Animal Crossing Brewster Coffee Guide

A pigeon barista named Brewster has finally arrived in the Animal Crossing New Horizons or ACNH with 2.0 update. He is the one who manages The Roost, the name of a café that is located in the museum of your island. If you are not familiar with Brewster, this guide will guide you to get to know about him and everything related to The Roost.

About Brewster

As mentioned before, Brewster is known as a barista who runs The Roost. He has a kind heart. His hobbies include collecting gyroids and making a perfect cup of coffee. If one visits the café regularly and becomes a routine customer, they will be offered to add some pigeon milk by him.

About Brewster

Way to Unlock The Roost and Brewster

In order to unlock Brewster, the first thing that you need to do is to be the Resident Representative of your island. After making sure that you are the Resident Representative, it is time for you to visit Blathers who are able to be found in the museum. There will be a thought bubble over the head of this character on the first visit after installing the 2.0 update. Once you speak with him, he will deliver his wish to figure out a way to get more visitors to the museum and one thing on his mind is to make a café. The sad news is that his friend named Brewster, the one who used to run the coffee shop in the past, closed the shop and is no longer seen. You are asked by Blathers to find his old friend. To accomplish the mission, the only clue that he gives is the fact that his friend loves gyroids.

drum up more patronage for the museum.

Unfortunately, gyroids have not made their appearance on your island. However, there is a clue for you, which is Kapp’n’s boat tour. It was mentioned for the first time by Isabelle in her announcements when the game was loaded. In order to find Kapp’n, you need to go to the dock that used to be empty. For your information, this kind of dock is usually placed on the left or the right side of your island. After meeting Kapp’n, you will be taken on tour to the island where no one is there for a day in exchange for 1,000 Nook Miles. The good news is that there is no need for you to buy a ticket and it is fine to pay with wireless payments since they are accepted by Kapp’n. Get the ticket and go.

talk to Kapp'n.

When you are on the first uninhibited island, it should be easy for you to find a pigeon in a hat and polo. At the same time, Brewster is on his way hunting for gyroids on the same island. You will be handed the first gyroid fragment by him and he will ask you to plant and water it. If you have no idea how to do so, there is nothing to worry as everything will be explained by him.

tell you how to care for a gyroid.

After letting Brewster knows the message sent by Blathers, fortunately, he accepts the invitation and agrees to come to your island. He asks you to send his message for Blathers saying that he receives the invitation with an open arm.

When you are on your way back to the museum and visit Blathers, please be careful. It is important to see Blathers the same day you arrive on your island to make him happy. During the meeting, you will be informed that the museum will be closed for the time being as it needs to be constructed to accommodate the expansion. Due to this fact, Brewster and the café called The Roost will only be available the day after tomorrow. To make it short, the museum will be completely closed the day when you arrive on your island and speak with Blathers and the café, which is located in the museum, will be available to be visited when the museum is reopened the next morning.

 completed cafe

Thing To Do at The Roost

Thing To Do at The Roost

When The Roost opens, do not waste the time and sit down at the counter stool. When you are there, you will be served a cup of coffee by Brewster. For this, you do not have to pay any. During your visit, you might be able to see some other visitors sitting next to you enjoying their time with the coffee served by Brewster. Feel free to talk to them if you want.

At first, there is a limited option for you given by Brewster. To be able to get a cup of coffee, you will need to pay for 200 Bells. For those who want to get his good side, you are recommended to drink the drink that he serves right away as asked by him. After that, leave your seat and continue your way. After visiting the place for about three days, you will be able to become a regular customer that has a privilege to take away coffee.

Way to Invite the Other Characters and Friends to The Roost

If you feel like sipping a cup of coffee by yourself without any companion feels empty, you might want to invite the other characters to join you. You can make it possible by using amiibo or amiibo cards. To do that, go to the yellow phone found on the left hand side of the café and use it. From there, you will be able to scan in the characters that you want. The characters that you invite may bring the other characters with you, meaning you might get the chance to enjoy the time with the characters that you do not invite.

In addition to the other characters, you are also allowed to invite your friends with you. Since sitting at the group tables in the café requires you to bring along your friends, please invite them. If you are wondering about how to pay, one can take the whole bill or things can be divided depending on the amount of characters on the table.