Fortnite Stonks Skin Guide

Eventually, Fortnite Stonks is here and this Diamond Hanz character was first introduced in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 apart from being a parody of the stonks guy.

Fortnite is no stranger to adding odd and unique characters, even personas which are a meme all over the internet, with “Stonks” Diamond Hanz becoming the spotlight this time around. One of the greatest meme fictional characters of all time, is ready to battle it out now with dinosaurs, Wolverine, Predator and many more, making Smash Bros a run for their money in terms of cross-over content. Well, let us take a look how you are able to get this new skin in-game.

Fortnite Stonks Skin Guide

Overview – Fortnite Stonks Skin

A few days ago, was April Fool’s Day. Most of the video game developers and publishers shared some fun, however fake news regarding their upcoming projects that do not really exist. Epic Games decided to play a fun game for April Fool’s Day. If you have checked the Item Shop, you may know about the Stonks skin pack available in the game.

The developer of Fortnite announced a new skin bundle for its famous Battle Royale game on April Fool’s Day, that is really available in the game. The Stonks Fortnite bundle is a new skin pack available in the Item Shop that you are able to buy. The new skin bundle includes a Stonks skin and an Arrow as his back bling.

How to get “Stonks” Diamond Hanz Skin?

As with most skins in Fortnite, Stonks are able to be obtained through the in-game shop with some V-Bucks. The price tag seems rather okay, considering the pricing of other items in this game being around the 10$ mark. It was released into the game on April 1st. It was something that the players could treat easily as an April Fool’s joke, however Diamond Hanz Stonks ended up a really real addition to the game.

For those who do not know, Stonks was an extremely trending meme starting back in 2017, utilizing the familiar face of Meme Man, debuting further down the line in 2014. Focusing around stocks related to topics and memes with the signature of the WallStreetsBets crowd, the face of the man with the satisfying grin on his face does perfectly well in the universe of Fortnite, that owns much weirder and odd-looking skins.

There are lot of lawsuits have been placed on the team behind Fortnite, so they are no strangers on picking things up, becoming them relevant only to result in some controversial instances. Not that this can be the case with the specific skin. However, it is always interesting to be on the lookout for some new feedback or complaints against the Battle Royale. See how people in the the world react to such decisions. In any case, right now “Stonks” Diamond Hanz is available for purchase from the Fortnite shop.

The cost of “Stonks” Diamond Hanz Skin

You are able to buy the Diamond Hanz for 1,200 V-bucks, which roughly equals about $10. We think that the cost should hold steady, however this is not a forward-looking statement security involves risk and can lose value member FDIC. For your information, 1,200 V-bucks is a middle price for a premium skin called the Diamond Hanz. In fact, the Diamond hanz skin was the term used for those who held onto their GameStop through the late January and early February, making a short-selling intended to punish hedge funds and other speculators.

As a meme, “Stonks” guy dates back to 2017, and another meme starring shitpost mascot Meme Man who first appeared around 2014s. With GameStop’s short-lived pressure stemming from subreddit trading on “stock memes,” the original image is back in full circulation this winter. Fortnite is no stranger to meme cosmetics. It all started with some emote dancing, but the practice ended up being a lawsuit. Since that, the marketplace who is 15 years old very online, has been doing things like offering the area 51 skin, as Facebook groups tinker with the idea of Naruto taking over a secret facility.

Who is Diamond Hanz A.K.A. Stonks?

We are going to inform you once again who is Diamond Hanz a.k.a. Stonks. The Diamond Hanz made by Reddit’s WallStreetBets community. It is a meme which gained big popularity during the time that GameStop’s stock increased dramatically after a hype made by the Reddit users.

Known as Diamond Hanz or Stonks, that guy is an icon for the WallStreetBets subreddit right now. Recently, the subreddit has nearly ten million subscribers, that means the Stonks or Diamond Hanz meme is already a well-known figure in the stock market, particularly for those who have GameStop stocks. You are able to select for purchase the skin or get the “To the Moon” bundle to obtain the back bling as well. Although April Fool’s Day is over, you are still able to buy the bundle or skin from the game’s Item Shop.

Diamond Hanz skin is a skin which is a direct honour to the Meme Man who associated with the Stonks meme that became very popular during the GameStop trading in late January. It was added to the Fortnite Item Shop on Thursday. It will only be available for one day, but Epic will bring it back at a later date. The stonks meme was born when the stock price of video game store GameStop skyrocketed from $35 to $483 at the end of January after traders on Reddit started purchasing the stock.

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