Fix Halo Infinite Weekly Challenges Not Working & Best Solution

On Tuesday 16th, November, there were reports from players that Halo Infinite Weekly Challenges was broken. Are you one of the players who also experience this thing? If so, you need to fix it by using the methods that you can read here.

How to Fix Halo Infinite Weekly Challenges Not Working

The Halo Infinite multiplayer beta has just begun. There are a lot of players in the servers because they want to play the next installment in the legendary arena shooter franchise. As explained on the Ginx website, the Steam version of Halo Infinite reached over 270,000 players on the first day where hundreds of thousands more players played using their Xbox app and consoles.

Fix Halo Infinite Weekly Challenges Not Working & Best Solution

However, to play it, it is not as smooth as you expected. On the first day, there were reports that the performance was poor. There were also reports that there was the blue screen glitch and some incompatibility issues about DirectX 12. And recently, there were reports that in the Halo Infinite multiplayer beta, players found that Weekly Challenges were broken and did not progress. So, are there any ways to fix this issue?

According to Ginx website, they can confirm that the issue with Weekly Challenges is a global issue. It means that players around the world also experience this issue. A number of players on the official Halo subreddit also report that the challenges are broken. A Reddit user named JimClothes said that he has two weekly challenges in which he can not progress. There are also other players who report the similar issue where they find that their daily challenges are working, but weekly challenges do not register progress.

On the Halo Support Twitter, you can see that there is a tweet about official release notes and known issues and there is a link to the notes. Then, on the same date, exactly on November 16th, 2021, Halo Support also tweeted to require players to be patient about the issue where players are hitting a blue screen after trying to launch Halo Infinite. In addition, they also gave an explanation that beta build is working through their systems and should hit your console as an update shortly. They are working as hard as they can to get you in the game.

Still on the same date, the Halo Support Twitter account also tweeted that now you should be able to download the Halo Infinite beta. However, if you are still experiencing an issue to download the game, they recommend you to restart console or Xbox app on PC. If you find a blue screen after that, you are able to file a Halo Support ticket.

According to Games Adda, there are several things that you are able to do to fix this issue as you are able to read below.

    • The first way that you can do to fix Halo Infinite Challenges not working is to restart the game. You have to try to shut the game, restart it and then you need to wait for a few minutes. It should fix the issue completely.
    • However, if you find that this way does not work, you are able to check your internet connection. The problem may be in your internet connection. You are able to try to connect to the network again.
    • Another way that you are able to do to fix this issue is to repair the game. To do that, you have to go to the Settings and then you have to go to Apps and Features. Here, you need to look for Halo Infinite in the list and then you have to click on Advanced Settings. And then, you have to click on the Repair button.
    • If you have tried the ways above, but no one works, you can try to uninstall the game. This is the last way that you can do to fix the issue, but it is also the safest way. After you reinstall the game, then you can restart it and you can participate in the challenges.

Since the game is still new, you may expect it to have certain issues. However, you can try to fix it. And if you find that the Halo Support announce that they are still working to fix it after you try to fix it by yourself, the only way that you can do is to wait until the Halo Infinite team finishes to fix the issue.

Top Known Issues and Bug and How to Fix Them

According to Windows Central, here are the top known issues and bugs in Halo Infinite and how to fix them.

    • Stuck on Blue Screen
      If you find that you are stuck on the blue screen when you are trying to open up Halo Infinite, it is because of the fact that this game is not fully live yet and you only have the license to the game now. The thing that you have to do is to wait until Microsoft pushes the game live fully before multiplayer is able to be played. For your information, Halo Infinite is going live everywhere, but it is taking a while longer on Xbox. You have to make sure that you have Halo Infinite “pre-saved” and you must check for updates regularly until Halo Infinite is augmented with a roughtly 26GB update. Microsoft made a statement that if you restart your console or Xbox app on PC, it may fix this issue and get the game to update.
    • No Ping¬† to Datacenters Detected
      Do you get an error message which says that there is no ping to our datacenters detected? If so, it means that the servers of Halo Infinite are having a hard time keeping up with the rapid influx of players. To fix it, you can restart your game.
    • Other Players Loading
      When you are matchmaking, you may experience a glitch where the matchmaker freezes and shows a ‘other players loading’ message. You can fix it by closing Halo Infinite and restarting the game.
    • XP Boost Glitch
      When you are trying to use an XP Boost, you may find an issue where the XP Boost glitches out and leaves them stuck on a broken dialogue box. If so, you can fix it by closing and restarting Halo Infinite.

There are still more top known issues and bugs in this game and how to fix them. You can read more about it on the Windows Central site.

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