Fortnite Diamond Hanz Skin

Epic Games have released Diamond Hanz skin from the Stonks meme to Fortnite Season 6 on April Fool’s day as a new skin.

Overview – Diamond Hanz Skin

On April Fool’s day, Epic Games gave a surprise for the players with a brand-new skin in the form of Diamond Hanz. The players were going to recognize it from WallStreetBets, Stonks, and tendies. April 1 is a day that is always full of surprises, and the players of Fortnite have received a really pleasant one this year. Fortnite Season 6 has made the players become happy with its various new features, and Epic Games have released a new skin for April Fool’s day. The Diamond Hanz skin is based on the famous ‘Stonks’ meme, that makes it the perfect pick for this day. For your information, it is part of the game’s “To the Moon” set. If the terms ‘To the moon,’ ‘diamond hands,’ and ‘Stonks’ seem unfamiliar to you, know that they are part of the lingo which investors have used while driving up the price of Gamestop stock.

Diamond Hanz Skin1

The bundle contains the Diamond Hanz skin and the Gains back bling which you are able to know as the arrow from Meme. In fact, adding the Stonks skin to Fortnite season 6 is an amusing decision. The best part is that it is not only an April Fool’s joke, actually you are able to buy the skin from the Item Shop. Also, Epic Games have brought back the Egg Launcher, along with a new foraged item: Hop Drops. This honor to the WallStreetBets is a little fun addition which Fortnite players are going to enjoy playing with. Although Fortnite: Season 6 just started, the developers of Fortnite have started making it a memorable chance for the players. Aside from this bundle, the developers of Fortnite also have released other new cosmetics through the Spring Breakout event. You will be able to unlock the Webster skin for free by participating and playing the game well in the season’s first tournament.

The cost of Diamond Hanz skin

The players of Fortnite are able to buy the Diamond Hanz for 1,200 V-bucks, which roughly equals about $10. We think that the cost should hold steady, however this is not a forward-looking statement security involves risk and can lose value member FDIC.

Anyway, 1,200 V-bucks is a middle tier cost for a premium skin, the Diamond Hanz. Actually, the Diamond hanz skin was the term used for those who held onto their GameStop through the late January and early February, making a short-selling intended to punish hedge funds and other speculators.

As a meme, “Stonks” guy dates back to 2017, and another meme starring shitpost mascot Meme Man who first appeared around 2014s. With GameStop’s short-lived pressure stemming from subreddit trading on “stock memes,” the original image is back in full circulation this winter. Fortnite is no stranger to meme cosmetics. It all started with some emote dancing, but the practice ended up being a lawsuit. Since then, the marketplace curator, who is actually 15 years old very online, has been doing things like offering the area 51 skin, as Facebook groups tinker with the idea of Naruto taking over a secret facility.

Fortnite’s Diamond Hanz skin respect to Stonks meme

This is the first time a meme skin has been introduced to the lore of Fortnite. The players of Fortnite have already seen mention of DURR, KEVN, and PZPT in the background of the skin. Those three abbreviations stand for Durr Burger, Kevin and Pizza Pit.

Fortnite's Diamond Hanz skin respect to Stonks meme

From the looks of it, probably this could be foreshadowed by Epic Games regarding the future of the game. In all probability, Kevin the Cube would be responsible for the earth-shattering events that Fortnite Island is witnessing. All of this is only speculation for right now. Overall, the Fortnite skin of Diamond Hanz has already discovered its spot amongst the community.

Aside from that, Twitter users also have given a reaction positively towards the skin. The fans of Fortnite were very excited after getting the Diamond Hanz skin. Lots of Fortnite players said that it is a really cool skin. But, the role of the skin in Fortnite’s lore remains to be checked.

Fortnite Season 6 has arrived

Finally, Fortnite: Season 6 has arrived. Each week will be a new set of challenges to tackle that will help you get XP and level up your Battle Pass. Fortnite Season 6 arrived with a bang, introducing a series of the new features including tameable wild animals, new locations; The Spire, and the ability to make weapon upgrades. Also, there is a new Battle Pass, and the players will no doubt want to level it up as fast as possible to unlock the likes of Lara Croft and Teen Titans hero Raven. To do that, you are going to get XP.

Here are some challenges for weeks 1, 2, and 3 that you can complete in Fortnite season 6:

Week 1 Challenges

    • Hunt Wildlife.
    • Craft Primal weapons by using bones and makeshift weapons.
    • Craft a Hunter’s Cloak.
    • Talk to the characters.
    • Collect the mechanical parts from vehicles, trailers, tractors/buses.
    • Craft mechanical weapons by using mechanical parts and a makeshift weapon.
    • Discover golden artifacts near The Spire.
    • Legendary quest: Craft Items.

Week 2 Challenges

    • Make a Mechanical Bow, a Mechanical Explosive Bow, and a Mechanical Shockwave Bow.
    • Deal damage with Mechanical weapons.
    • Deal explosive damage to enemies.
    • Tame a Boar.
    • Ride different ziplines.
    • Get literature samples from Pleasant Park, Lazy Lake, or Retail Row.
    • Get a headshot with a bow.
    • Legendary quest: Deal damage with bows.
    • Fortnite Season 6 gameplay

Week 3 Challenges

    • Fly 20 meters with a chicken.
    • Hunt a chicken.
    • Catch fish at Lake Canoe, Camp Cod, or Stealthy Stronghold.
    • Deal damage with the shotguns.
    • Get headshots with the rifles.
    • Deal damage within 20 meters by using a pistol.
    • Eliminate Raptor, Zenith, or Blackheart.
    • Legendary quest: Forage Bouncy Eggs hidden around the Island.

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