Cleo Animal Crossing Amiibo Card Overview

In Animal Crossing series, amiibo refers to a set of character figurines and cards that interact with the NFC readers in the joycons of Nintendo Switch, Wii U Gamepad, and touch screen of the New Nintendo 3DS.  Just like most of the other characters in the game called Animal Crossing, Cleo also has an amiibo card. If you are interested in the Cleo amiibo card, here is the overview for you.


    • Character: Cleo
    • Series: Animal Crossing
    • Amiibo series: Animal Crossing Welcome amiibo cards
    • Released: November 8th, 2012
    • Official site:
    • Number: #48
    • Furniture: Document stack, file cabinet, meeting room table, office phone, rolling cart, rolling file cart, white office desk

Cleo Animal Crossing Amiibo Card Overview

Cleo amiibo card is included in Welcome amiibo cards. Welcome amiibo is the name of an update that is available to the title known as Animal Crossing New Leaf. This update was dropped worldwide on November 2, five years ago.

The amiibo compatibility, as well as the other features are introduced by the update. If you want to download the update, you can do it digitally through the Nintendo eShop or through choosing Update data on the title screen. Talking about the update, it is reported that it is also being sold as part of a physical bundle with the new Animal Crossing amiibo update.

Cleo amiibo card is not the only thing that is included in the Welcome amiibo cards. In addition to that, some other ones include Vivian amiibo card, Hopkins amiibo card, June amiibo card, Piper amiibo card, Paolo amiibo card, Hornsby amiibo card, Stella amiibo card, Tybalt amiibo card, Huck amiibo card, Sylvana Boris amiibo card, Wade amiibo card, Carrie amiibo card, Ketchup amiibo card, Rex amiibo card, Stu amiibo card, Ursala amiibo card, Jacob amiibo card, Maddie amiibo card, Billy amiibo card, Boyd amiibo card, Bitty amiibo card, Maggie amiibo card, Murphy amiibo card, Plucky amiibo card, Sandy amiibo card, Claude amiibo card, Raddle amiibo card, Julia amiibo card, Louie amiibo card, Bea amiibo card, Admiral amiibo card, Ellie amiibo card, Boots amiibo card, Weber amiibo card, Candi amiibo card, Leopold amiibo card, Spike amiibo card, Cashmere amiibo card, Tad amiibo card, Norma amiibo card, Gonzo amiibo card, Sprocket amiibo card, Snooty amiibo card, Olive amiibo card, Dobie amiibo card, Buxx amiibo card, Ike amiibo card, and Tasha amiibo card.

It can be concluded that a total of 50 villagers from Animal Crossing and Animal Forest e+ that were absent in the title called Animal Crossing New Leaf the other titles come back to the series with this update. By scanning these amiibo cards, the exclusive characters and items will be brought up.

When talking about the amiibo cards, it is not always limited to Welcome amiibo cards. Aside from the 50 amiibo cards included in the Welcome amiibo cards, there are tons of amiibo cards in the Animal Crossing series. If you find it amusing and want to know each of them, here is the list for you divided by the series:

    • Series 1: Isabelle, Tom Nook, DJ KK, Sable, Kapp’n, Resetti, Joan, Timmy, Digby, Pascal, Harriet, Crazy Redd, Saharah, Luna, Tortimer, Lyle, Lottie, Bob, Fauna, Curt, Portia, Leonardo, Cheri, Kyle, Al, Renee, Lopez, Jambette, Rasher, Tiffany, Sheldon, Bluebear, Bill, Kiki, Deli, Alli, Kabuki, Patty, Jitters, Gigi, Quillson, Marcie, Puck, Shari, Octavian, Winnie, Knox, Sterling, Bonbon, Punchy, Opal, Poppy, Limberg, Deena, Snake, Bangle, Phil, Monique, Nate, Samson, Tutu, T-Bone, Mint, Pudge, Midge, Gruff, Flurry, Clyde, Bella, Biff, Yuka, Lionel, Flo, Cobb, Amelia, Jeremiah, Cherry, Roscoe, Truffles, Eugene, Eunice, Goose, Annalisa, Benjamin, Pancetta, Chief, Bunnie, Clay, Diana, Axel, Muffy, Henry, Bertha, Cyrano, Peanut, Cole, Willow, Roald, Molly, Walker
    • Series 2: K.K. Slider, Reese, Kicks, Labelle, Copper, Booker, Katie, Tommy, Porter, Leila, Dr. Shrunk, Don Resetti, Isabelle, Bianca, Nat, Chip, Jack, Poncho, Felicity, Ozzie, Tia, Lucha, Fuchsia, Harry, Gwen, Coach, Kitt, Tom, Tipper, Prince, Pate, Vladimir, Savannah, Kidd, Phoebe, Egbert, Cookie, Sly, Blaire, Avery, Nana, Peck, Olivia, Cesar, Carmen, Rodney, Scoot, Whitney, Broccoli, Coco, Groucho, Wendy, Alfonso, Rhonda, Butch, Gabi, Moose, Timbra, Zell, Pekoe, Teddy, Mathilda, Ed, Bianca, Filbert, Kitty, Beau, Nan, Bud, Ruby, Benedict, Agnes, Julian, Bettina, Jay, Sprinkle, Flip, Hugh, Hopper, Pecan, Drake, Alice, Camofrog, Anicotti, Chops, Charlise, Vic, Ankha, Drift, Vesta, Marcel, Pango, Keaton, Gladys, Hamphrey, Freya, Kid Cat, Agent S, Big Top, Rocket
    • Series 3: Rover, Blathers, Tom Nook, Pelly, Phyllis, Pete, Mabel, Leif, Wendell, Cyrus, Grams, Timmy, Digby, Don Resetti, Isabelle, Franklin, Jingle, Lily, Anchovy, Tabby, Kody, Miranda, Del, Paula, Ken, Mitzi, Rodeo, Bubbles, Cousteau, Velma, Elvis, Canberra, Colton, Marina, Spork, Freckles, Bam, Friga, Ricky, Deirdre, Hans, Chevre, Drago, Tangy, Mac, Eloise, Wart Jr., Hazel, Beardo, Ava, Chester, Merry, Genji, Greta, Wolfgang, Diva, Klaus, Daisy, Stinky, Tammi, Tucker, Blanche, Gaston, Marshal, Gala, Joey, Pippy, Buck, Bree, Rooney, Curlos, Skye, Moe, Flora, Hamlet, Astrid, Monty, Dora, Biskit, Victoria, Lyman, Violet, Frank, Chadder, Merengue, Cube, Claudia, Curly, Boomer, Caroline, Sparro, Baabara, Rolf, Maple, Antonio, Soleil, Apollo, Derwin, Francine, Chrissy
    • Series 4: Isabelle, Brewster, Katrina, Phineas, Celeste, Tommy, Gracie, Leilani, Resetti, Timmy, Lottie, Shrunk, Pave, Gulliver, Redd, Zipper, Goldie, Stitches, Pinky, Mott, Mallary, Rocco, Katt, Graham, Peaches, Dizzy, Penelope, Boone, Broffina, Croque, Pashmina, Shep, Lolly, Erik, Dotty, Pierce, Queenie, Fang, Frita, Tex, Melba, Bones, Anabelle, Rudy, Naomi, Peewee, Tammy, Olaf, Lucy, Elmer, Puddles, Rory, Elise, Walt, Mira, Pietro, Aurora, Papi, Apple, Rod, Purrl, Static, Celia, Zucker, Peggy, Ribbot, Annalise, Chow, Sylvia, Jacques, Sally, Doc, Pompom, Tank, Becky, Rizzo, Sydney, Barold, Nibbles, Kevin, Gloria, Lobo, Hippeux, Margie, Lucky, Rosie, Rowan, Maelle, Bruce,  O’Hare, Gayle, Cranston, Frobert, Grizzly, Cally, Simon, Iggly, Angus, Twiggy, Robin
    • Season 5 (more TBA): Tom Nook, Orville, Wilbur, Celeste, CJ, Flick, Daisy Mae, Harvey, Wisp, Niko, Wardell, Sherb, Megan, Dom, Audie, Cyd, Judy, Raymond, Reneigh, Sasha, Ione, Tiansheng, Shino, Marlo, Petri, Cephalobot, Quinn, Chabwick, Zoe, Ace, Rio, Frett, Azalea, Roswell, Faith
    • Promo cards: Isabelle, Goldie, Stitches, Rosie, BC Slider

For the details about these amiibo cards, you can visit the websites such as Wiki that usually provides such information. You can also try to visit the official website of Nintendo.