Halo Infinite Weekly Challenge Reward

Halo Infinite has Weekly Challenges to complete by the players. Those Weekly Challenges give you XP and the Ultimate Weekly reward. Well, in this page, we are going to talk about Halo Infinite Weekly Challenge reward, and other information related to Halo Infinite Weekly Challenge.


Completing weekly challenges in Halo Infinite is one of your goals. Each week, you are given several challenges to complete. Each challenge give you XP to help level the Battle Pass. If you complete all the challenges within a week, then you are going to get a bonus Ultimate Reward. But, accessing and completing Halo Infinite weekly challenges are not as easy as it might seem. This page will reveal that information, including how to complete Halo Infinite weekly challenges to get reward.

Halo Infinite Weekly Challenge Ultimate Reward

Halo Infinite Weekly Challenge Reward

Need to know that the Ultimate reward for the first week of Halo Infinite is the Sigil visor. There is a new Ultimate reward each week, separate from the Battle Pass progression rewards. To obtain your Ultimate reward, you have to complete all of the Halo Infinite Weekly Challenges by cycling all of the Upcoming through your three (or four) Active Challenges. Then, you have to complete that week’s Ultimate Challenge.

You are going to have a limited time, obviously one week for completing everything. You will be able to see how much time is left for these Halo Infinite Weekly Challenges on the right side of the Challenges screen by the reward.

Current Ultimate Rewards

    • Name: Sigil
    • Type: Visor
    • Armor Set: Mark V
    • Rarity: Rare (Blue)
    • Expires: Tuesday, November 23rd

How To Complete Halo Infinite Weekly Challenges And Earn The Ultimate Reward?

Each week, you are assigned a random selection of Halo Infinite weekly challenges to complete. To see which weekly challenges are available in Halo Infinite, you are able to access the Battle Pass screen (on a controller, just press the Y button on the multiplayer menu) to see the seasonal progress screen with the challenge list on the right side.

Here is where things get a bit confusing. On this screen is a list of Active challenges; One daily challenge, and three or four weekly challenges. for those who have the Premium Battle Pass, you are going to have the full four active challenges available. Only these on the screen that can be completed for right now. To view the other upcoming challenges in Halo Infinite, please see the Challenges screen, then simply press the Y button again.

By completing Active challenges, you are going to rotate in Upcoming challenges, until the list is complete. After you have completed the entire roster of Halo Infinite Weekly Challenges, then you are going to get the Ultimate Reward which can be seen on the right side of the Challenges screen. It means that you are only able to progress three or four weekly challenges at a time, rotating in the new challenges as you complete them, until you finish the entire list. Aside from XP from daily challenges, it is also the only method to progress via the Battle Pass.

It is an unclear, slow and frustrating system. Also, the playlists at launch display multiple mode types, meaning certain challenges need waiting for the right mode to show up. Fortunately, developer 343 is creating targeted tunings to Battle Pass progression during the opening weeks of the beta including deleting some weekly challenge types, adjusting their difficulty and other things to assist speed up your progress in general.

Why Weekly Challenges Are Not Tracking Or Completing In Halo Infinite?

How the Halo Infinite weekly challenge system works is that only a certain number are active at a given time. If you have the Premium Battle Pass, currently four are active. If you do not have the Premium Battle Pass, then only three are available.

So, why are weekly challenges not tracking or completing in Halo Infinite? If weekly challenges are not tracking or completing in Halo Infinite, then it is likely because the challenge you want to complete is not currently active.

Why Weekly Challenges Are Not Tracking Or Completing In Halo Infinite1

But, the community has noted certain challenges are not tracking even when active, which appears to be one of some kinds of bug players have got during the beta. Developer 343 is aware of this and also is solving bugs.

Why weekly challenges have reset in Halo Infinite?

During the period of the launch, if your weekly challenge progress in Halo Infinite has reset, intentionally it has been done to create a way for progression changes. To make up for this, all players are going to receive the launch week’s Ultimate Reward, the Sigil Mark VII Visor, to all those players who log in between November 23rd and November 30th.

How Challenge Swaps work in Halo Infinite?

If you are getting trouble with a particular challenge, then you are able to use Challenge Swaps. This is a consumable that you are able to obtain via the Battle Pass, or purchasing with in-game currency from the store, which lets you replace an active challenge completely, one that is not in your ‘upcoming’ challenge pool.

Also, challenge swaps are going to get the same difficulty and XP reward as you are replacing. At the period of the launch, between bugs preventing several challenges from being completed, and also the upcoming weekly challenge will reset to progression. We suggest you save your Challenge Swaps after the beta period to prevent them going to waste.

How many weekly challenges are there? When do weekly challenges reset?

Each week, there are a total of 20 weekly challenges available in Halo Infinite to complete. After finishing, you are going to obtain the week’s Ultimate Reward. To continue obtaining XP until the reset, you have to complete Halo Infinite daily challenges.

In Halo Infinite, the weekly reset time is Tuesday at the below times:

    • UK: 5pm (GMT)
    • Europe: 6pm (CEST)
    • East Coast US: 12pm (EST)
    • West Coast US: 9am (PST)

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