Halo Infinite First Mission Collectibles Guide

After a long wait and countless times of delay, the thing that has been waited by everyone, 343 Industries have finally released the game known as Halo Infinite to the public. The world in the game is set on the Zeta Halo. In the game, you as a player will take a role of the Spartan named Master Chief.

After getting rescued by a fellow USNC soldier, Master Chief has a mission to dispatch a rogue faction of the Covenant known as The Banished. Halo Infinite is really interesting and it is different compared to the other titles in the series as it combines the classic linear level design with a large open world that is able to be explored by the players.

Aside from the difference, there are also some similarities that are shared by Halo Infinite and the other titles in the franchise. One of the similarities is that each player is allowed to find the collectibles that are hidden. One of the hidden collectibles is called Skulls. Skulls are the types of collectibles that will ad unique and often hard modifiers to the game.

Halo Infinite First Mission Collectibles Guide

The first Skull that is able to be found is placed a little less than halfway through the opening mission called Warship Gbraakon. In order to find this first one, you will have to progress through the level until you get to the room. The location should be found a little bit after you obtain your first frag grenades. After entering the two story room, your job is to dispatch every Grunt, Brute, and Jackal that is everywhere on the floors. Do not forget to go to the second floor to be able to find a total of three rows of the boxes that are being raised up into a shield that will immediately kills you the moment you touch it.

There is a tricky part that you have to pay a little extra attention to. The tricky part is where you have to ride the middle box that keeps rotating up so that you are able to get to the unmoving box that is located on the right. To be able to pass through this situation, you are suggested to quickly hop onto the moving box. Please ride it like an elevator. After that, hop off once it is even with the static box. You can rest on the box to flame the first blue Skull.

You will be able to be informed about everything related to the Skulls, including the way to use them, by picking it up. In case you are having a hard time finding this Skull, the best thing that you can do is to press down on the D-Pad in order to trigger your scan while facing the wall on all the moving boxes. By doing so, it should be easy for you to see it a little bit above your line of sight. When looking for one, remember that it looks like a bigger grenade.

Aside from this Skull, there is no other Skulls in this mission, meaning that Skull is the only one. once you have successfully landed your hand on this one, there will be nothing to worry about the others. Actually, there are several Banished and USNC audio logs. The good news is that they are all considered easy to find along your main path.

Talking about the Skull in this mission, you have to know that it is all about the explosions. The size of all explosions will be doubled by turning it on. These explosions that will be affected included yours and the ones from the opponents. If you want to activate this Skull, the first thing that you have to do is to return to the main menu and then choose Load Game. After it is chosen, select any save slot that you want to use. The next thing to be done is to choose the Skulls tab. By following the step, a menu of all the Skulls that you have unlocked will be brought up. It is still be able to be used on the other existing save files even if a Skull is found on a different save file. Not only that, they will also show up as completed on your other save files, which is a good thing.

It is important to use the Skulls wisely due to the fact that they have the ability to disable the saving and the achievements. Apparently, these things are generally made to either make the experience harder or weirder. If you are the type of person who loves causing chaos, hunting them down is definitely worth it.

Getting the collectibles in the first mission in Halo Infinite should be easy if you follow the guide well. Please seek help from the communities in case you are having a hard time.

In Halo Infinite, there are a lot of Skulls to collect. If you want to find the Skulls, below is the full list of the location:

    • Skull 1: Boom (2x explosion radius)
    • Skull 2: Cowbell (increased object acceleration)
    • Skull 3: IWHBYD (extra “rare” NPC dialogue)
    • Skull 4: Blind (invisible HUD/weapons/hands)
    • Skull 5: Catch (enemies drop & throw more grenades)
    • Skull 6: Fog (no motion tracker in mini-map)
    • Skull 7: Famine (reduced ammo drops)
    • Skull 8: Black Eye (shield only recharges w/ melee hits)
    • Skull 9: Thunderstorm (increased enemy rank)
    • Skull 10: Mythic (increased enemy health)
    • Skull 11: Grunt Birthday Party (Grunt headshot celebrations)
    • Skull 12: Bandana (infinite ammo)

To help you finding these Skulls, you are suggested to watch a video about all the Skull locations on Youtube. The one that you should watch was posted by IGN Guides. Here is the link that will make you able to watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZ8cvqk6QCU. If you are confused about something, feel free to leave a comment on the comment section under the video. Before leaving a comment, do not forget to log in to the platform first.

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