Halo Infinite Multiplayer Player Count

The game named Halo Infinite was just released by 343 Industries and it is already breaking records even though it has not even been out for 24 hours and it is still in beta phase. According to Video Games Chronicle, this one has more than 270,000 concurrent players on the popular platform called Steam, making the game the first Xbox Studios game to reach the count in just a short period and sitting on the third place on the Steam charts just under Counter Strike Global Offensive and Dota 2, and the number keeps increasing at the time of the writing.

Below Halo Infinite, the only Xbox Studios that has come close was Halo: MCC. This one maxed out at 161,024 players. as for Forza Horizon 5, it had 81,0966 players, which is only a half of all time peak of Halo: MCC. If you are curious about the top 5, here is the full list for you:

    • Halo Infinite: 201,044 (and still growing)
    • Halo MCC: 161,024
    • Forza Horizon 5: 81,096
    • Age of Empires IV: 73,928
    • Sea of Thieves: 66,906

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Player Count

What makes it more impressive is the fact that it is such a surprise announcement that was announced during the 20th anniversary stream, even though there were some rumors circulating around before.

It is good seeing Halo Infinite multiplayer beta doing so well and having a good result. All the hard works done by Microsoft and 343 Industries have been paid off. These two are known to have invested a lot of time, effort, and money into making sure that this game plays well on PC. If the good thing keeps going, it will not be surprising if it will end up becoming one of the best PC games available. It is still unknown whether or not the multiplayer of this game will be able to maintain its player count after its original launch window. However, since the feedbacks are good, the chance to do it is high.

Apart from the player count, the success of the Halo Infinite multiplayer can also be seen by seeing the review rating. The game is reportedly to have a mostly positive review rating based on almost 8 thousand reviews.

The first season of Halo Infinite, which is known as Heroes of Reach, has apparently been extended past the three month run time to May the next year. The statement means there will be more content that will be released in the future. As of now, the developer is on its way preparing for the season 2.

On November 23, 2021, the Fracture: Tenrai event will be released. With it, the player like you will be able to unlock Spartan cosmetics that have Samurai theme. Not only these, there will also some other rewards. The next month on 8, the full version of Halo Infinite will be dropped. The Head of creative of 343 named Joseph Staten said that the team decided to extend season 1 to give themselves more time to make sure that the season 2 meets the high quality bar and so they can finish development for season 2 in a healthy and sustainable way for the team.

While waiting for the full version of Halo Infinite to be released, it is better for you to know more about this game in general so that you will be able to slay it the next time you play the full version.


    • Release date: December 8, 2021 (it was supposed to be released on November 10, 2020)
    • Genre: First person shooter, science fiction, drama, open world
    • Platform(s): Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Windows
    • Website: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-infinite
    • Engine: Slipspace Engine
    • Splitscreen support: 4 players
    • LAN support: Supported
    • Publisher(s): Microsoft Studios
    • Developer(s): 343 Industries

Halo Infinite is the name of the game that makes it possible for the players to freely explore parts of the setting, the rinngworldZeta Halo, that are segmented off from one too another and originally cannot be passed. Within the surface of the ring, there are also more linear environments. The players will be able to find Forward Operating Bases with ease as they are everywhere. They all can be cleared of enemies and captured. The function of the captured bases is to fast travel points and earn the player Valor, the one that is used to call in new weapons and vehicles.

Halo Infinite features a lot of things, including:

    • Characters: John-117, The Weapon, Echo-216 Pilot, Cortana, Escharum, Jega ‘Rdomnai, Harbinger of the Truth
    • Species: Human, Jiralhanae, Unggoy, Sangheili, Kig-Yar
    • Factions and organizations: Banished, Unified Earth Government
    • Location: Installation 07
    • Weapons: Assault rifle, battle rifle, hydra, sniper rifle, M41 SPNKR, VK78 Commando, skewer, scrap cannon, shock riffle, stalker rifle, disruptor, MK50 Sidekick, CQS48 Bulldog, Pulse Carbine, Sentinel Beam, Heatwave, Cindershot, Ravager, Mangler, Plasma Pistol, Needler, Energy Sword
    • Vehicles: M12B Force Application Vehicle, M290 Mongoose, M808 Main Battle Tank, D77-TC Pelican, Shade Turret, Wasp, Banshee, Ghost, Wraith
    • Equipment: Grapple Shot, Drop Wall, Threat Sensor
    • Armor: Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor
    • Technology: Halo Array, Sentinel

In the Halo Infinite multiplayer, there are a total of 9 maps for core game modes and another one for Big Team Battles, making a total of 10 multiplayer maps. Here is the list of all maps:

    • Aquarius
    • Bazaar
    • Behemoth
    • Deadlock
    • Fragmentation
    • Highpower
    • Launch Site
    • Live Fire
    • Recharge
    • Streets

There is also matchmaking, which includes:

    • Bot Bootcamp
    • Quick Play
    • Big Team Battle
    • Ranked Arena

The players can choose a game type in Halo Infinite multiplayer, as follows:

    • Slayer: Your tasks include killing your enemies, killing the enemies of your friends, and killing your friends.
    • Oddball: Your tasks include holding the skull to collect points. For those who have no idea about the skull, is like a hamlet but with guns.
    • Capture the Flag: Your tasks include invading the stronghold of your opponent, seizing their flag, and returning it to your base to score.
    • Strongholds: Your tasks include capturing and defending the three territories on the map.

In addition, there are also some user contents, including:

    • Forge (coming soon)
    • Theater
    • Films
    • Clips