How to Get Credits in Halo Infinite

Nowadays, in games, usually there is a currency that is able to be used by players to buy items in the games. With currency, usually players can buy skin, weapons, accessories and many other things. In Halo Infinite, the currency is called credits. Since credits is the currency in this game, so you need to know how to get it in the game.

The Way to Get Credits in Halo Infinite

If you want to get credits in Halo Infinite, you have to buy it. By only playing the game, it will not give you credits for free. Where can we get credits? It depends on the platform where you are playing this game. Generally, people play this game on the Xbox platform. It is because this game has been exclusive to Xbox in the past.

How to Get Credits in Halo Infinite

To buy credits, you can go to the shop section of Halo Infinite. The credits are available in five different tiers as you are able to see from the list below.

    • 500 credits cost $4.99.
    • 1,000 credits cost $9.99.
    • 2,000 credits and 200 bonus credits cost $19.99.
    • 5,000 credits and 600 bonus credits cost $49.00.
    • 10,000 credits and 1,500 bonus credits cost $99.99.

If you buy larger amounts of credits, it will give you bonus credits. However, of course it costs a significant amount. It is a good decision to buy the larger amounts of credit if you want to spend a lot of time on this game or you may want to buy a lot of bundles.

Getting Cheaper Credits in Halo Infinite

According to Fanbyte website, Xbox Game Pass gives a 10% discount on most purchases where it includes microtransactions and buying credits. Even though it does not save a ton of your money, but if you buy larger purchases, you are able to save five to 10 dollars from exchanging to the other launcher. Here is the discount price of Halo Infinite credits as explained on Fanbyte.

    • The base price for 500 credits is $4.99. After discount, it becomes $4.49.
    • The base price for 1000 credits is $9.99. After discount, it becomes $8.99.
    • The base price for 2000 credits is $19.99. After discount, it becomes $17.99.
    • The base price for 5000 credits is $49.99. After discount, it becomes $44.99.
    • The base price for 10000 credits is $99.99. After discount, it becomes $89.99.

How about players who play Halo Infinite on Steam? Do they also get the discount? As explained on the Fanbyte website, some players report that they see the discount on Steam, but some others do not see it and even they have never seen the cheaper credit price even though they have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Bugs in Halo Infinite Credits

As also explained on Fanbyte, as of November 17th, 2021, there are two known bugs related to credits in Halo Infinite. First, credits which are bought by players in the Microsoft Store when the game is running do not appear in the game. But, after the players restart the game, the credits appear. The second bug is that credits which are bought in the scheduled store rollover do not show, but after the players re-open the Buy Credits section of the Store, the credits show.

If you find that your credits are not showing, you are able to try to restart the game. Your credits should appear after you restart the game. However, if you find that the credits do not appear even after you restart the game, then you can send a bug ticket to the developer of Halo Infinite.

Is Credits and XP Different in Halo Infinite?

Credits are different from XP. As explained earlier, credits are currency in Halo Infinite which means that you are able to use credits to buy bundles or any other items in Halo Infinite games. Meanwhile, XP is something that you earn after you finish some of many challenges in Halo Infinite. XP can unlock Battle Pass ranks. However, 353 stated that not every tier of the free Battle Pass will include a free new item. On the Gfinity site, furthermore it is explained that the free pass will have a lot of rewards, but if you want new items at every rank, you will have to buy the paid Battle Pass with credits.

It is also important for you to know that Battle Pass of Halo Infinite will never expire. If you find something and you are not able to get it at the time, it will still be available later on.

Furthermore about XP, you can get the occasional XP booster which can be used by you to double how much XP that you get. However, it only applies to the free Battle pass. Nevertheless, it can help to get past the tiers with no rewards so that you are able to get items that you want.

What To Do If I Can’t Buy Credits in Halo Infinite

When you are trying to buy credits in Halo Infinite, you may find that you cannot do that and you do not know the reason for this. Then, you also may not know the way to fix it. Here, there are two ways that you are able to try to fix the problem where you cannot buy credits in Halo Infinite.

The first way to fix this issue is that you can enable Steam in-game overlay. To enable it, you have to go to your Steam settings and then you have to enable Steam in-game overlay. After that, you have to restart your PC and then launch the game. After you launch the game, then you can try to buy credits again. This way is revealed by u/SpinDrill on Reddit where it is also explained again on the Gamer Tweak website.

The second way to fix this issue is that you can uninstall the Steam version. You can uninstall the game from Steam and instead download from the Microsoft Store. This way is revealed by u/ai_Locker on Reddit and it is also explained again on Gamer Tweak.