Do Golden Tools Do Anything ACNH?

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the building tools actually help the players explore their island homes easily. Tools that they use can be used to vault over streams, catch fish or bugs or also chop the trees for wood. Sure, better quality tools are now available, meaning they can unlock colorful tools and even golden tools.

Talking about golden tools, they are upgraded versions of tools that are found in all series of Animal Crossing. Especially in New Horizons, the golden tools are breakable and do not have infinite durability. But, they are more durable than regular tools. Then, can the golden tool do anything in the game?

Do Golden Tools Do Anything ACNH1

Are the Golden Tools Worth to Use?

In order to use the Golden tools, you may need to craft it first through DIY, each will require the regular version of the tool. To craft it, you will need a single Gold Nugget. You will need to spend a lot of time to unlock certain requirements to get the golden tools.

For example;;

    • The Golden fishing rod will be unlocked as you catch every type of fish available.
    • The Golden Shovel will be unlocked as you help Guilver 30 times.

You may think that the golden tools will be worth a lot, as they are so hard to unlock that you have likely been relying on most of the game. Unfortunately, they are totally not, as they have a lot of setbacks that hinder its usefulness to the players.

In fact, the golden tools are so expensive to craft and also will  take a while to unlock for each tool. To craft a golden tool, you will need a gold nugget and a ‘Pretty Good’ level tool. For example, when you want a golden shovel, you will need a gold nugget and a regular shovel to craft it.

You may already know that the gold nuggets are a rare source in New Horizons that costs 10,000 Bells per each piece. The gold nuggets can be used for creating resources to create any rare DIT recipes. You can also spend a long time hitting rocks with your shovel or axe. However, you may only fund a few gold nuggets for your hard efforts.

Sooner or laters, Animal Crossing players probably will find out that the golden tools are not worth the effort of crafting, despite the difficulties and expense to make it like the most quality set tools. Although the golden tools actually require a rare item like gold nuggets to craft, the tools are not unbreakable.

Talking about durability, the golden tools only have 3x greater durability than the ‘Pretty Good’ tools. With the difference being that those tools have a durability of 30, well, the golden tools will have a durability of 90.

If we compare to the ‘Pretty Good’ tools, they are much more cost-effective and do not waste your valuable crafting materials like the golden nuggets.

We think that most New Horizons players prefer to save their golden nuggets to sell for a solid profit or even save for the Zodiac Fragment DIY recipe from Celeste, instead creating breakable tools that will not last much longer in the game.

The point is, the golden tools in New Horizons do not help the players to get any precious resources in the game. Even though they have greater durability, your effort to get them is absolutely complicated. So, the golden nuggets do not do anything in New Horizons, and are not worth much to use in the game.

Are the Golden Tools Breakable?

The answer is yes. The Golden tools can still break, though they are popular as the highest level of tools. However, they will last longer than other lower-tier tools in Animal Crossing. It also includes the Golden Axe that can now break. Unlike previous Animal Crossing series, the golden axe had unlimited durability that would last forever.

As the golden tools require the gold nuggets to craft, make sure you do not sell the gold nuggets, though it costs 10,000 Bells. That’s because when the time comes to create fun late-game items like Golden tools and special furniture, we guarantee that you will regret it.

As you know, you will be able to obtain the Gold Nuggets as a very rare resource by hitting rocks each day with your shovel or axe. When you hit rocks on mystery island using Nook Miles Tickets, there will be a higher drop rate for Gold Nuggets, but that is not certain at this time.

How to Unlock Golden Tools?

To unlock each golden tool, you will need a golden nugget and a regular tool, depending on the tool you want to unlock. So, here’s how to unlock all golden tools;

    • Unlocking Golden Axe
      You can unlock the Golden Axe after breaking 100 axe tools. So, if you want to unlock the Golden Axe as quickly as possible, the fastest way you can do it is by breaking 100 Flimsy Axes  because they have the least durability that will break sooner.
    • Unlocking Golden Shovel
      You can unlock the golden shovel after meeting Guliver on your island and assisting him out with his broken NookPhone 30 different times. Once you wake Guliver, he will ask you to help him repair his NookPhone by gathering 5 Communicator Parts that are hidden in the sand on the beach.
    • Unlocking Golden Fishing Rod
      You can unlock the Golden Fishing Rod once catching every type of fish at least one time.
    • Unlocking Golden Net
      You can unlock Golden Net after catching every type of bug and insect at least one time.
    • Unlocking Golden Watering Can
      You can unlock Golden Watering Can after reaching the Five Star Island rating in New Horizons. You can then talk to Isabelle to ask about the current star rating of your island, afew days once you’ve upgraded Resident Services into the Town Hall.
    • Unlocking Golden Slingshot
      You can unlock the golden slingshot after you shoot down at least 300 balloons in New Horizons. After you have shot down enough balloons, you can look out for a special Golden Balloon to fly across your sky.

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