FFXIV Armorer Leveling Guide (Armorsmith)

Armorer is one of the Disciples of Hand. Well, this page will inform you about the FFXIV Armorer leveling guide. For those who want to get this information, make sure you will read this article until the end.

Armorer Leveling Guide

Level 1 – 15

You will have to complete the level 1, 5, 10, and 15 class quests. Bronze Ingot is made of 2 Copper Ores, 1 Ice Shard, and 1 Tin Ore. Making a Bronze Hoplons needs 1 Ice Shard, 2 Bronze Plates, 1 Earth Shard, and 1 Maple Lumber. You need to make 3 of those items. The level 10 quest will ask for 12 sheets of Bronze Plate. Each of them consists of 2 Bronze Ingots and 1 Ice Shard.

For the next class quest, you will need two separate items. Decorated Bronze Barbut is created of 1 Ice Shard, 1 Bronze Barbut, 1 Earth Shard, 1 Copper Ingot, and 1 Brass Ingot. Meanwhile, for the Bronze Buckler, you will need 1 Earth Shard, 1 Ice Shard, 1 Bronze Plate, 1 Bronze Ingot, and 1 Iron Rivets.

Level 15 – 20

The level 20 class quest needs a Materia-enhanced Iron Hoplon. Firstly, you have to complete the quest named Waking the Spirit given by F’hobhas at The Bonfire. This allows you to meld material by yourself, without having to use an NPC Materia Melder. Then, you are able to craft the Iron Hoplon out of 1 Earth Shard, 1 Ice Shard, 2 Iron Plates, and 1 Elm Lumber. After that, you only need any material and meld it onto this shield.

As far as leveling goes, this is the time for you to jump into level quests. The two best choices in this tier are: “Still Crazy After All These Years” and “Kiss the Pan Good Bye.” The former needs Initiate’s Alembic which is made of 1 Ice Shard, 1 Iron Plate, 1 Earth Shard, and 1 Bronze Rivets. For the last, you will synthesize Initiate’s Skillet out of 1 Earth Shard, 1 Iron Plate, 1 Ice Shard, and 1 Elm Lumber.

Level 20 – 25

The level 25 class quest needs an HQ Steel Ingot. It is made of 2 Ice Shards, 1 Bomb Ash and 1 Iron Ore. From now, most of your class quests are going to call for high-quality products. It will be a good idea to start getting several Control stats in your gear. Since the level quests are more efficient when you keep bringing HQ objectives, you have to remember about using high-quality materials if you require increased chances.

Speaking of levels, the best ones for this tier is 246 Kinds of Cheese. It will ask you to provide an Iron Frypan. This item is created by 2 Ice Shards, 1 Iron Plate, 1 Earth Shard, and 1 Yew Lumber. Of course, you are able to consider other ones if you have the necessary components. The rule applies to every tier. From this moment, several levels are going to ask for objects which have precursor items in their recipes.

Level 25 – 30

The next class quest will ask you to provide an HQ Steel Chainmail. Its recipe consists of 3 Steel Rings, 3 Ice Shards, 2 Earth Shards, and 1 Undyed Velveteen. Ingot We Trust needs making a Steel Ingot out of 2 Ice Shards, 1 Bomb Ash and 1 Iron Ore. Furthermore, you are able to make some more of these ingots even without the quests. Actually, it is an easy recipe which brings some experience and a useful crafting component.

Level 30 – 35

Your level 35 quest has an HQ Steel Frypan as its objective. It consists of 4 Ice Shards, 1 Steel Plate, 4 Earth Shards, and 1 Oak Lumber. Apparently, there are two quests which provide rewards without forcing you to make or purchase precursors. They are Skillet Scandal and Aurochs Star. The first one needs a White Skillet which is made of 4 Ice Shards, 1 Steel Plate, 3 Earth Shards, and 1 Walnut Lumber. For the second one, you will have to bring a Bull Hoplon. It can be crafted with 3 Ice Shards, 2 Steel Ingots, 3 Earth Shards, 1 Steel Plate, and 1 Walnut Lumber.

Level 35-40

The next class quest will ask you to provide an HQ Mythril Cuirass. For your information, Mythril replaces steel as the base for your products. The recipe for this item is 2 Mythril Plates, 1 Mythril Rings, 5 Ice Shards, 4 Earth Shards, and 1 Electrum Ingot. As far as quests go, there are some decent choices. Hollow Hallmarks need a Mythril Ingot. Skillet to the Stars has Steel Frypan as its objective. You should have crafted it for the level 35 class quest.

Level 40 – 45

To complete the next quest, you will need three high-quality items. For your information, Mythril-plated Caligae is made of 5 Ice Shards, 5 Earth Shards, 1 Peiste Leather, 1 Mythril Plate, Bronze Ingot, 1 Mythril Rivets, and 1 Hippogryph Sinew. The second item is Mythril Sollerets. They consist of 5 Ice Shards, 2 Mythril Rings, 5 Earth Shards, 1 Mythril Plate, 1 Aldgoat Leather, and 1 Hippogryph Sinew. For the last, the materials for Reinforced Mythril Elmo are 1 Mythril Elmo, 1 Mythril Rivets, 5 Earth Shard, 5 Ice Shard, and 1 Peiste Leather.

Level 45 – 50

At the next level, you are able to take the quest Rivalry and Respect. To complete it, you will need to make an HQ Cobalt Haubergeon out of 6 Earth Shards, 3 Cobalt Rings, 1 Undyed Felt, 6 Ice Shards, 1 Mythril Plate, and 1 Boar Leather. Then, you need to meld this armor with Heaven’s Eye Materia III. The reward for this quest is an extremely good Armorer’s hammer. Several years ago, it would have been the level cap.

Level 50 – 60

There are several things that you have to do after hitting level 50 and completing the class quest. While level quests are still decent, there are some more efficient options for leveling your crafters post 50.

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