Halo Infinite Repulsor Jump, Kill, Flatten

In Halo Infinite, there are a number of equipment that the players can use in the game for many purposes. The equipment can be obtained throughout the map. In the game, you can only equip at a time, however you can swap one out for another if you want.

Since the Halo Infinite equipment has some purposes, you may need to use a certain equipment depending on what you want to do in the game. The aim of the game is to kill the enemies, so you may need a certain equipment that can allow you to defeat your enemies easily.  Then, what is the equipment used to kill enemies?

Halo Infinite Repulsor Jump, Kill, Flatten

What Is a Repulsor?

Repulsor is a new piece of equipment that has the ability to kill enemies by firing a blast of energy. In the case of blasing of energy, there are several purposes of Repulsor including blasting the group to jump to greater heights, blasting the opponents away and even reflecting certain projectiles back at your enemy.

Repulsor is compatible with the MJONIR (Gen3) armor that will emit an anti-gravity force in front of its user. Then, when this equipment is deployed, it will launch some objects and deflect projectiles.

Repulsor is known as a usable and beneficial equipment in Halo Infinite. You definitely can deploy this equipment during combat. The Repulsor will be able to launch the objects and deflect projectiles in the short duration of its deployment.

The objects launched by Repulsor can be rockets, vehicles, grenades, overcharged bursts from a plasma pistol and even other players.

What Are Benefits of Repulsor in Halo Infinite?

As we’ve mentioned, Repulsor has some purposes that actually give benefits to you in defeating the enemies in the game. Even though Repulsor is a very simple equipment by only clicking on a button,  it can really shoot the objects away from the players. It means that you can shoot enemies away from you.

It is said that Repulsor is an effective equipment for players which can be used wisely and has the ability to knock around the players and objects. Repulsor is also  similar to Lucio’s weapon in the game of Overwatch where it allows the hero to blast enemies off of ledges.

Recently, a lot of players tell their successful tips to kill the enemies with Repulsor. Some content creators of Halo Infinite also show off the ability of Repulsor for impressive kills on YouTube. On the clips, they are seen to easily knock the enemies off the map all the way to put off trickshots by smacking opponents with repulsed vehicles.

Overall, Repulsor is such a new amazing in-game equipment option that you can use to add exciting new options for high-level play. Not only used to knock the objects off of ledges or zoom around the map, Repulsor can also give the players the chance to turn the tides on other players as they are at a disadvantage.

How to Repulsor Jump

How to Repulsor Jump?

A YouTube channel called ‘RnoodleMan’ shares how to use Repulsor to jump. In his video, he gives the tips to Repulsor jump by pushing them back. After that, you can try to jump and do it pushing them back in.

RnoodleMan channel also says that it’s pretty easy to Repulsor jump. You may also need to look down and jump. Well, Repulsor will take you pretty high. In the middle of jumping, you also have to make rotations out of it. To find enemies, you should also get across the map and try to Repulsor jump and start killing the enemies.

Need more tutorials? If our explanation is not clear, you may be able to watch some YouTube videos that show the tutorial of using the Repulsor. Here’s a list of YouTube video links that you can click to watch the usage of Repulsor!

    • A video entitled ‘Halo Infinite: How to Repulsor Jump’ uploaded by RNoodleMan, you can watch the tutorial here.
    • A video entitled ‘Repulsor Jumping in Halo Infinite’ uploaded by Happy Gecko, you can watch the tutorial here.
    • A video entitled ‘Halo Infinite Repulsor – How to Bungie Jump’ uploaded by SuiHowell, you can watch the tutorial here.
    • A video entitled ‘Halo Infinite Repulsor + Man Cannon = Super Jump’ uploaded by SuiHowell, you can watch the tutorial here.

How to Kill Enemies with Repulsor?

To use Repulsor, you may need to trigger it first. By doing this, your sparan will hold out their arm for a brief moment to deflect incoming rockets and grenades. However, this way aims to bat enemies’ grenades back at them, hopefully their own grenades will kill them too.

Need to know, Repulsor actually has some additional effect to push back an enemy spartan. In the case if you are close enough, some players may be using it to beat people off ledges or into grenades that they have thrown elsewhere.

When you attempt to kill the enemies, you may need fast reflexes with good time to make it work. As you may expect that there are a lot of players with both and then some. If you need the clear tutorial of killing enemies with Repulsor, you may need to watch some short videos shown at Eurogamer.net site.

In a clip that you can find on that site, you will see the enemies try to beat them off the map. However, they are using the grappling hook to pull themselves towards their enemies. In another clip, Redditor LambDawg also shows some gorgeous Repulsor skill to bounce a plasma grenade off a wall before sending it across the map to kill your enemies.

In another video, Redditor Blazetobe also shows that he turned the enemies into a suicide grunt by sticking themselves with a plasma grenade. He did his trick before he used the grappling hook to speed towards a group of opponents for a double kill.

Additionally, some clips show that many players have also worked out that Repulsor is used to send the enemies shooting into the air.