List of the Best Guns & Weapons in Halo Infinite

In order to slay the arena and to handle the opponents on the battlefield in the game by 343 Industries known as Halo Infinite, a lot of people are looking for the best guns and the best weapons in the game. So, what are the best guns and the best weapons in this game? Find out the list below!

S tier:

    • M41 SPNKR


As of now, the best gun in Halo Infinite is called M41 SPNKR. What makes it best is the absurd splash damage potential of it, which is more versatile compared to the thing that it probably should be. It is stated that everything about the damage output of this gun is absolutely absurd. Keep in mind to use it before it is nerfed.

    • Skewer


Using Skewer properly is really hard due to its slow reload time and the general awkwardness. However, it is fine because it is able to one shot most opponents at most ranges and it does not matter where you hit them. Every player is recommended to learn how to use this weapon as it has benefits. One of them is the ability to pull off miracle kills from any distance.

    • S7 Sniper Rifle

S7 Sniper Rifle1

Compared to the others, the pretty basic sniper rifle called S7 is not considered as the most interesting one in the game. However, it is named as one of the best weapons in the game. Just like any other snipers, S7 Sniper Rifle also has long been pretty good. The design of this weapon was inspired by the headshots. It is easy for this weapon to kill the body of someone.

    • BR75 Battle Rifle

BR75 Battle Rifle1

The Halo series is known as the top one when it comes to producing the burst rifles. Just like the others, the Battle Rifle in Halo Infinite is also good. It is one of the best guns that the game has. The accuracy and the consistent damage output of this weapon mean that it does not really burst for it to knock down the opponents. There is no need for you to face this thing as close to mid ranges except there is one that you have.

A tier:

    • Energy Sword

Energy Sword

As the breakout star of Halo 2, Energy Sword is also good in Halo Infinite. The good thing about it is that it has the ability to easily catch the ones that get lost due to its lock on function. This weapon is known as the best short range in the game. It will be not surprising if those who are expert in the layout of the map and are good at learning to choose their sports will end up getting a lot out of it.

    • Heatwave


The Heatwave is kind of strange. Basically, it is a sci-fi shotgun that has an alternate mode. With it, everyone is allowed to fire a tight, vertical series of projectiles that can melt those at the close ranges. It is such a versatile one. Its versatility is the thing that tops of the list. Besides, its pellets are known to be wild. On top of that, they are even able to go around corners and bounce off walls. Unfortunately, the ground is covered by them and it is a lot. For them, it doesn’t really matter where to go in close quarters.

    • Gravity Hammer

Gravity Hammer

One of the weirdest melee weapons in the game is called Gravity Hammer. Compared to the Energy Sword, it is less versatile and less intuitive. However, it is hard to ignore, especially when it is so good at destroying vehicles and opponents at very close ranges. It is unknown how far this one is able to rise above the niche status. Feel free to take your own risk.

    • Shock Rifle

Shock Rifle

It is a bit surprising for the Shock Rifle to rank high but no one can deny its power. It is named as one of the most annoying weapons in the whole game due to its ability to hit more than one target at long ranges with just a shot and disable vehicles.

    • VK78 Commando

VK78 Commando

For anyone who is into automatic assault rifles, you might want to learn more about VK78. It has been known that it is powerful even though it has a smaller magazine. However, its scope and the range that elevates it over some of its more amazing alternatives. While it is pretty decent, this weapon still has some weakness, including its close range abilities that are weaker. Actually, it is still fine as this weakness is able to be easily fixed.

B tier:

    • CQS48 Bulldog

CQS48 Bulldog

The classic Bulldog shotgun named CQS48 has lost its popularity but it is still good at very close range as it is able to fear an enemy. It is a shame that it is not that strong.

    • Hydra


Just like a few guns in Halo Infinite, the Hydra is a weird gun. It has a main fire option that shoots a series of smaller rockets in a straight line. While it is not as great on its own and not as good as the other rocket launchers, its alternate fire lock on ability is good.

    • Needler


The Needle is either useless or powerful and there is nothing in between. It is worth considering for those who need to track an opponent at closer ranges and make sure that they do not escape.

    • MA40 AR


MA40 AR is the best one when it comes to close range battles.

    • Cinder Shot

Cinder Shot

Cinder Shot is one of the best options to make groups of players panic. Besides, it can get easy kills in close encounter environments where there is nowhere to run.

Aside from S tier, A tier, and B tier, there are some other ones with some other guns and weapons. If you are wondering about the other guns and weapons that are included in the other tiers, here is the list for you:

C tier:

    • Pulse Carbine
    • Sentinel Beam
    • MK50 Sidekick Pistol
    • Ravager
    • Disruptor

D tier:

    • Stalker Rifle
    • Mangler
    • Plasma Pistol

There are just too many different guns in Halo Infinite and some issues arise due to the fact that they perform similar functions. Making this gun work is not easy unless you really love it.

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