Easy Tricks to Find Forage Bouncy Eggs Fortnite Locations

The Easter-themed Legendary Quest in Fortnite Season 6 asks the players to forage Bouncy Eggs around the Island. If the players can do that, they are able to unlock the Tactical Quaxes pickaxe. By the way, how to find the locations of Bouncy Eggs? Let us read this entire article to get that information.


Apparently, Fortnite Season 6 has  been out for a few weeks, however there’s already a major event taking part. It is called Spring Breakout, and it celebrates Easter with a series of the new cosmetics and also a new one-off tournament, the Spring Breakout Cup. Even the weekly challenges have an Easter theme, as the Legendary Quest in week 3 requires the players to find Bouncy Eggs hidden around the Island. Besides getting a bunch of XP, completing this quest will be able to unlock the Tactical Quaxes pickaxe. Here is all the information which you need to know about discovering  Bouncy Eggs around the Island. Let us complete this Legendary Quest and unlock the Tactical Quaxes pickaxe.

Easy tricks to find the Bouncy Eggs locations

Easy tricks to find the Bouncy Eggs locations

Finding Bouncy Eggs is quite easy, as they are going to appear as floor loot around the Island. It means that there is no special way  required to forage Bouncy Eggs, you only need to do some exploring and keep an eye on the ground.

Bouncy Eggs are a kind of forageable item. They are scattered around the map. They will show up as ground loot around the map. According to the research, they often discovered in the top left portion of the map. Also, they can be found in the lower side of the center, near Catty Corner. Consuming a Bouncy Egg can give you 5 shield points and also reduces the overall gravity of your character. So, you will be able to jump slightly higher and then ignore fall damage while you are under a Bouncy Egg’s effect.

There are several specific locations we have found them at, that can help you out. There are 3 bushes situated between Coral Castle and Stealthy Stronghold which are all surrounded by eggs, and you will be able to see them on the map. Basically, the Bouncy Eggs are colorful Easter eggs, however when eaten they give a very special effect which will no doubt make them very popular. Besides increasing your shield, the Bouncy Eggs give you low gravity, meaning you are able to jump higher and further. It is likely that the Bouncy Eggs are going to disappear once the Spring Breakout event is over, so you have to complete the Legendary Quest before it gets replaced with another challenge on Thursday, April 8, 2021.

Easy Tricks to Find Forage Bouncy Eggs Fortnite Locations

Foraging Bouncy eggs in Fortnite

Once you have discovered a collection of Bouncy Eggs in Fortnite, you will be able to forage them to make progress in the legendary quest. For your information, there are two ways of achieving this.

  • The firstway is to simply eat the eggs off the ground that will boost your Shield slightly and give you a jump boost for a small period of time.
  • The secondway is to collect the Bouncy Eggs that will place them in your inventory. For note: This is going to count towards the Legendary Quest and then allow you to save the eggs for later on in the match.

Rewards for Foraging Bouncy Eggs in Fortnite  

Foraging the Bouncy Eggs in Fortnite is a Legendary Quest. It means that it is just  available for a week. The quest has five separate parts and the quest is recommended for a team of four players. If you are playing in Squads, you will be able to share any progress you make in this Legendary Quest with your teammates.

Remember that foraging Bouncy Eggs quest is available from Thursday, 1st April at 3pm (GMT) till roughly 2:59pm (GMT) on Thursday, 8th April at 2:59pm. As we explained before, completing this Legendary quest will give  you rewards; both XP and a new harvesting tool called the Tactical Quaxes.

In the text below, you are able to see five stages of the forage Bouncy Eggs, along with their rewards.

    • 10 Bouncy Eggs

From the first stage, you will be able to get 35000 XP and Tactical Quaxes.

    • 20 Bouncy Eggs

From the second stage, you will be able get 24500 XP.

    • 30 Bouncy Eggs

From the third stage, you will be able get 24500 XP.

    • 40 Bouncy Eggs

From the fourth stage, you will be able to get 24500 XP.

    • 50 Bouncy Eggs

From the last stage, you will be able to get 24500 XP.

How to unlock the Tactical Quaxes pickaxe?

How to unlock the Tactical Quaxes pickaxe

While there are a total of 5 stages to complete in this week’s Legendary quest in order to get the maximum amount of XP, the players will only have to complete the first stage to unlock the Easter pickaxe.

Here is how to unlock the Tactical Quaxes pickaxe in Fortnite:

  • Load up Fortnite and ensure that  you have downloaded the latest update.
  • Submit a Battle Royale match.
  • Look for theBouncy Eggs around the Island.
  • Please pick ten of these up and you are going to complete the first Legendary Quest stage.
  • The Tactical Quaxes pickaxe will be yours to keep right now.

After you have completed the first stage and unlocked the Tactical Quaxes pickaxe, then you are going to see the Tactical Quaxes pickaxe in your Locker to equip alongside your favorite skin. Completing the next four stages in this week’s Legendary Quest can award you with 24,500 XP for each stage. Thus, it is definitely worth finding more Bouncy Eggs when you continue to play.

Well, that is everything you need to know about this Legendary quest; Foraging Bouncy Eggs. For more information to get some extra XP, and Fortnite Season 6 weekly challenge guide, you are able to check out other articles on our site.

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