Defensive Measures AC Valhalla Glitch / Bug

The topic about the AC Valhalla Defensive Measures glitch or bug has been popular amongst the gaming community. It has become a hot topic since its release. If you face the same kind of thing, here is the information that you need to know.

In one of the quests on Asgard called Defensive Measures, AC Valhalla becomes really hard to complete. The game has gone through ups and downs since during its launch, but the developers, Ubisoft, have released the updates to make the game performance better. Everyone who is playing this game is happy with the new Viking world of Assassin’s Creed series. What makes it disappointed is the glitch that is still causing the issue.

Defensive Measures AC Valhalla Glitch Bug

The thing named Defensive Measure is a difficult quest in AC Valhalla. It is the one where you will be fighting against a lot of opponents to guard to help a Builder setting up his shield. There is a unique green light that can destroy raiders in the region. The main issue that surrounds the quest as reported by the players is the fact that they are getting killed easily. Once hit and immediately dead and some other players have reported the game crashes.

One of the methods to fix some different kinds of bugs and glitches in AC Valhalla is to check AC Valhalla for the latest updates. The game can be verified through Uplay Launcher. All that should be done is to just click on the game and go to Properties. From there, you are able to run a file verification in order to make sure that everything is fine. Please run this first and do not worry about any damaged or broken files as they will be downloaded automatically.

If you are on a lower level, then you have a fewer chance to survive. This quest has a whole army or raiders chasing you. The first thing that you will have to do is to run and cross the shield and you will be killed immediately if you get caught behind. In this case, please avoid running far from the shield region. Do not forget that you just need to find one raider and return.  In addition, the other will spawn on their own and run into the shield.

The shield will disappear in the second phase of the quest. Raiders are able to pass through, so get ready if you are somewhere above level 120 with the Excalibur sword they can be beaten easily. Unlocking this sword requires you to find 11 Tablets, which also includes 3 boss fights. In case the game crashes during this quest, firstly, press F5 after talking to the builder and then walk out of the shield. Then, press the F5 for the second time after finding the raiders. You are able to reload this game again from the last spot by pressing F9. If you want to save time, it is better for you to reload the game instantly from the last best checkpoint.

If you think it is hard to kill the opponents, you can try to use your abilities. Abilities are the ones that will help you the most in surviving the chaos. By using the right ability for the right key, you will be given a push in killing harder opponents. The example is the axe throw. This one has the power to throw axes on one single target.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Defensive Measures is the name of one of the quests that can be started in Asgard. This one is part of The Fate of the High One mission. First of all, you will have to find and talk to the Builder that will ask you to bring him a few jars to make the barrier. The players are warned that this quest is bugged and most cases happen when they start this mission with low level character.

  • Bring the jars to the Builder bug solution

You can find jars easily since they are everywhere around big pillars. All that you have to do is to get the blue jar and put them on the ground near the Builder. During this part of the quest, several players reported a bug. Nothing happens when the jars are put near the Builder. The only thing to fix it is to reload the save.

  • Kill all invaders bug

Once you have found the Jotnar patrol northwest of your location, the next thing that you will need to do is to bring invaders into the shield. Unfortunately, the shield is not stable, and it will start flickering. In this situation, the invaders will be passing through the shield and your job is to defeat all of them. The main issue is that the player character also gets constant damage if you leave the circle. Basically, your character will die if it is not strong enough because your level is too low and if you leave the circle and spawn on any other location. The developers actually know about this issue and everyone is waiting for the updates.

Another issue that occurs in this quest is that opponents could go through the shield even if it is green again, and the ending cutscene is nowhere to be found. If you face this kind of situation, you are recommended to switch the game to English. Actually, English is not the only option, meaning you are allowed to use any other language. After changing the language, you will have to load the last save that does not have words “Defensive measures” and redo the quest. There will be an option to speak to the Builder after the attack.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has been around since November 20, 2020. The game is definitely not perfect with everything such as bugs or glitches. Fortunately, this page has the information about how to fix the Defensive Measures. If it is not clear or if the thing above is not helpful and you want more explanation, try to reach out the developers.