Easy Printable Fortnite Guns / Weapon Coloring Pages (.doc Word File)

Aside from playing Fortnite, coloring any Fortnite items is such a fun activity especially for kids. By coloring Fortnite items, we’re able to get rid of our stress in between playing games. Of course, there are tons of Fortnite items that you can color including skins, weapons, tools and many more.

If coloring the Fortnite skin has been done by many Fortnite fans, how if you turn into coloring the Fortnite guns/ weapons. That sounds great, isn’t it? Indeed, the Fortnite weapon also provides the unique thing to be your coloring object.

Where to Fortnite Weapons Image for Coloring?

In this post, we’ll guide you where to find the Fortnite weapons image for coloring. You may want to get the image in .doc format, unfortunately, most coloring page sites provide .pdf format when the users want to print it. Getting the coloring pages site which offers easy printable in .doc format is a bit hard.

However, that’s not a complicated case in which you will still get the coloring page image .doc format by getting it manually. To get the easy printable Fortnite guns/ weapons coloring page, you surely can access some coloring page sites which offer you getting the Fortnite weapons image as easy as possible.

LeukVoorKids is one of the coloring image sites providing the Fortnite weapons image which is ready to print and color. You can access this site at https://www.leukvoorkids.nl/en/coloring-pages/fortnite-battle-royale/. From this page, you will find a numerous of all Fortnite items. To get the Fortnite weapons image, you surely have to scroll down the page until you get what weapons you want.


As presented the Fortnite item images randomly, it may be harder for you to find the Fortnite weapons. But if you focus on, getting the Fortnite weapons image from this site is absolutely easy for you. Once you get the Fortnite weapons, you can continually choose the image and print it.

Besides, you can also view and print the image in the big version by clicking on the image to see it clearly. But you probably will get the Fortnite weapons image in .pdf format. To make it in .doc format, you can convert the .pdf to .doc later either by using an online conversion tool or offline converting tool.

Aside from LeukVoorKids, you can also use another coloring page site, that’s Super Coloring. If you access this site, you surely will find a lot of Fortnite weapon images to color. You actually can get the Fortnite weapons coloring page at http://www.supercoloring.com/coloring-pages/sniper-rifle.

Super Coloring.

Here, you have a right choosing best of the best Fortnite weapons image which seems suitable to color. Once you get a great one, you can continually print it by clicking on the green ‘Print it’ button.

Once you click it, you can choose the destination file. Unfortunately, this site also only provides the .pdf file for the image. Clicking on the ‘Save’ button to store the image to your devices’ storage. Of course, to open it on Ms. Word, you certainly have to convert it later. As we previously suggested, you can use the conversion tool to make it in .doc format.

Print-and-Color site can also be your best choice to get Fortnite weapons images for coloring. In this site, you cannot only find the Fortnite game images, but tons of categories provided. For Fortnite item images, you certainly can access http://print-and-color.com/fortnite-coloring-pages/.


From this page, you will see a ton of Fortnite images randomly including skins, weapons, harvesting tools, gliders and many more. So your task is to focus more on finding the Fortnite weapons there. Make sure that you get the best one from this site.

Once you get the Fortnite weapon image you want, you can click on it to view it in a bigger visual. Then, there will be two options: Save it and Print it. Of course, if you want to save the Fortnite weapon image, you should choose the Save icon on the bottom left of the image and then the image will be automatically saved to your device’s storage. While, if you want to directly print it, it’s better for you to choose the Print icon on the bottom right of the image.

If you directly print it, you will get the Fortnite weapon image in .pdf format and make sure that your printer has been connected to your PC or laptop. To get .doc from .pdf format, of course the only way that you have to do it is to convert it using a conversion tool. But if you want to have the Fortnite weapon image in .doc format, you need to save it and then insert the images into MS. Word and start coloring the image.

Pinterest can be the most useful platform that you can use to look for Fortnite weapon images. Once you visit Pinterest and type the Fortnite weapon coloring page on the search bar, the page will show tons of Fortnite images. To get the Fortnite weapon image from Pinterest, you certainly can access this link https://www.pinterest.com/pin/713116922234112516/.


By accessing this site, you absolutely can choose and sort out which image is the best. Once you get the great one, better for you visit the link attached to the image. Generally, you will be directed into the site which contains that image. If you visit the site of that image, the size of the image will be bigger with high-quality resolution.

Make sure to save the image on your device’s storage. If you want to get it in .doc format, you surely can insert the image into it and start coloring the image.

The last site which provides Fortnite weapon coloring page is Top Coloring Page that you can access at https://topcoloringpages.net/?s=fortnite. From this site, you surely can get a numerous of Fortnite item images including Fortnite weapons.

Top Coloring Page

After you get the gorgeous one, click on the image to view it on a bigger scale. If you want to print it, you just simply click on print this coloring page button. Then, you will be directed into the printing page, again and again the format of the image from this site is also available in .pdf. To make it in .pdf format, you should convert it first.