IW8 Ship Call of Duty

When you come to this page, you may want to find out some information about IW8 Ship Call of Duty. Recently, there are many COD players of COD who talk about the IW8 Ship. So, to break your curiosity, let us read the following text.

About IW8 Ship Call of Duty

After you update Call of Duty Warzone, you may get problems where it cannot work, even you have to re-download the data packs. This is because of the IW8 Ship. Simply, IW8 Ship is a bug. By restarting the app, it should be able to fix the issue. In other cases, we also get information that the IW8 Ship is a secret clue to a magical cutscene. For making sure this information, you need to search for that information on a forum or community.

Talking about IW8 Ship, which is called as a bug, now, you may also want to know the causes for Call of Duty Warzone update issues. Do not worry, in the text below, we are going to share some causes for Call of Duty Warzone update issues, and also the solutions for Call of Duty Warzone update issues.

IW8 Ship Call of Duty

Causes for Call of Duty Warzone Update Issues

Apparently, there are some causes for Call of Duty Warzone that cannot update at all.

Here are some of common reasons:

    • Random console bug
      Sometimes game consoles may encounter minor errors which affect some of its on-going tasks like when it is updating its database. Usually, these bugs are triggered for no apparent reason to the user. In most cases, such issues are easily solved by simply restarting the console. A reboot is frequently an effective method to fix temporary bugs or update errors.
    • Server issues
      The common cause for Call of Duty Warzone cannot update at all is when a game server has over capacity problems. This frequently occur for famous games like the Call of Duty series. If Warzone will not update, the first thing that you have to do is to check if there is a current known outage or problem. In some cases, the issues during launches of updates happen randomly depending on some factors. The developers may not have readily available solutions for such issues, thus it may take several times for the issues to be fixed.
    • Corrupted game cache or files
      Although update releases proceed as planned, several players may still get update issues as there is a problem with their console or with the game files. The game update issues will be able to occur if a console’s cache or game database is corrupted.
    • Software issue
      Several cases of update issues occur because of a deeper reason, like when a console’s software is damaged. In this condition, a user may be asked to perform drastic solutions like a factory reset to solve the issue.

Solutions for Call of Duty Warzone Update Issues

Before you update Call of Duty Warzone, make sure that your PlayStation or Xbox console has enough storage space available. It is no longer surprising for us to know that a simple update for the game takes some GBs. This is true for the Call of Duty Modern Warfare, so the Call of Duty Warzone is no different. If you are running out of hard drive space, you are able to try removing old games or applications you do not use.

Solution 1: Quit the game.

If Warzone does not update or keeps showing an update error code, you are able to try restarting the game to solve it. If the game does not respond, we highly recommend you to force your console to close the app by ejecting the disc.

Solution 2: Restart the console.

For some users, rebooting the system is good enough to solve an update error. We discovered this to be effective in cases where a console enters an update loop, or when it appears to do an update, ask a user to restart, but then needs an update again. You have to restart your PlayStation or Xbox console if the problem is not solved by closing the game. If you have an unresponsive PlayStation 4, you are able to turn it off manually by pressing the Power button. If that cannot work, you are able to try unplugging the power cable from the back for several seconds. Also, you will be able to do a similar step if you have a crashing Xbox One.

Solution 3: Check your internet connection.

Other users reported that their Warzone game cannot update at all, and appears to be stuck at 0% installation progress. If you have this kind of update issue, ensure to check that it is not caused by intermittent or slow internet connection. Now, you are able to do  a network speed test on your console to see if there are any internet problems. Also, you are able to observe the console when you play other online games. If you are struggling to play online or join multiplayer matches, it is possible that you may have a local network problem to deal with first.

If you suspect that there is a problem with your home network, simply you are able to try restarting your modem or router first. If that cannot improve the situation, you have to get help from your Internet Service Provider.

Solution 4: Cancel and redownload the update.

If you are still unable to update Call of Duty Warzone, your next move is to start the update over. For PlayStation users, you need to choose the Notifications icon, choose Downloads, highlight the update you want to remove, simply press Enter, then choose Cancel and delete. For those who have an Xbox One, you have to go to your My games and Apps section, next to the Queue section on the left and discover the game being updated on the right. After that, you are able to press the Menu button on your controller and choose Cancel. After you have stopped the Warzone update, try to update the game again for checking for the problem.

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