a tempting offer because it is so good and too fast.

Discount in store

IMPORTANT! If you choose to use your phone and don’t have an Apple card, the Apple Affiliate Program will accept and test your old phone before you pay full price and receive a discount. When paying with an Apple card, Apple automatically calculates the exchange amount and displays your monthly bill.

Whether you’re doing everything online or going to the actual Apple Store, all exchanges are done through messages.

Apple publishes the box so you can send it to your old iPhone. When Apple, or rather a partner company, answers the call, it checks the phone and determines the cost of the exchange.

If you are out of luck and your iPhone was not stolen prior to delivery or damaged, you should receive the full price quoted by Apple.

This amount will be refunded to the payment method you used to buy your new iPhone, so you can get quite a few discounts.

All this takes 2-3 weeks, and in the meantime the entire purchase price of the iPhone ends.

Don’t spending your money to much

To show that if you can pay the full cost of a new iPhone and have an Apple card, it’s always easier to make money when you have one and you get 3% cashback when you buy it. And this amount will not be deducted or changed later. Also, if you participated in the trade-in program, you do not need to continue.

Apple’s trade offer is valid for 14 days and will be canceled if you do not resend your phone within that period.

If you decide to trade and use it as a mental excuse for the amount you are spending, you may have to send it. However, you can get more money from other services like eBay.

You can also keep your phone number. Last year’s iPhone is perfect for making a really great fallback or giving other family members the option to manually upgrade. So, if you want to use your new camera to shoot better videos, you have a good reason to shoot from different angles on older phones.

But if you don’t change your mind, there are a few steps you need to follow before sending your old iPhone back. This is all common sense and this is what you do before giving your device to someone else, but in this case, you may not receive the exchange value unless you restart your phone.

Set up your new iPhone

You’ll have to wait for the box before shipping your iPhone to an Apple partner, so you’ll have your old and new phone together for a while.

  • Use your old phone first to quickly set up a new one. Go to Settings, tap your name, then tap iCloud to back up your old iPhone.
  • Scroll down to the iCloud Backup section and click on it. Finally, select Backup Now and wait.
  • Then, if you have an Apple Watch, disconnect it from your old iPhone.
  • Now set up your new iPhone and pair your watch. Bring the two iPhones closer to each other and follow the onscreen instructions.

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It can take a long time to display all your data and apps on a new phone, but after you’re done, leave your old phone for a day or three.

All of your data is now on your new iPhone, and most apps still work, but some apps require more control. For example, banking apps are a chore that you need to set up from scratch because you need to verify your identity again.

However, some of these apps can prove who you are much faster if you first sign in on your old iPhone. If you’ve deleted your phone, you won’t be able to do this.

So, in the process of setting up everything on your new iPhone, leave the old device in place and charge it for a few days.

Wipe your iPhone

There are two main things to do when shipping an old iPhone. You want and should remove all personal data from settings in applications and documents. However, you should also remove it from your Apple ID.

If you don’t, Apple Activation Lock means no one can use your old iPhone without knowing the old password. This is a security feature that significantly reduces the number of iPhone thefts, but I don’t want to be caught.

  • Backup your old iPhone
  • Go to Settings, tap on your name
  • Tap Sign Out
  • Tap Sign Out of iCloud and Store
  • Enter your password to confirm and Tap Turn Off

This will remove your device from Apple ID and you will receive an automatic email from Apple stating that it has been removed from Find My. Good. This is what we want.

  • Next, wipe the whole phone.
  • Go to Settings, General, scroll down to Reset and tap that.
  • Choose Erase All Content and Settings.

Your iPhone will ask you for confirmation, this is no less important than twice, and you will also be prompted for a password. Then the phone will erase.

Sending it back

Make sure you turn off your old iPhone and then put it in the Apple-shipped box. Then return it to your local post office within 14 days.

You will receive a notification that the exchange will be completed within approximately 2-3 weeks and the discount will be refunded to the payment method you used for your new iPhone.

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