17 Free Applications to Watch TV Online on Android and PC (2022)

Watching TV is known to be one of the most favorite things to do. Thanks to advanced technology, now everyone can watch TV without sitting in front of real TV. In other words, they can do it with their smartphones, which makes it possible for them to watch TV anywhere and anytime they want.

If you want to watch TV on your Android or PC, you will need to download and install the app first. There are a dozen apps that you can get. Below is the list of 17 free applications to watch TV online on Android and PC (2022) listed by Telset:

1. Vidio


The first app to watch TV online is called Vidio. By installing this app, you will be able to stream Indonesian and international TV channels easily and for free.

Not only that, there are a lot of interesting films and drama series that you can watch through Vidio. In addition, you can also get premium services at an affordable cost.



SBO TV is well-known by football fans because this free live football streaming site is very easy to open without the need to use a VPN. With it, you do not have to look for streaming links to watch a few things, such as the English League, Spanish League, French League, and so on. So, if you find it hard to find streaming, like to watch the English League even using a VPN, you can try SBO. In addition, it is also ads free.

3. TV Indonesia

TV Indonesia

TV Indonesia is the name of an online TV app that has a large selection of shows that can be watched for free. This one was made by PT Josa Hamanola Media. It offers live broadcasts from national, international, and regional stations for 24 hours non-stop. What is amazing is that broadcast streaming is claimed to be stable even on a 3G network.

4. TV Indonesia Go

TV Indonesia Go

For anyone who is looking for a lightweight free online TV app, you can try TV Indonesia Go. This one is developed by Ababil Perkasa Media. It offers many broadcasts of national stations in Indonesia. Through this app, you will be able to enjoy several things, such as soap operas, news, or TV shows, anywhere and anytime. Besides, it also features a chat room that makes it possible for you to chat with other viewers.

5. UseeTV Go

UseeTV Go

With UseeTV Go, not only can you watch TV on your Android device, but you can also watch video, listen to the radio, and do karaoke online. By using this app, you can watch TV for free via your smartphone or PC anywhere and anytime. If you are an IndiHome user, you have a chance to get premium services, allowing you to access more content on this app.

6. Maxstream


Maxtream refers to a free online TV app made by Telekomsel. The features on this app are more or less the same as UseeTV Go, including broadcasting local and international broadcasts and popular movies and dramas. As a viewer, you can be spoiled by thousands of visual content available from popular channels such as Viu, Bein Sports Channel, HBO, and so on.

7. Mivo TV

Mivo TV

Mivo TV is an app for watching TV for free on a smartphone or PC. This one is pretty popular. It offers dozens of TV station broadcasts that can be viewed online for free. Aside from that, you can also watch TV online for free while having live chat with viewers on all channels. Plus, you can also enjoy everything without getting disturbed by ads by choosing the remove-Ads menu within the app.

8. Gratisoe TV

Gratisoe TV is an online TV app for Android devices. This one is similar to the Disney+ Hotstar app, Netflix, Hulu, and so on. With this app, you can watch TV broadcasts online for free or subscribe in a paid way.

There are a number of channels that you can choose from both local and foreign TV. As for the programs broadcast, they are varied, from the latest anime to live streaming of football from different leagues in the world. On top of that, it supports broadcasts with HD quality.

9. TV Online Indonesia

TV Online Indonesia offers free streaming services to watch shows from all Indonesian TV stations. The features of this app are more or less the same as other free apps for watching TV online on Android. With this app, you can watch local channels easily. All that you have to do is to download the app and, just like that, you will be able to watch soap operas or news on your favorite channel.

10. TV Live

TV Live

TV Live can be downloaded on the Google Play Store. Apart from serving local TV channels, this also serves international TV broadcasts. There are various foreign channels found here, including NHK World, Makkah Live, and so on.

11. RCTI+


RCTI TV has an online TV service named RCTI+. This one is developed to make it easier for the viewers to watch other local broadcasts that are members of the MNC Groups, including MNC TV, Global TV, and iNews. With this app, you can also watch drama series or soap operas that are no longer broadcast on TV, including Si Doel Anak Sekolahan, and so on.

12. TV Indonesia – App TVKU

TV Indonesia – App TVKU

The next Indonesian TV app that is available for free on the Google Play Store is TV Indonesia – App TVKU. This one broadcasts dozens of broadcasts from local Indonesian stations online and for free. Besides, there are many popular international stations that you can watch, such as Nat Geo Wild, ANimax, K Drama, Cinema World, and many more. What makes it interesting is that there are several server options here. The server is a good solution when streaming does not run well or is disconnected from the server.

13. Mola TV

Mola TV

Mola TV could be the answer for those who like watching football matches by streaming. This one provides the latest sports broadcasts online and live, which means everything is aired like the real schedules. Plus, it is also possible for you to watch various previous programs or those whose broadcast hours have passed. Beside football matches, you can also watch tons of Hollywood movies.

14. TVRI Klik


TVRI also releases an online TV streaming app for free. With this app, you can watch interesting and educational programs from TVRI on your smartphone. Everything shown on the app is high quality. Now, you can say goodbye to cases of bad signals due to the antenna not strong enough.

15. Trans TV Live

Trans TV Live

Are you a fan of Trans TV programs? If the answer to the question is yes but you often miss these programs, it might be time for you to download the Trans TV Live app. By using this app, you can watch interesting programs from Trans TV and watch movies for free. This app provides good video and audio quality in addition to a variety of information related to the programs aired by Trans TV.

16. TVOne Connect

TVOne Connect

Just like most TV stations, TVOne also provides a free TV streaming platform for smartphones called TVOne Connect. Through this app, you can watch various news programs or educational programs. Just like RCTI+ or other apps, this app makes it easy for you to watch all TV One shows that are currently ongoing or have been aired in the past.

17. Indonesia TV

The last recommendation for the app to watch TV online for free is called Indonesia TV. This one broadcasts dozens of interesting programs from local TV stations. For those who are bored with Indonesian broadcasts, you can watch interesting programs broadcast by international stations, such as Nat Geo Wild, Z cinema, AXN, and so on.

These are the free apps that you can get to watch TV online on Android devices and also on PCs. Feel free to choose anything that you like.