FIX wuixpmode.exe Cannot be found in Windows 10

Some user reports that he have been looking for the wuixpmode.exe file but he cannot find it. By the way, he use Windows 10 1909. So, how to fix the problem? Let us discuss it and find the solution.

You have to know that wuixpmode.exe does not exist in Windows 10. It was released for Windows 7 to allow Windows XP apps and games to work on Windows 7. It means that you will not be able to find the wuixpmode.exe file in Windows 10.

Fix the wuixpmode.exe file error

wuixpmode.exe Cannot be found

For those who are in Windows 7 and you get the problem about this, do not worry as there are a few ways to fix the error.

Way 1: Run the program in compatibility mode

To fix the wuixpmode.exe file, we suggest you to run the program in compatibility mode by doing these steps below and check if the problem persist.

  • The first thing that you have to do is to right click on the exe file of the program and choose properties.

choose properties

  • Under Compatibility tab, you are able to check the option for Run in Compatibility mode.
  • After that, you have to choose the Operating System from the drop down list.
  • The last step that you have to do is to click on Apply and Ok.

Way 2: Install an Antivirus program in your computer

Install an Antivirus program in your computer

To install any antivirus program on your computer, you will be able to do these steps below:

  • If you bought the antivirus program from a retail store, please insert the CD or DVD into the computer’s disc drive. The installation process will start automatically, with a window opening to help you through the install process.
  • If you downloaded the antivirus program on the Internet, you are able to find the downloaded file on your computer. If the downloaded file is a zip file, please unzip the file to extract and access the installation files. Then, you need to look for a file called install.exe, setup.exe, or something similar. Next, you have to double-click that file. The installation process will start, with a window opening to help you through the install process.
  • In the installation process window, you are able to follow the steps provided to install the antivirus program. If asked to install other software along with the antivirus program, you need to uncheck all boxes or decline the install of those extra programs. Remember that there is no additional programs should be required for the antivirus program to install and run on your computer successfully.
  • Once the install process is complete, simply close out of the install window.
  • If used, please remove the CD or DVD from the computer’s disc drive.

Now, the antivirus program is installed and ready to use. After this, we recommend restarting your computer so that any modified settings in the operating system will take effect properly.

Install Windows XP Mode on Windows 7

Windows XP Mode is a free Windows XP virtualization software for Windows XP and Windows 7 with rudimental support for other Windows operating systems. It is build by Microsoft and it is free to download, though it still needs a Windows XP license key to use. Windows XP Mode is famous for being faster than many competing virtual machines on the same operating system. To install Windows XP Mode in Windows 7, do these steps below:

  • The first thing that you have to do is to go to the official website of Microsoft.
  • After that, click on the checkbox of version. You are able to install 32bits or 64bits. Choose it according to your need. If you are unsure of the version of Windows 7 you are running, you are able to get this information by clicking the Start button and browsing to the Computer heading on the right, right-clicking and choosing Properties. Then, the System window will open, and you will be able to find what version of Windows 7 you are running and whether it is 32 or 64 bit.
  • Now, you are able to download file and save setup of Windows virtual PC.
  • There is a Download and Install Windows XP Mode button. Just click it, and save the file to a convenient place when asked.
  • The next step that you have to do is to run the file. When the file has finished downloading, you are able to open and run it. It will extract, and then ask you to click Next to proceed through the installation process.
  • Please use the default install location when asked, and then click Next.
  • The setup program will start install the files to the directory. After it has completed, just click Finish to end setup.
  • Back in your browser, under the Step 4 heading, you need to click the Download and install this second: Windows Virtual PC’ button. Select to open the file when asked.
  • Simply, click Yes when asked if you want to install the Windows software update. Do not forget to review the licensing terms and click ‘I Accept’.
  • Windows 7 is going to proceed to install the required updates. Once installation has completed, you will be asked to Restart Now. Take a moment to make sure that you have saved anything you were working on before you continue.
  • Once your computer has finished rebooting, click Start, and then browse to All Programs -> Windows Virtual PC, and then click Windows XP Mode.
  • Please read over the licensing agreement and click ‘I accept the license terms’ checkbox and then click Next once ready to proceed.
  • You will be asked to submit a password for your Windows XP Mode virtual machine login. Make something easy for you to remember, type it into both fields, and then click Next.
  • The next screen will prompt if you want to enable automatic updates or not. This is recommended, so you have to click enable -> Next, and then Next again on the following screen.
  • Setup will be able to finish the installation and automatically launch Windows XP Mode.