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In Animal Crossing, there are a number of dog villagers with different appearance and personality. One of the dog villagers that first appeared in New Leaf is Shep or also known as shepherd dog. To know more about Shep, let’s see our post below!

Who Is Shep?

Shep is described as a smug dog villager. His name ‘Shep’ come from the Sheepdog breed of dog or the fact that Shepherds sometimes use said dogs to round sheep. If you have played Animal Crossing: New Leaf, you will find Shep’s catchphrase ‘baaa man’, It may refer to the name of the breed of the dig he is based on, a Sheepdog.

In New Horizons, Shep has education hobby where he wears Rimmed Glasses, read a novel-type book and also use a magnifying glass when near certain objects. Shep is also featured on the K.K. Reggae cover.

Shep ACNH Wiki

Here’s a list of information about Shep:

    • Birthday: November 24 Sagittarius
    • Personality: Smug (A)
    • Catchphrase: baa baa baa
    • Default clothing: Washed-out Denim Vest
    • Default umbrella: Two-Tone Umbrella
    • Default phone: White
    • Final phone: Polka-Dot Print – Fabric 19
    • Favorite styles: Simple and Cool
    • Favorite colors: Aqua and  Blue
    • Hobby: Education
    • Carried bag: Classy
    • Book: Novel
    • Food: Sandwich
    • Drink: Smoothie or coffee cup
    • Popsicle: Chocolate

Shep’s Appearance

Shep comes to the game of Animal Crossing as a dark brown dog that has lighter brown hair that covers his eyes. Shep also has tinted eyes with an even darker brown on the rest of his body. He also has tipped lighter paws on his feet.

If we see deeply, Shep really looks like a sheepdog, the breed of dog is based off. He has yellow nose with six dark yellow freckles near his nose and mouth. Initially, he wears a washed-out Denim Vest. On rainy days, he commonly carries the Camo Umbrella with him.

Shep’s Personality

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Shep is described as a very kind, polite and gentleman dog. As a smug dog villager, he will get along with other villagers easily. In fact, almost all smug villagers will get along with most villagers, as their personality appear to be a mix of the other personality types.

Interestingly, smug villagers will stroke their egos from time to time, telling to other villagers how cool they are. Generally, Shep will get along with normal, lazy, peppy and snooty. He may conflict with cranky villagers.

In some situation, Shep will flirt with players and admire them. Sometimes, he will talk about certain hobbies such as collecting plastic bottle caps and being a train fanatic. Shep will also be interested in fashion that he will often mention in conversations and letters.

Shep’s Favorite

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Shep is enthusiastic on education. It’s proved that he wears Rimmed Glasses and read a novel-type book while he’s outside. Aside from that, Shep also use a magnifying glass if he’s near certain furniture items such as flowers, fossils, arts that are placed outside as furniture.

The villagers who are interested in education will be seen using the magnifying glass with insects which are flying around. Here, the insects are placed outside as furniture and also fish placed outside as furniture and also near certain plants such as pumpkins, weeds, trees and flowers.

Talking about Shep’s favorite style, he is interested in simple and cool styles, where he wears a white short with denim vest. He also wears his favorite clothes based on his favorite colors; blue and aqua. As you can see, Shep wears a blue denim vest, making him more gorgeous and attractive to look.

As Shep loves aqua and blue color, he then applies his favorite color on his house’s exterior where he use aqua roof.

Shep’s House

As you can see, Shep has a very simple and smooth house with random items such as a canoe, a simple love seat and also a refrigerator. She has two pieces of the Canaba Series: the screen and the table. He owns the K.K. Reggae playing on his record player.

Shep’s House In New Horizons interior
New Horizons (interior)
Shep’s House New Horizons (exterior)
New Horizons (exterior)

In New Horizons, Shep’s house resembles a log cabin. He also has a log decorative shelf, a log double bed and also own a minimal living space within his house. For interior, his house is featured with a number of gorgeous furniture items, including:

    • Wood-Burning Stove
    • Shower Booth
    • Log Bed
    • Por Rack
    • Log Decorative Shelved
    • Retro Stereo
    • Ironwood DIY Workbench
    • Mini Fridge
    • Gas Range
    • Deer Decoration
    • Old-Fashioned Alarm Clock
    • Red Killim-Style Carpet

For the exterior, his house looks very traditional, casual with beige colors wall with cream door. His exterior house is also decorated with some pieces of woods to make it more classy look. He applies cabin wall for his house with Wooden-Knot Flooring.

Shep’s House New Leaf (interior)
New Leaf (interior)
Shep’s House New Leaf (exterior)
New Leaf (exterior)

In New Leaf, Shep’s house exterior also looks classy, traditional with luminous wall. He applies exotic wall for his house with Common Floor. He also owns a number of great items decorating his house interior, including:

    • Pine Table
    • Kayak
    • Cabana Screen
    • Retro Fridge
    • Fan
    • Sunflower
    • Bottled Ship
    • Air Conditioner
    • Simple Love Seat
    • Cabana Table
    • Pachira
    • Conga Drum
    • Surboard
    • Record Player
    • Cabana Wall Radio

Learn About Dog Villagers in Animal Crossing

In Animal Crossing, dogs are a type of villager species with notably different breeds, even though only the special characters exemplify different breeds. Aside from default dog breed of the villagers, there are also jack russells, akitas, bulldogs, chihuahuas, poodles, shih tzus and spaniels.

There’s a total of twenty-eight dogs villagers in all Animal Crossing series. Eight of these are special characters and remaining twenty are villagers that classified as:

    • One is snooty
    • Three are peppy
    • Three are normal
    • One is sisterly
    • Seven are lazy
    • Two are jock
    • Two are cranky
    • One is Smug

Here’s a list of dog villagers in Animal Crossing!

    1. Bea
    2. Benjamin
    3. Biskit
    4. Bones
    5. Butch
    6. Cherry
    7. Cookie
    8. Daisy
    9. Frett
    10. Goldie
    11. Lucky
    12. Mac
    13. Maddie
    14. Marcel
    15. Portia
    16. Shep
    17. Walker

Okay, those are some dog villagers that you can find in Animal Crossing; New Horizons.