Is Halo Infinite on PS4 for Free? Check It Out Guys!

Many people, especially gamers, have been waiting for the arrival of Halo Infinite, though some of those gamers have the PS4. Lots of information has been released. By the way, is Halo Infinite on PS4? Well, let us take a further look into the possibility of Halo Infinite being available on PS4 or not.

Is Halo Infinite on PS4 or PS5?

In recent years, collaboration between Sony and Microsoft has seen a drastic increase. More games are opening up crossplay options, and titles which one might have expected to be exclusive to one console have already managed to bridge the gap to the other. With 343 Industries creating what is supposed to be the biggest Halo Infinite game yet, lots of fans are wondering if this cooperation would lead to Halo Infinite releasing on the PS4 and PS5. Every Halo Infinite game before, it has been exclusive for PC and Xbox. But several are hopeful that this is where that trend is going to end.

Is Halo Infinite on PS4 for Free. Check It Out Guys

Although formerly developed by Bungie, now the Halo franchise is developed by 343 Industries. Despite this, the IP is still owned by Microsoft. Thus, the reason that exclusivity has already persisted on Xbox and PC. Apparently, Halo Infinite follows those footsteps. Thus, the gamers on PS4 and PS5 do not hope too much.

Simply, Halo Infinite will not come to PlayStation4 or PlayStation5. Despite this increase in cooperation between the two big video games, they are still businesses and exclusive games are a good way to get the players to purchase a certain console. Sony has lots of high profile PS5 exclusives like Returnal, Demon’s Souls, and more. While Xbox is relying on Halo Infinite to draw attention. There has been nothing to indicate that Halo’s exclusivity will end. Even if 343 Industries wanted to develop the game for PlayStation4 and PlayStation5, there is no way Microsoft will allow that.

The players on PS4 and PS5 do not necessarily have to go out and spend $499 on the Xbox Series X. Also, the game happens to be releasing on the last generation consoles as well. It means that with an Xbox can still play Halo Infinite. Aside from that, the game is also going to be the first Halo Infinite game to launch concurrently on PC alongside the console release, so the players can take that route as well.

In short, no, Halo Infinite is not on PS4 or PS5 consoles and almost certainly never will be. As the game is developed by a Microsoft owned studio. It is one of their primary exclusives, there is no chance they share it with their biggest competitor.

Games Like Halo Infinite on PS4

Here are some games like Halo Infinite on PS4:

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a game like Halo Infinite that you can play on PS4. The game is developed by the same team that made the early Halo games. It should be no surprise that Destiny 2 game is similar in terms of gameplay. The act of taking out lots of races that call Destiny 2’s planets home feels really great due to how excellent the shooting mechanics are.

Destiny 2 has a single player campaign in the style of Halo which is story focused and linear. It is primarily a shared world. You are able to play the crucible with friends, like the multiplayer offering in Halo Infinite, but most of your time in Bungie’s new series are going to see you exploring the worlds, taking part in the events and upgrading gear. Probably, it become a more open experience, however Halo Infinite and Destiny 2 are close in terms of gameplay.

Titanfall 2

The original Titanfall was selected to focus on multiplayer action, throwing the players into big arenas to battle it out with massive mechanisms. The sequel added a single-player campaign, and it is one of the best of recent years. While Titanfall 2 is set in a world where the soldiers are quick and have access to big robot fighters, it is not as sci-fi based as Halo. The opponents are human, and the weapons are more standard than the pulsating rifles and swords of the Xbox exclusive.

The speed of play and the single-player design make it similar to Halo Infinite in several ways. For a series which was formerly set on the idea of big multiplayer battles, it is surprising that the campaign is driven by the character, like many of the Halo games. Because the game is developed by Respawn, the shooting feels amazing, no matter the size of your soldier. If you are wanting a quality first-person shooter campaign on PS4, just choose this Titanfall 2 game.


Doom is on the more brutal and bloody end of the first-person shooter scale. The game is more about running face first into the action, blasting demons away with the most powerful shotgun you are able to discover. It is the gameplay’s pace and sci-fi setting of Doom which make it similar to Halo Infinite. All takes place at a sprint. You are running from location to location, picking up everything you are able to find and bashing in every skull which gets in your way.

Also, the crazy weapons play a big part in the game of Doom, with you slowly being given more powerful weapons as you progress. The online component is far from as strong as it has been in Halo Infinite over the years, with single-player being the focus instead. If you are looking for a fast paced but darker first-person shooter, then the game of Doom is going to be perfect.

Killzone: Shadow Fall

Another game like Halo Infinite that you can play on PS4 is Killzone: Shadow Fall. PlayStation’s exclusive first-person shooter series might have been running since 2004, but it has never been as famous as the Halo series. In terms of design, the two games are pretty similar. Powerful weapons in a futuristic setting, complimented by a strong multiplayer offering.