God of War: Who Is Kratos’ Wife?

You may wonder about Kratos’ wife. If you want to know about it, you are able to read the explanation below according to the Jugo Mobile site.

Kratos was once married to a Greek woman named Lysandra and they had a daughter, Calliope. Lysandra desperately wanted Kratos to change his ways and she hoped he would leave Ares’ service and stop his campaign of violence. Eventually, Lysandra’s death along with Calliope’s death was used as the impetus for the entire god of war series. Kratos’ wife and daughter were in the temple of Athena when she was sent by Ares to slaughter the goodness followers inside. In a blind rage, Kratos killed his family along with others.

God of War Who Is Kratos’ Wife

Ares’ betrayal was meant to strengthen Kratos’ willpower, and turned him into a more formidable warrior. However, the ruse only disappointed Kratos and he vowed to take revenge which he would eventually achieve with Ares’ death at the end of the original story. Throughout the series’ original journey through Greek mythology, visions of Kratos’ deceased family were used in an attempt to manipulate him, and he was even briefly reunited with Calliope in Elysium Fields during the events of the Chains of Olympus. However, after his campaign against the gods of Olympus was over, Kratos left Greece to begin another family.

Who Is Kratos’ Second Wife in God of War 2018

Kratos finally settled down in Midgard and at that time he fell in love with a woman named Faye, who he believed to be a mortal. They married and then had a son named Atreus. They lived a secluded life. At some point, Faye knew the true identity of Kratos as a god, but she hid it from Atreus. Faye looked to spend most of her time educating their son, while Kratos hunted and provided for the family.

Kratos’ wife in the god of war seemed to meet a more pleasant ending than Lysandra where she died at home from undisclosed causes. 2018 god of war opens with the cremation of Faye.

Faye’s full name is Laufey, the famous Frost Giant heroine, according to the decapitated god of war, Mimir. Kratos was instructed to cut down a magic tree which is suitable for the funeral pyre. Kratos and Atreus were also instructed to scatter her ashes on the highest peak in the Nine Realms which was located in the gigantic realm of Jötunheim.

Faye’s death and cremation resulted in Kratos and Atreus being found by Baldur, leaving their home to eventually reach Jötunheim, and there learned Faye’s legacy and Atreus’s true identity as Loki.