Halo Infinite First Skull Locations

You may be playing Halo Infinite right now and it is hard for you to find the first skull. So, you need the information where you are able to find the first skull in this game. Here, I will inform you about the locations of the skull in Halo Infinite.

Location of First Skull in Halo Infinite

The first skull is the Boom skull and it can be found in the campaign’s first mission inside Warship Gbraakon.

According to the Fanbyte site, to get there, you have to progress through the level until you reach the room. The room should be a little bit after you get your first frag grenades. After you enter the two-story room, then you have to dispatch all the Grunts, Brutes and Jackals roaming the floors. You must go to the second floor where there will be three rows of boxes being raised up into a shield that instantly kills you if it is touched by you.

progress through the level until you reach the room

Here, you have to ride the middle box that keeps rotating up so that you are able to reach the unmoving box on the right. It means that you need to quickly hop onto the moving box and then ride it like an elevator. After that, you have to hop off after it is even with the static box. On the box, there will be the first flaming blue skull.

Halo Infinite First Skull Locations

You have to get it up so that it can give you an indicator that informs you of what Skulls are and how to use them. Are you having trouble finding this skull? If so, you must press down on the D-Pad where it will propel your scan while encountering the wall of moving boxes. Then, it will be seen slightly above your line of sight and the look of it will be like a bigger grenade.

It is important for you to note that in this mission, ths skull is all about explosions. If you turn it on, it will double the size of all explosions including yours and the explosions from enemies. If you want to activate this skull, you must  return to the main menu and then you must choose Load Game. Then, you have to pick which save slot you want to use. Then, you have to choose it and pick the Skulls tab. It will open a menu of all the skulls that you have unlocked.

The Locations of Other Skulls in Halo Infinite Campaign

Actually, there are 12 skulls in the Halo Infinite campaign. Besides the Boom skull that you can find in Warship Gbraakon as explained above, here are the other 11 skulls that you can find in Halo Infinite according to Dot Esports site.

    • The Cowbell Skull
      It can be found on the second level, Foundation. If you have got into the massive room with high ceilings, then you are able to use your scanner to find the skull above you. A grappling hook will be needed by you to get up there and get it. This skull can increase the acceleration of items that are caught in explosions and it causes these items to be delivered flying away from the source of the explosion.
    • The Catch Skull
      This is the first skull that you can get when the open world portion of the game opens up. You can find a valley between the canyons guarded by enemies in the north portion of the Zeta map, northwest of Outpost Tremonius. After you cleared the enemies out, the skull can be found in a tree stump with Marine helmets. This skull can cause enemies to throw and drop more grenades.
    • The Fog Skull
      It can be found on the western edge of Zeta, west of FOB Alpha. A vehicle may be needed by you to be able to reach a small cave in the southern part of the metal hexagons. You can find the skull among a collection of helmets. The skull can disable the motion tracker.
    • The ‘I Would Have Been Your Daddy’ Skull
      This skull can be found on the top of The Tower, one of the main landmarks on Zeta. It is easier for you to access it if you use a flying vehicle. You are able to get the skull from on top of a chest which is surrounded by stacks of containers. This skull can cause ‘rare’ combat dialogues to be more common.
    • The Blind Skull
      The Blind Skull can be found at the bottom of a narrow ravine which is located to the south of The Tower from the previous skull. To get there, you have to find a small rocky landmass which connects the two sections towards the bottom of the gap and then you can fly under it until you find a small platform that is only three hexagons wide. You can find a little corner where the skull is tucked into. This skull can cause your HUD and your weapon not to appear.
    • The Thunderstorm Skull
      You can find this skull near some Banished anti-aircraft guns on a lone tall hexagonal column. It may be hard to find, so it is better if you use your scanner. For your information, this skull can increase the rank of most enemies. It means that a higher quality of enemies will appear in front of you.
    • The Black Eye Skull
      This skull is hidden behind a tall waterfall and it is a little bit above the southern edge of Zeta. You are able to find a small hole about halfway up which is able to be accessed with a flying vehicle. Then, you have to crouch through the hole to get to the cave where the skull is located. This skull can cause your shields to only recharge by punching enemies.
    • The Famine Skull
      This skull can be found on the absolute eastern edge of the Zeta map, on a lone rock column between two massive structures. On the eastern side of the column, you are able to see the skull in the hand of a dead Elite. This skull can cause weapons dropped by enemies to only have half the ammo they normally would.
    • The Mythic Skull
      It can be found in the Command Spire level. When you get to the hallway which is large, there will be the Forerunner columns which pass through light and turn for the second time.  The thing that you need to do is to go onto one of the columns and then up into the opening in the ceiling. There will be a doorway with a hallway to follow where it leads to the Mythic skull in a room on its own. This skull can give enemies more health.
    • The Grunt Birthday Skull
      You can find it in the Repository mission. When you are in the big room, you will see that there is the central terminal. It needs to be activated and you must grapple to one of the doors where the bridge did not extend. Then, go through the door to get a Power Seed and take it to the door on the opposite side of the big terminal room. You must insert the Power Seed in the device on the right side of the room. Then, you must continue the mission. Then, you will be in a room with gold plating on the wall where there is an opening close to the ceiling. You must grapple up there, fight some cloaked Elites and get the skull.
    • The Bandana Skull
      It can be found in the Silent Auditorium mission. When you are in a large room where there are the Sentinels, don’t kill them. You must go on and when a pair of light bridges are reached, you must cross both of them and go through a door. The door should open if you did not kill any sentinels. You can find the skull up on a central ledge.

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