Can You Get Kicked Off the Island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Getting kicked off the island in Animal Crossing is such a bummer thing. It commonly happens suddenly while you are playing the game. Without any announcement, you definitely will be kicked off the island when something occurs in the game.

If you are wondering about whether you can get kicked off the island or not, you actually can get kicked off the island. Your sudden exit from the game can be caused by several things. There are at least two references that get you kicked out of the game suddenly. So, if you want to know more about it, let’s learn about it through our post below!

Can You Get Kicked Off the Island in Animal Crossing New Horizons

What Causes You Get Kicked Off the Island?

When you get kicked off the island, there are two causes, including:

    • Your bad internet connection
    • Someone kicks you and other players in a game session.

It’s very easy to differentiate the causes you get kicked off the island, as each cause has a different indicator. To ease you distinguish the causes that you experience when getting kicked off the island, let’s see each cause below!

    1. Because of bad internet connection

The cause when you get kicked off the island might be caused by the bad internet connection. This  topic has been discussed in Reddit where a member has posted about why he was getting kicked off an island that made him lose all progress.

He shared  that he could get to SH island for the second time. He then finally caught a number of fish that he had been needing, a notification suddenly appeared and said that the connection was disrupted and kicked him off.

When he got home, he saw that he was missing everything that he caught. After he got the problem, he then made a post in Reddit, hoping other members could know his problem.

Sure, there is only one person who responded to his thread. He said that the internet connection is lost and the game has not saved your progress, so he actually lost any things in his inventory.

The point is, when you get kicked off the island caused by your bad internet connection, there will be a pop up window that informs you ‘Your internet connection disrupted’. Then, you will be kicked off suddenly from the island. When you go back to your island, you will lose anything in your inventory that you have progressed.

    1. Because someone kicks you off the game

The second will occur when someone kicks you and other players from a game session. In fact, Animal Crossing allows the players to prevent trolls from ruining your fun, kicking everyone in a game session is a great choice.

Of course, when you’re suddenly kicked off the game, it might be someone who wants to prevent one player from behaving like a troll from  a game session. When it happens, you should be disappointed, as someone cannot kick the individual player in a game session, it means that he/she actually kicks all players in a game session, not only you.

After you get kicked out, you can start making a game session again. To begin, you only need to talk to Orville at Dodo Airlines and inform him that you want visitors, but state it’s via ‘Online Play’.

Then, some friends will join you by talking to Orville, and choosing ‘I wanna fly’, ‘I wanna visit someone’ and ‘via online play’, then choosing your island. When everyone you would like to play with you has joined, you can then talk to Orville again to close off your island. So you will not have to entertain more quests.

How to Kick Online Players?

To prevent one player that behaves like a troll, you may also want to kick him/her off a game session. Sure, it’s such a normal situation if you really want to avoid a toxic player, and Animal Crossing also agrees with it at all.

Unfortunately, you cannot kick an individual player from a game session, instead you need to kick everyone by ending the multiplayer session. To do so, you only need to press the minus (-) button on your Nintendo Switch controller and then choose to end the session.

If you want to kick all online players, you can do some steps below!

    • As the host of a game session, you can press the (-) button.
    • Then , select to end the multiplayer session.
    • By doing so, it will boot all visiting players back to their own islands.
    • Afterwards, you can feel free to extend a return invitation to any players that were behaving themselves.

Additionally, if you want to kick local players from your island, you can totally do so by pressing the (-) button at the title screen to access your game settings. It’s important to note that local players will lose their game progress if you perform this. Need to know, kicked online players are returned to their own islands by comparison.

What Will Happen When You Report A Player?

If you report and/ or unfriend a player, it will not remove them from a game session if they are already on your island. By reporting or unfriending him/her from a game session will only prevent them from coming back in the future.

But if a player has already been on your island, the only one way to get rid of him/her is by pulling the plug on your online multiplayer instance. Even if this makes you uncomfortable, you will be able to invite any player who behaves back and explain the situation.

To avoid this problem, many players recommend you to only invite players that you trust to visit your island online. To know a player is your best in-game friend, you can notice that he/she will use their ax and shovel when they are visiting one another, it means that they can chop down the trees, plant flora and dig for fossils. After you find a best friend, you can add him/her to be your friend in the game. So, you can play with him/her without worrying that he/she will behave like a troll.

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