Ariana Grande Fortnite Skin Guide

If you think that Ariana Grande skin is real that you can buy in a Fortnite item shop, of course, you are totally wrong. However, the pictures of Ariana Grande skin which is spread across Twitter is a concept skin created by D3NNI, not official skin released by Epic Games.

D3NNI’s Design for Ariana Grande Skin

The concept of Ariana Grande skin was designed by a popular digital artist named D3NNI that you can find on Twitter @DenniConcepts. His skin concept for Ariana Grade was revealed back in June 2020 and the  Fortnite fans really loved his idea. However, it can be a great proof that Ariana Grande skin is unreal skin in Fortnite.

Ariana Grande Fortnite Skin Guide
D3NNI always kindly creates any Fortnite skin concepts including musician, artist, streamer and numerous public figures. The work’s goal is to be a parameter how a Fortnite skin is depicted before hitting a Fortnite item shop. Sure, one D3NNI’s skin design which has been released by Epic Games is Isabelle skin.

Isabelle skin was released in Fortnite Season 6. Since Isabelle skin was released, of course both casual players, pro players and even Fortnite fans have bought this skin because of its very interesting design and character background. The Isabelle skin costs 1,500 Bucks.

D3NNI is a popular artist who is great at conceptualizing Fortnite skins. D3NNI generally made two styles for the cosmetic: Light and Dark along with two backblings as well. In creating the concept of Ariana Grande skin, D3NNI also includes a feature where Ariana’s ponytail grows longer after each elimination which the players achieves in the game.

D3NNI revealed that the original face of the original cosmetics was based on Jule ‘The Engineer’.

How Does Ariana Skin Look Like?

Ariana Grande is a famous American singer, not only singer, she’s also an actress and songwriter. She has millions of followers on her social media account which has been much sought after personalities in the entertainment industry. Ariana is also well-known as a youth icon and continues to excel in the music industry.

Sure, D3NNI, as a Fortnite concept art maker, really does a good job for creating Ariana Grande skin. Ariana Grande is depicted with beautiful skin that looks realistic. Designed a very realistic in-game cosmetic, it’s such amazing work to describe the real Ariana Grande. D3NNI finally uploaded the concept art on a Twitter account that quickly became trending among the Fortnite community.

Sure, it’s a great work of art, unfortunately this skin isn’t available in the game at this time. The Fortnite Icon Series might bring skins into the game as a player-bought cosmetic in the in-game store.

If Ariana Grande skin is really adopted by Epic Games and released to the game, it’ll be interesting skin where its concept is just an art representation.

Why Isn’t Ariana Grande Skin Released to Fortnite?

Even though we know that Fortnite has released many Icon skin series, it’s not that easy for Epic Games to release new skins. Sure, there’s a lot of hype about who should be the next person to get his skin in the game. Some names like Lachlan and Pokimane have been suggested by the Fortnite gaming community.

Apart from playing games, there are also many Fortnite fans who are dedicated to keeping the game growing. Well, one of them is by sharing the skin concept of several public figures that Epic Games hopes to release and add to the game. Even though Epic Games does not have plans to release the skin contributed by fans, sometimes these rumors are believed by many Fortnite players so they expect the skin or cosmetics to be in Fortnite.

However, there has been no development that the fans see for this amazing skin in Fortnite. As if Epic Games didn’t respond at all. Fans are pretty sure if Ariana Grande’s skin is added to Fortnite, it will definitely top the list of upcoming Icon Series skins as she is quite popular in the Fortnite community.

While there has been no official confirmation of the 27-year-old coming to Fortnite as an Icon Series outfit any time soon, Epic may save this announcement for a big reveal later in the season.

The conclusion is that Ariana Grande skin has not been introduced in Fortnite. However, it may be possible that Epic Games will kindly add Ariana Grande skin to the game in the future. In this case, it is only time that determines whether Epic Games will consider adding the Ariana Grande outfit to the Iconic Series in Fortnite Season 6 or not.

Is Ariana Grande Fortnite Concert Also Fake?

Is Ariana Grande Fortnite Concert Also Fake
Aside from the concept art of Ariana Grande skin, the Fortnite community is also talking about the concept of Ariana’s Fortnite concert. Recently, They are preoccupied with rumors of an Ariana Grande concert to be held at Fortnite. Unfortunately, news circulated that the concert was canceled.

You may already know that Fortnite has collaborated with many musicians with the holding of Fortnite Party Royale, a live concert at the Main Stage in Fortnite. Sure, fans really hope that the concert can be held at Fortnite as soon as possible. As we know, Fortnite has attracted up to more than 250 million players to date since the establishment of Fortnite Party Royale which features some of the world’s top class musicians.

Epic Games frequently rolled out the Party Royale concert in-game as a way to promote the Fortnite. By presenting top artists to attract young audiences, automatically they can attract youth to finally play the game. That’s why Fortnite holds the concerts by staging numerous different musicians.

Even though the Ariana Grande concert has been cancelled, Ariana Grande is believed to be the next candidate to become a new model for Fortnite music promotion. Numerous fan pages spread the alleged screenshot of a playlist on the streaming platform presented by Epic Games which features “Rain On Me” on the cover.

Unfortunately, fans haven’t found any strong signs that Ariana Grande will collaborate with Fortnite. This hasn’t stopped fan demand one bit, especially as more and more artists have begun to take advantage of virtual venues including TikTok, Animal Crossing, and Minecraft amid the global pandemic.