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In Halo Infinite, weapons are the main important thing that should exist throughout the game. There are a variety of weapons that you can use to shoot your enemies in the game. Sure, each weapon will have its own ability, making it different from others.

One of the great weapons for shooting your enemies in Halo Infinite is Disruptor. Even though Disruptor is not a new weapon added to the game, most players of Halo Infinite prefer to use this weapon to fight their enemies. Do you wonder about Disruptor? If so, let’s find out more facts about it below!

What Is a Disruptor?

Disruptor Halo Infinite Wiki

Disruptor refers to a Halo Infinite weapon that comes as an electric-based weapon. Disruptor is actually utilized by Banished during the Installation 07 conflict. For your information, Banished is a mercenary organization which broke off from the Covenant Empire.

Disruptor has an ability to deal damage over time in the short to mid-range. It is known that Disruptor is a solid pistol which can altogether turn off them if you time your shot properly. Moreover, Disruptor is an updated version of the Plasma Pistol that is favored by the Covenant.

However, if you are looking to take down vehicles, the Disruptor weapon is such a great choice for you. This weapon will also be great to eliminate another player’s shields as quickly as possible. Then, to finish them off, you may need to swap to another weapon or also hit them with a melee.

How Worthy Is Disruptor in Halo Infinite

How Worthy Is Disruptor in Halo Infinite?

Talking about the reliability of the weapons, it may refer to how much the weapon can deal damage. It is also related to how the players use this weapon in the game. In some cases, there are great weapons, but the players seem to use them greatly. Of course, these great weapons are considered less worthy or even unfit to use in the game.

Before you decide to use Disruptor to shoot your enemies in Halo Infinite, you may need to know how worthy the Disruptor weapon is. In fact, not all Halo Infinite weapons are good to use in combat. How about a Disruptor weapon? Is the weapon good or bad?

Based on our little research, Disruptor has two reviews: ‘good to medium’ and ‘medium to bad’. Certainly, every player may assess this weapon differently in the game, as it also refers to how good the players can use this weapon in the game.

From our research, we can get some results where most players think that Disruptor does not work well in the game, others said that this weapon is not bad, but it cannot be categorized as a good weapon to shoot the enemies.

As proof, we will show you a Content Creator of Halo Infinite that gives his review for Disruptor weapons in his official YouTube Channel called ‘Aozolai’. He actually has experience in using Disruptor in the game.

He finally shares his experience when using this weapon in the game. We think he reviewed the Disruptor weapon as accurately as possible, as he gives the reviews while playing the game and using this weapon.

Based on the review from Aozolai Channel, Disruptor indeed fires beams of electricity that can shock the players over time. But, he said that the Disruptor’s beams are not very strong in terms of killing the enemies in the game. Why?

When used to shoot the enemies, it will take 9 shots to kill a spartan with a kill time of two seconds. Moreover, this weapon also has no headshot bonus, so it will be 9 shots anywhere on the body comparison. He also revealed that Disruptor is the slowest handgun of any weapon in Halo Infinite, it may be for about 0.45 seconds slower than the version of 1.55 seconds what it takes to kill with a commando.

Overall, he stated that Disruptor is actually not a top tier weapon, also not even a mid tier weapon in Halo Infinite. He also agreed when people talked about Disruptor to put this weapon in a disadvantage. Furthermore, if the players use it based on ATK, he guarantees that they will lose every single encounter with any other weapons in Halo Infinite.

In the game, Disruptor is only considered to be an alternative when the players are missing shots. That’s because they can only miss one shot on the Disruptor off.  Moreover, the players might get a reload that wastes more time and leaves them vulnerable.

He also compared it to other Halo Infinite weapons where those weapons will give you a bigger magazine, roughly 12 round magazine. However, Disruptor can only give you less than an 8 round magazine, that’s very low mag, right?

The point is, Disruptor weapons are not really reliable weapons that you can use in the game of Halo Infinite. In addition to having slower ability to shoot the players, Disruptor also has a low magazine, so the players cannot shoot their enemies as accurately as possible.

Last but not least, when you use a Disruptor weapon, you will also miss some extra bullets than when you’re using another Halo Infinite weapon.

List of Weapons in Halo Infinite

To ease you identify which weapons will be worthy to use in the game, we also show you a list of weapons that you will find in the game of Halo Infinite. The weapons are divided into three categories, they are UNSC, Banished and Forerunner.


    • Assault rifle – MA40 assault rifle
    • Battle rifle – BR75 battle rifle
    • Combat knife
    • M247H machine gun
    • M247T machine gun
    • M41 SPNKR
    • M46 Vulcan
    • M512 smooth-bore high-velocity cannon
    • M79 rocket launcher
    • M9 fragmentation grenade
    • MLRS-2 Hydra
    • Pistol – MK50 Sidekick
    • Shotgun – CQS48 Bulldog
    • Sniper rifle- SRS99 series, SRS99-S7 AM sniper rifle
    • VK78 Commando


    • Banished anti-aircraft cannon
    • Carbine – Pulse carbine
    • Disruptor
    • Dynamo grenade
    • Mangler
    • Needler
    • Plasma Pistol
    • Ravager
    • Shade -Banished Shade turret
    • Scrap Cannon
    • Shock rifle
    • Skewer
    • Stalker rifle
    • Type-1 energy sword
    • Type-1 plasma grenade
    • Type-2 gravity hammer
    • Type-2 spike grenade


    • Cindershot
    • Heatwave
    • Sentinel beam

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